St Paul's Church burial ground, Shipley, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101GillGeorge Gillfirst name on this monument1822791901id: 29118154310731
Sarah Gilldaughter of George Gill1858 20d
Abraham Gillson of George Gill184681854
John Thomas Gillson of George Gill185721859
Mary Gillwife of George Gill1824811905

102GillJames Drake Gillfirst name on this monument1821701891id: 31818156710661
Minnie Gilldaughter of James Drake Gill1852201872
Elizabeth Gillwife of James Drake Gill1826821908

103GillJohn Gillfirst name on this monument1780581838id: 2731815281068

104GillJohn Gillfirst name on this monument1755911846id: 1161814201066
Elizabeth Gill1833701903
Sarah Gillwife of John Gill1798661864

105GillThomas Gillfirst name on this monumentid: 3471815911071
Alice Gilldaughter of Thomas Gill183341837
Hannah Gilldaughter of Thomas Gill183841842
Thomas Gillson of Thomas Gill1837 10m
Sarah Gillwife of Thomas Gill

106GloverElizabeth Gloverfirst name on this monument1812391851id: 2381814971066
Elizabeth Gloverdaughter of Elizabeth Glover184031843
Grace Gloverdaughter of Elizabeth Glover183881846
Mary Gloverdaughter of Elizabeth Glover184051845
Rhodes Gloverhusband of Elizabeth Glover1811811892
Rhodes Gloverson of Elizabeth Glover184521847

107GloverMary Gloverfirst name on this monument1793591852id: 25118150710811
Jane Gloverdaughter of Mary Glover1832211853
Joseph Gloverhusband of Mary Glover1787711858
Amy Alice Glover187431877
Joseph Glover1836411877

108GoldsbroughJames Goldsbroughfirst name on this monument1807831890id: 3121815621070
Ruth Goldsbroughwife of James Goldsbrough1820681888

109GoodhallJames Goodhallfirst name on this monument1755781833id: 28418153710792
Derek Colin West Padgett192531928
James Goodhallson of James Goodhall1808221830
Elizabeth Goodhallwife of James Goodhall1770721842

110GrashawWilliam Grashawfirst name on this monumentid: 37718160810812
Hannah Grashawdaughter of William Grashaw1829151844
Elizabeth Mortimer
Joshua Mortimer
Patience Mortimer1854121866
Rebecca Mortimer186311864
Mary Grashawwife of William Grashaw

111GreenwoodAmer Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1812481860id: 1311814321074Mistake for Hamer
Alice Greenwooddaughter of Amer Greenwood1846301876
Ellen Greenwooddaughter of Amer Greenwood183841842
Ellen Greenwooddaughter of Amer Greenwood184351848
Selina Greenwooddaughter of Amer Greenwood1840321872
Elizabeth Ann Greenwoodgrand daughter of Amer Greenwood1856 5m
Ann Greenwoodwife of Amer Greenwood1813621875

112HainsworthJoshua Hainsworthfirst name on this monument1798531851id: 0261813421077
Elizabeth Robinson1839221861
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113HainsworthSarah Hainsworthfirst name on this monument1769771846id: 0251813411076
Mary Hainsworthdaughter-in-law of Sarah Hainsworth
Abraham Crossley Hainsworthgrand son of Sarah Hainsworth1854 3m
Abraham Hainsworthhusband of Sarah Hainsworth1768861854
Abraham Hainsworthson of Sarah Hainsworth

114HallEleanor Hallfirst name on this monument1815251840id: 07318138410651
John Hallfather of Eleanor Hall
Sarah Hallmother of Eleanor Hall

115HallSarah Hallfirst name on this monument1804751879id: 1331814341068
Mary Gilldaughter of Sarah Hall1847331880
Sarah Hallgrand daughter of Sarah Hall187931882
William Hallhusband of Sarah Hall1809821891
Edward Hall
Herbert Hall182111822
Mary Ann Hall

116HallidayCaleb Hallidayfirst name on this monument1830561886id: 16618146310841
Sarah Annn Hallidaydaughter of Caleb Halliday1851 7m
Minnie Greenwoodgrand daughter of Caleb Halliday aged 8?
Mary Ann Hallidaywife of Caleb Halliday1830241854
Mary Hallidaysecond wife of Caleb Halliday1833681901

117HallidayJames Hallidayfirst name on this monumentid: 12818142910781
Betty Asquith185091859
John Asquith
Priscilla Asquith1816731889
Mary Hallidaywife of James Halliday

118HallidayThomas Hallidayfirst name on this monument1822731895id: 2541815101078
Annie Spencer Halliday1896141910
Martha Elizabeth Halliday1854651919
Sarah Hallidaywife of Thomas Halliday1822871909

119HamsworthHenry Hamsworthfirst name on this monument182011821id: 0631813781067
Jesse Hamsworthbrother of Henry Hamsworth183411835
James Hamsworthfather of Henry Hamsworth1793681861
Nancy Hamsworthmother of Henry Hamsworth1798621860
Delilah Hamsworthsister of Henry Hamsworth182911830
Elizabeth Hamsworthsister of Henry Hamsworth1821501871

120HardakerBenjamin Butterfield Hardakerfirst name on this monument1793271820id: 0471813621078
Rebecca Butterfieldaunt of Benjamin Butterfield Hardaker1793721865
Richard Hardakerbrother of Benjamin Butterfield Hardaker1839 infant
William Hardakerbrother of Benjamin Butterfield Hardaker1839 infant
Richard Hardakerfather of Benjamin Butterfield Hardaker
Martha Hardakermother of Benjamin Butterfield Hardaker1790771867

121HardakerJohn Hardakerfirst name on this monument1823681891id: 2641815201073

122HardakerJohn Hardakerfirst name on this monument1811441855id: 131813121070
Richard Hardakerson of John Hardaker1838201858
Rodger Hardakerson of John Hardaker1844191863
Samuel Hardakerson of John Hardaker
William Hardakerson of John Hardaker
Alice Hardakerwife of John Hardaker1813491862

123HardyAnn Hardyfirst name on this monument1853id: 03918135410691
Jonas Hardy1824301854
Sarah Hardy
Thomas Hardy1793791872
Samuel Hardyson of Ann Hardy185031853
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124HargreaveJames Hargreavefirst name on this monument1805461851id: 3431815871072
Jane Hargreavewife of James Hargreave1804711875

125HargreavesWilliam Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1826331859id: 2251814861066

126HarperJohn Harperfirst name on this monument1821301851id: 0931813991065
Margaret Harperdaughter of John Harper infant
Jane Maria Manndaughter of John Harper1845681913
John Harperson of John Harper185111852
Joseph Harperson of John Harper1846171863
William Harperson of John Harper1849211870
Joseph Mannson-in-law of John Harper

127HarperWilliam Harper Harperfirst name on this monument1781601841id: 0041813211067
Mary Firth1813441857
Michael Firth1790731863
Sarah Harperwife of William Harper Harper1781771858

128HarrisonJohn Harrisonfirst name on this monument1816671883id: 0941814001066
Clara Harrisondaughter of John Harrison1861751936
John Herbert Harrison1856711927
Sarah Ann Harrison1850611911
Faith Harrisonwife of John Harrison1816511867

129HartleyJohn Hartleyfirst name on this monumentid: 2801815341068
William Hartleyson of John Hartley1834231857
Martha Hartleywife of John Hartley

130HattMary Hattfirst name on this monument1770631833id: 0581813731075
Nancy Westdaughter of Mary Hatt1801691870
John Hatthusband of Mary Hatt1774751849
John Petty1791681859

131HattersleyFrederick Hattersleyfirst name on this monument1807441851id: 2571815131070
Adelaide Louisa Hattersleydaughter of Frederick Hattersley1830841914
John Frederick Hattersley
Hannah Hattersleywife of Frederick Hattersley1810851895

132HeatonJoseph Heatonfirst name on this monument1803721875id: 3021815531068
Elizabeth Heaton mother of Joseph and Mary Ann
Joseph Heaton185411855
Mary Ann Heaton186511866
Philemon Heaton father of Joseph and Mary Ann
William Heatonson of Joseph Heaton184751852
Susannah Heatonwife of Joseph Heaton1805811886

133HewitsonW Hewitsonfirst name on this monument1918id: 2431815011070ASC CWGC headstone
W A Harrison1919 Yorks Regt CWGC headstone

134HeyBenjamin Heyfirst name on this monument1812741886id: 3081815591073
Alice Heydaughter of Benjamin Hey184451849
Ann Heydaughter of Benjamin Hey185281860
Mary Hey1847201867
Samuel Heyson of Benjamin Hey1840271867
Sarah Heywife of Benjamin Hey1813791892

135HigsonJames Higsonfirst name on this monument1810711881id: 1131814171101
Eliza Jane Higsondaughter of James Higson1848591907
Benjamin Higsonson of James Higson187451879
William Higsonson of James Higson185161857
William Higsonson of James Higson186641870
Mary Higsonwife of James Higson1811451856
Ann Higsonsecond wife of James Higson
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136HillThomas Hillfirst name on this monument1824361860id: 3031815541069
Hariette Elizabeth Hilldaughter of Thomas Hill1857411898
Martha Esther Hilldaughter of Thomas Hill1851461897
Hariette Hillwife of Thomas Hill1827751902

137HinchliffeJames Hinchliffefirst name on this monument1796801876id: 0781813871073
John Hinchliffeson of James Hinchliffe1831 4m
Hannah Hinchliffewife of James Hinchliffe1802511853

138HirdJames Hirdfirst name on this monument1812541866id: 13018143110851
Martha Hirddaughter of James Hird1838191857
Adah Ambler1933
William R Ambler
James Hirdson of James Hird
Hannah Hirdwife of James Hird1813681881

139HodgsonMary Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1760551815id: 02818134410651
Thomas Hodgsonhusband of Mary Hodgson1754621816
Elizabeth Burgess1814731887
William Burgess1813591872

140HodgspnJohn Hodgspnfirst name on this monument1779511830id: 2091814751068
William Hodgspnbrother of John Hodgspn1784501834

141HoggGeorge Stelling Hoggfirst name on this monument51id: 29218154410712
Agnes Hoggdaughter of George Stelling Hogg1869 infant
George Stelling Hoggson of George Stelling Hogg185361859
Mary Hoggwife of George Stelling Hogg1843381881
Sarah Hoggsecond wife of George Stelling Hogg1841471888

142HoldsworthSamuel Holdsworthfirst name on this monument1806811887id: 0771813861065
Skillow Gill Holdsworthson of Samuel Holdsworth184021842
Sarah Holdsworthwife of Samuel Holdsworth1808441852

143HollidayJohn Hollidayfirst name on this monumentid: 0441813591071
Francees Hollidayson of John Holliday1829 8 m - miss-spelt forename?
Thomas Hollidayson of John Holliday183161837
Alice Hollidaywife of John Holliday

144HolmesJohn Holmesfirst name on this monumentid: 1201814231088
Alice Holmesdaughter of John Holmes185311854
Margaret Holmesdaughter of John Holmes184231845
Mary Ann Holmesdaughter of John Holmes1835181853
Frank Andertongrand son of John Holmes186611867
Robert Holmesson of John Holmes185021852
James Sugdenson-in-law of John Holmes1842201862
Hannah Holmeswife of John Holmes

145HolmesJohn Holmesfirst name on this monument1790741864id: 2291814901066

146HolmesJonathan Holmesfirst name on this monument1806441850id: 272x1815271076
Mary Ann Crabtreedaughter of Jonathan Holmes1836661902
Daniel Holmesson of Jonathan Holmes184141845
John Crabtreeson-in-law of Jonathan Holmes
Maria Holmeswife of Jonathan Holmes1807641871

147HornAlice Hornfirst name on this monument1791551846id: 0491813641078
Joseph Hornhusband of Alice Horn
John Horn1779821861

148HornJames Hornfirst name on this monument1801301831id: 37518160710701
Mary Horndaughter of James Horn1825121837
Sarah Horndaughter of James Horn1823161839
Susannah Horndaughter of James Horn183191840
Susannah Hornwife of James Horn1797681865
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149HorsfallThomas Horsfallfirst name on this monumentid: 14818144810841
Charles Horsfallbrother of Thomas Horsfall1833431876
William Horsfallfather of Thomas Horsfall1783811864
Elizabeth Horsfallmother of Thomas Horsfall1793781871
Wright Horsfallson of Thomas Horsfall infant
Sarah Horsfallwife of Thomas Horsfall

150HudsonWilliam Hudsonfirst name on this monument1778801858id: 2041814731068
Rachel Crabtreedaughter of William Hudson1835
William Crabtreeson-in-law of William Hudson
Mary Hudsonwife of William Hudson1828

151HudsonWilliam Hudsonfirst name on this monument1786651851id: 26218151810672
John Hudson
John William Hudson186521867
Mary Hudson
Elizabeth Hudsonwife of William Hudson1807681875

152HustlerJohn Hustlerfirst name on this monumentid: 340x18158410711
Elizabeth Hustler1789781867
James Hustler1791771868
James Hustlerson of John Hustler183811839 22w
John Hustlerson of John Hustler184421846
Ann Hustlerwife of John Hustler

153HustlerSarah Hustlerfirst name on this monument1823371860id: 11818142110661
Franciss Hustlerdaughter of Sarah Hustler185411855
Rose Ann Hustlerdaughter of Sarah Hustler1854101864
Isaac Hustlerhusband of Sarah Hustler1818751893

154HuttonJohn Huttonfirst name on this monument1784771861id: 29918155010741
Harriett Huttondaughter-in-law of John Hutton1814521866
Geoge Ward
Rachel Hutton Ward1826321858
George Huttonson of John Hutton1812461858
Rachel Huttonwife of John Hutton1783721855

155IllingworthJames Illingworthfirst name on this monument1791751866id: 32118156910741
Eliza Illingworthdaughter of James Illingworth1824631887
John Illingworthson of James Illingworth1811411852
Johnson Illingworthson of James Illingworth184751852
Hannah Illingworthwife of James Illingworth1794681862

156InghamJohn Inghamfirst name on this monumentid: 1121814161091
Anne Inghamdaughter of John Ingham186011861
Maria Inghamdaughter of John Ingham185421856
Charles Inghamson of John Ingham184731850
Thomas Inghamson of John Ingham184951854
Walter Inghamson of John Ingham1855 3m
Mary Inghamwife of John Ingham

157IrelandJohn Irelandfirst name on this monument1787701857id: 12918143010721
Ellen Irelanddaughter of John Ireland1831291860
Frances Irelanddaughter of John Ireland1825621887
Sarah Ireland1794771871
Edward Irelandson of John Ireland1823191842
John Finch Irelandson of John Ireland1829181847

158JowettHannah Jowettfirst name on this monument1789701859id: 1731814651074
Mary Ann Phillipsdaughter of Hannah Jowett1820651885
Nathan Atkinson Jowetthusband of Hannah Jowett1787701857
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159JowettJames Jowettfirst name on this monument1814451859id: 0561813721080
Eastwood Leachbrother of James Jowett1837121849
George Leachbrother of James Jowett183411835
Betty Leachdaughter of James Jowett183011831
Abraham Leachfather of James Jowett
Hannah Leachmother of James Jowett1831321863
Sarah Leach1822431865
Elizabeth Wilman1840691909
Alice Jowettwife of James Jowett1810521862

160JowettJames Jowettfirst name on this monument1788541842id: 3421815861068
Adam Jowett53
Alice Jowett
Nancy Jowettwife of James Jowett1790561846

161KellyWilliam Kellyfirst name on this monument1816681884id: 212a1814771069
Florence Kellydaughter of William Kelly1942
Sarah Elinor Kellywife of William Kelly1826671893

162KendallAbraham Kendallfirst name on this monument1825661891id: 2411814991073
Fanny Ellen Kendalldaughter of Abraham Kendall185751862
Hannah Kendalldaughter of Abraham Kendall infant
Brown Kendallson of Abraham Kendall1855 4m
Michael Kendallson of Abraham Kendall185231855
Thornley Kendallson of Abraham Kendall185921861
Sarah Kendallwife of Abraham Kendall1829601889

163KendallJames Kendallfirst name on this monument1809581867id: 2a18131710771
Alice Kendalldaughter of James Kendall1847141861
Rebecca Kendalldaughter of James Kendall1840221862
James Kendallson of James Kendall1840111851
James Kendallson of James Kendall1851 2m
John Kendallson of James Kendall184921851
Sarah Mary Kendallwife of James Kendall1811881899

164KendallJane Kendallfirst name on this monument1803131816id: 0921813981065
William Kendallfather of Jane Kendall
Mary Kendallmother of Jane Kendall

165KendallJohn Kendallfirst name on this monument1802601862id: 1001814051069
Betty Oldfielddaughter of John Kendall1839261865
John Kendallson of John Kendall1835111846
Vinson Oldfieldson-in-law of John Kendall
Hannah Kendallwife of John Kendall1806691875

166KendallJohn Kendallfirst name on this monument1823311854id: 3781816091065
Robert Mark Kendallson of John Kendall185671863
Wade Kendallson of John Kendall1864121876
William Kendallson of John Kendall infant
Martha Kendallwife of John Kendall

167KendallJoshua Kendallfirst name on this monument1823381861id: 32418157210671
Sarah Bedforddaughter of Joshua Kendall1854221876
William Henry Bedfordson-in-law of Joshua Kendall
Ann Kendallwife of Joshua Kendall1823381861

168KendallMary Anne Kendallfirst name on this monument185531858id: 2281814891076
Robert Herbert Kendallbrother of Mary Anne Kendall1872 1m
Thomas Kendallfather of Mary Anne Kendall
Elizabeth Kendallmother of Mary Anne Kendall
Sarah Elizabeth Kendallsister of Mary Anne Kendall1860221882
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169KendallRobert Kendallfirst name on this monument1835661901id: 10818141210681
Thomas B Kendallbrother of Robert Kendall
Mary Ann Kendalldaughter of Robert Kendall185951864
Sarah Ann Kendalldaughter of Robert Kendall185551860
Sarah Ann Kendalldaughter of Robert Kendall1863101873
Francis Waterton Kendallgrand son of Robert Kendall190051905
Frederick William Kendallson of Robert Kendall1866 7m
Sarah Kendallsister-in-law of Robert Kendall
Elizabeth Kendallwife of Robert Kendall1833571890

170KendallSarah Kendallfirst name on this monument1795751870id: 33618158110661
Martha Kendalldaughter of Sarah Kendall1814741888
Thomas Kendallhusband of Sarah Kendall1793881881
James Clough1789621851

171KendallThomas Kendallfirst name on this monument1801291830id: 32318157110672
Robert Kendall1864431907
Zylpha Kendall1863391902
Thomas Pitts1817681885

172KendallThomas Kendallfirst name on this monumentid: 32018156810651
Mary Kendalldaughter-in-law of Thomas Kendall1812741886
Thomas Kendallgrand son of Thomas Kendall1841161857
William Kendallson of Thomas Kendall1817351852
Sarah Kendallwife of Thomas Kendall

173KingHannah Kingfirst name on this monument1789551844id: 0131813291066
Emma Kinggrand daughter of Hannah King185111852
Barker Kinggrand son of Hannah King1830 10m
Robert Kinghusband of Hannah King1790631853

174LambertEdward Lambertfirst name on this monument1782711853id: 0171813331066
Mary Berrydaughter of Edward Lambert1813461859
Thomas Berryson-in-law of Edward Lambert
Sarah Lambertwife of Edward Lambert1790661856

175LambertSamuel Lambertfirst name on this monument1784821866id: 04318135810651
Hannah Lambertdaughter of Samuel Lambert1813191832
Susannah Lambertdaughter of Samuel Lambert1832321864
Elizabeth Lambertgrand daughter of Samuel Lambert1859201879
Tom Lambertgrand son of Samuel Lambert1850 18w
Elizabeth Lambertwife of Samuel Lambert1789851874

176LaycockJoshua Laycockfirst name on this monument1812731885id: 0361813511068
Eliza Laycockdaughter of Joshua Laycock1848111859
Joshua Laycockson of Joshua Laycock185311854
Eliza Ogdensister of Joshua Laycock1801691870
Elizabeth Laycockwife of Joshua Laycock1811761887

177LeeAlfred William Leefirst name on this monument1858id: 1221814251076
Lydia Pickles of Alfred William Lee1844171861
E A Barrett1845521897 Solicitor
Joseph Lee1815541869
Annette Matilda Pickles187011871 18m
Joseph Pickles

178LeeJohn Leefirst name on this monument1782661848id: 3461815901066
Rachel Leesister-in-law of John Lee1779751854
Sarah Leewife of John Lee1774921866

179LeeJoseph Leefirst name on this monument1785711856id: 341x1815851067
Charles Henry Leeson of Joseph Lee1826221848
John Leeson of Joseph Lee1819221841
Judith Leewife of Joseph Lee1792611853
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180LewinEmma Lewinfirst name on this monument184331846id: 0791813881072
George Lewinfather of Emma Lewin
Mary Anne Lewinmother of Emma Lewin

181LewtyJohn Lewtyfirst name on this monument1805781883id: 0151813311066
Margaret Lewtydaughter of John Lewty1827161843
Mary Lewtydaughter-in-law of John Lewty1846831929
Richard Lewtyson of John Lewty1826521878
Mary Lewtywife of John Lewty1801631864

182LilleyMartha Lilleyfirst name on this monument1806691875id: 0241813401071
Arthur Lilleygrand son of Martha Lilley1866411907
James Lilleyhusband of Martha Lilley1804751879

183ListerAnthony Listerfirst name on this monumentid: 1391814391069
Elizabeth Listerdaughter of Anthony Lister1833241857
Higson Listerson of Anthony Lister1844111855
Ann Listerwife of Anthony Lister1809661875

184ListerJohn Listerfirst name on this monument1755791834id: 06218137710702
Elizabeth Lister
Mary Lister1827501877
Thomas Lister
William Lister1827381865
Sarah Listerwife of John Lister1767701837

185ListerJoshua Crabtree Listerfirst name on this monumentid: 3671816011072
James Listerfather of Joshua Crabtree Lister1810561866
Dinah Listermother of Joshua Crabtree Lister1811711882
Mary Crabtree Listersister of Joshua Crabtree Lister1840201860

186ListerSamuel Listerfirst name on this monument1795611856id: 061813051069
Nancy Coatesdaughter of Samuel Lister1827621889
Jane Hartleydaughter of Samuel Lister1833211854
Sarah Listerdaughter of Samuel Lister184381851
Sarah Simpsongrand daughter of Samuel Lister184811849
William Coatesson-in-law of Samuel Lister
Sarah Listerwife of Samuel Lister

187LuptonBenjamin Luptonfirst name on this monument1810511861id: 1881814711074
Sarah Luptonwife of Benjamin Lupton1801701871

188LuptonBenjamin Luptonfirst name on this monument1800511851id: 021813011069
Sarah Luptonwife of Benjamin Lupton1801701871

189LuptonSamuel Luptonfirst name on this monument1823631886id: 08618139310681
Mary Ann Luptonwife of Samuel Lupton1822831905

190MannAlice Mannfirst name on this monument1782711853id: 053c18137010711

191MannJohn Mannfirst name on this monument1809361845id: 053
(4 images)
Anne Mannwife of John Mann1813811894

192MannJoshua Mannfirst name on this monument1792601852id: 053b18136910662
Emma Wells of Joshua Mann1812691881
Sarah Wellssister of Joshua Mann1789741863

193MarshallHannah Marshallfirst name on this monument1814361850id: 0211813371066
John Marshallhusband of Hannah Marshall

194MaudMary Ann Maudfirst name on this monument1827271854id: 1031814081071
Mary Ann Mauddaughter of Mary Ann Maud1854 7m
William Maudhusband of Mary Ann Maud

195MaudeWilliam Maudefirst name on this monument1826591885id: 1601814581068

196MawsonWilliam Mawsonfirst name on this monument1788521840id: 3651815991066
Isabella Mawsonwife of William Mawson1783601843
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197McBurnieRobert McBurniefirst name on this monument1866341900id: 1801814701070

198MetcalfeElizabeth Metcalfefirst name on this monument1793661859id: 14918144910811
Mary Tillotsondaughter of Elizabeth Metcalfe1827321859
Betty Metcalf1861 wife of Thomas
Martha Metcalf1876 wife of Thomas
Thomas Metcalf1835551890
John Tillotsonson-in-law of Elizabeth Metcalfe

199MichieRobert Michiefirst name on this monument1784851869id: 0401813551071
John Michieson of Robert Michie182241826
Sarah Michiewife of Robert Michie1790581848

200MitchellMary Mitchellfirst name on this monument1771601831id: 151813141065
David Mitchellhusband of Mary Mitchell1762761838

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Paul's Church burial ground, Shipley, Yorkshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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