Municipal Cemetery, Winchburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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401NewtonJames Newtonfirst name on this monument1880781958id: 11064720th December 1958
Frances Cormackwife of James Newton1880791959 20th September 1959

402NewtonJames Murray Newtonfirst name on this monument1908521960id: 1090733rd October 1960
Margaret McKaywife of James Murray Newton1916902006 17th December 2006

403NewtonRichard L Newtonfirst name on this monument1854781932id: 1080813624th April 1932
Jane Newtondaughter of Richard L Newton1887611948 29th June 1948
Mary Newtondaughter of Richard L Newton187961885
Jessie Newtongrand daughter of Richard L Newton191621918 November 1918
Isabella T Woodwife of Richard L Newton1850791929 5th January 1929

404NewtonRichard L Newtonfirst name on this monument1891791970id: 1080810118th October 1970
Lilian M C Affleckwife of Richard L Newton1893721965 3rd July 1965

405NewtonWalter Newtonfirst name on this monumentid: 1080777
(2 images)
Peter Aitken Newtonson of Walter Newton6 10th October
Robert Aitken Newtonson of Walter Newton1903231926 9th April 1926
William Newtonson of Walter Newton1918 23rd August 1918
Elizabeth Newtonwife of Walter Newton

406NewtonWalter Newtonfirst name on this monument1896671963id: 109203March 1963
James Newtonson of Walter Newton1923531976 March 1976
Sarah Newtonwife of Walter Newton1898731971 February 1971

407NichollsIsaac Nichollsfirst name on this monument1878761954id: 110471527th June 1954
Emma Nichollsdaughter of Isaac Nicholls
Jean Nichollsdaughter of Isaac Nicholls1913261939 20th June 1939
Catherine H Menzieswife of Isaac Nicholls1881781959 1st March 1959

408NichollsMary Ann Nichollsfirst name on this monument1843791922id: 1104642
Richard Nichollshusband of Mary Ann Nicholls1845931938

409NicollThomas Nicollfirst name on this monument1935722007id: 10806914019th August 2007
Ann Nicollwife of Thomas Nicoll

410NugentArthur Nugentfirst name on this monument1913962009id: 1080834154th June 2009

411NugentJoseph Nugentfirst name on this monument1909641973id: 10861
(2 images)
1912nd May 1973
Susan Nugentdaughter of Joseph Nugent1939612000 3rd January 2000
Mary Hutchisonwife of Joseph Nugent1914811995 4th February 1995

412NugentSusan Nugentfirst name on this monument1904321936id: 1080835254th May 1936
Anthony Nugentbrother of Susan Nugent1923571980 19th August 1980
James Nugentbrother of Susan Nugent
John Nugentbrother of Susan Nugent
Patrick Nugentbrother of Susan Nugent
Robert Joseph Nugentfather of Susan Nugent1876851961 18th September 1961
Mary E McDonaldmother of Susan Nugent1879711950 8th May 1950
Mary Nugentsister of Susan Nugent1910471957 27th September 1957

413NugentThomas Joseph Nugentfirst name on this monument1947552002id: 1080833
(3 images)
5010th August 2002
Lauren Nugentdaughter of Thomas Joseph Nugent
Rachel Nugentdaughter of Thomas Joseph Nugent
Mark Nugentson of Thomas Joseph Nugent
Stephen Nugentson of Thomas Joseph Nugent
Joan Nugentwife of Thomas Joseph Nugent1949542003 25th March 2003

414O'BoyleRose Madeline O'Boylefirst name on this monument1926731999id: 1080713
(2 images)
419th May 1999
Kenneth Charles Millshusband of Rose Madeline O'Boyle1923731996 13th May 1996

415O'DonnellJohnny O'Donnellfirst name on this monument1910791989id: 1080731615th May 1989
Margaret O'Donnell
Joseph Reynolds1937682005 28th September 2005
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416O'HanlonAnne O'Hanlonfirst name on this monument1915481963id: 112173928th February 1963
Thomas McSherryhusband of Anne O'Hanlon1914761990 5th March 1990

417O'HanlonFrancis O'Hanlonfirst name on this monument1973id: 11171515th October 1973
Mary Mulliganwife of Francis O'Hanlon1903881991 24th August 1991

418O'HanlonFrederick Anthony O'Hanlonfirst name on this monument1932601992id: 11055924th December 1992
Marie O'Hanlondaughter of Frederick Anthony O'Hanlon
Sara Ann O'Hanlongrand daughter of Frederick Anthony O'Hanlon
Andrew O'Hanlongrand son of Frederick Anthony O'Hanlon
Jean Wrightwife of Frederick Anthony O'Hanlon1930722002 22nd August 2002

419O'HanlonJames O'Hanlonfirst name on this monument1876711947id: 108081758th May 1947
Anne O'Hanlonwife of James O'Hanlon1879901969 11th August 1969

420O'HanlonJames O'Hanlonfirst name on this monument1934672001id: 11232522nd April 2001
Mark O'Hanlon1967362003 10th November 2003
Maureen Gallagherwife of James O'Hanlon1938682006 19th November 2006

421O'HanlonPhilomena O'Hanlonfirst name on this monument1923601983id: 112151329th August 1983
Joseph Francis Cruisehusband of Philomena O'Hanlon
Bernard O'Hanlonsecond husband of Philomena O'Hanlon1912781990 5th June 1990

422O'HaraGeorge O'Harafirst name on this monument1928571985id: 109836318th April 1985
Catherine O'Haradaughter of George O'Hara
George O'Harason of George O'Hara
Davina Websterwife of George O'Hara1927822009 16th January 2009

423O'HaraJames O'Harafirst name on this monument1940561996id: 108087672nd December 1996
Sharon Ann O'Haradaughter of James O'Hara
James O'Harason of James O'Hara
Mary O'Harawife of James O'Hara

424O'HaraJames O'Harafirst name on this monument1905681973id: 108665119th February 1973
Mary Starkwife of James O'Hara1910631973 19th July 1973

425O'HaraJames O'Harafirst name on this monument1922731995id: 1080825519th March 1995
Georgina O'Harawife of James O'Hara

426O'HaraJohn O'Harafirst name on this monument1920341954id: 109451321st May 1954
John O'Harason of John O'Hara1951481999 10th September 1999
Helen O'Harawife of John O'Hara1926812007 24th May 2007

427O'HaraLeo O'Harafirst name on this monument1894681962id: 10938611th October 1962
Christina Quatewife of Leo O'Hara1899691968 9th April 1968

428O'HaraMartin O'Harafirst name on this monument1893711964id: 1094686th May 1964
Mary Wardwife of Martin O'Hara1899641963 7th October 1963

429O'HaraMary O'Harafirst name on this monument1904471951id: 11099
(2 images)
2129th July 1951
Philippa Philbindaughter of Mary O'Hara1945401985 27th May 1985
William Couttshusband of Mary O'Hara1896731969 16th December 1969

430O'HaraTony O'Harafirst name on this monument1943622005id: 1080889318th May 2005
Mary O'Harawife of Tony O'Hara

431OrchiesonJulia Ann Orchiesonfirst name on this monument1883551938id: 1080899830th June 1938
William Pringlehusband of Julia Ann Orchieson1884791963 8th March 1963
William Pringleson of Julia Ann Orchieson1908851993 27th September 1993

432OrmeAnnandale Ormefirst name on this monument1879751954id: 10807541727th February 1954
Susan Ormedaughter of Annandale Orme1915161931 26th April 1931
Jack Ormeson of Annandale Orme1910181928 21st July 1928
Euphemia Symwife of Annandale Orme1880611941 15th February 1941

433OwensMargaret McBurnie Owensfirst name on this monument1930541984id: 109771219th December 1984
William A P A Aitkenhusband of Margaret McBurnie Owens1931772008 25th June 2008

434OwensMargaret Mcburnie Owensfirst name on this monument1930541984id: 10977211Born 15th March 1930 Died 19th December 1984
William A P A Aitkenhusband of Margaret Mcburnie Owens1931772008 Born 21st December 1930 Died 25th June 2008
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435ParisWalter Parisfirst name on this monument1848601908id: 1080801
(2 images)
18123rd April 1908
Charles Parisson of Walter Paris1896331929 15th January 1929
Walter Parisson of Walter Paris1892221914 9th January 1914
Elizabeth Cherrywife of Walter Paris1862611923 11th November 1923

436ParkerWalter Lindsey Parkerfirst name on this monument1920681988id: 109521611th May 1988
Margaret Parkerwife of Walter Lindsey Parker1916661982 21st February 1982

437PatersonAgnes Patersonfirst name on this monument1863621925id: 1080766920th March 1925
Thomas Patersonhusband of Agnes Paterson1864611925 7th May 1925
Willia Sneddon1930752005

438PatersonAgnes Patersonfirst name on this monument1863621925id: 1080937720th March 1925
Thomas Patersonhusband of Agnes Paterson1864611925 7th May 1925
W Sneddon1930752005

439PatersonJames Patersonfirst name on this monument1868791947id: 1116267th December 1947
Catherine Somervillewife of James Paterson1874821956 21st September 1956

440PatersonJames Patersonfirst name on this monument1936621998id: 10807291422nd July 1998
Sandra Patersonwife of James Paterson

441PatersonMargaret Patersonfirst name on this monument1939672006id: 108090249th June 2006
William Hendersonhusband of Margaret Paterson

442PatersonMargaret Patersonfirst name on this monument1908701978id: 110364528th June 1978
Alexander Watsonhusband of Margaret Paterson1907751982 13th December 1982

443PatersonPeter Patersonfirst name on this monument1904761980id: 11014726th May 1980
Mary Coulterwife of Peter Paterson1908771985 24th December 1985

444PatrickJames Patrickfirst name on this monument1958id: 11043812th February 1958
Elizabeth Patrick
Janet Patrick
Susie Patrick

445PattersonJohn Pattersonfirst name on this monument1896511947id: 1116954th February 1947
Nettie Pattersondaughter of John Patterson
Elizabeth Munrowife of John Patterson

446PattersonRobert Pattersonfirst name on this monument1915631978id: 110321326th August 1978
Ann Pattersondaughter of Robert Patterson1942531995 23rd May 1995
Tracey Pattersondaughter of Robert Patterson
Catherine Gibsonwife of Robert Patterson1916651981 29th December 1981

447PedderMargery Pedderfirst name on this monument1921621983id: 10884618th June 1983
Margaret Millerdaughter of Margery Pedder196231965 September 1965
John Millerhusband of Margery Pedder1904881992 23rd May 1992

448PetrieAlexander Petriefirst name on this monument1915481963id: 109262117th October 1963
Jessie McCormackwife of Alexander Petrie1918892007 2nd March 2007

449PettieWilliam Pettiefirst name on this monument1911821993id: 108072677th December 1993
Christina Scoularwife of William Pettie1920731993 22nd June 1993

450PettigrewElizabeth Pettigrewfirst name on this monument1928742002id: 1080704313th February 2002
Robin Pettigrewhusband of Elizabeth Pettigrew

451PeuthererJohn Forrest Peuthererfirst name on this monument192211923id: 1080784
(2 images)
4died 21st May 1923 aged 17m
John Peuthererfather of John Forrest Peutherer
Jane Peutherermother of John Forrest Peutherer

452PhilbinElla Philbinfirst name on this monument1914922006id: 108091858th June 2006
Pat Philbinson of Ella Philbin1937642001 16th March 2001

453PhilbinMarie Joyce Philbinfirst name on this monument1960371997id: 1080873424th January 1997
Kevin Philbinbrother of Marie Joyce Philbin
Terry Philbinbrother of Marie Joyce Philbin
John Philbinfather of Marie Joyce Philbin
Nancy Philbinmother of Marie Joyce Philbin1936672003 24th August 2003
Matthew Philbinson of Marie Joyce Philbin
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454PhilbinPatrick Philbinfirst name on this monument1911661977id: 10832
(2 images)
516th September 1977
Mary McMahonwife of Patrick Philbin1913771990 19th November 1990

455PirieMarion Harvey Clarke Piriefirst name on this monument1910681978id: 110311018th October 1978

456PorteousAlison Porteousfirst name on this monument1898581956id: 11104516th March 1956
Ben Wilsonhusband of Alison Porteous1911781989 6th December 1989

457PotterHenry Potterfirst name on this monument1904701974id: 10894
(2 images)
630th November 1974

458PoxonGladys Poxonfirst name on this monument1926531979id: 11023816th August 1979
Doreen Keanedaughter of Gladys Poxon
Anthony Keanehusband of Gladys Poxon1923761999 12th December 1999

459PoxonSamuel Poxonfirst name on this monument1998id: 1106049th April 1998
Agnes Poxonwife of Samuel Poxon

460PrenticeJean Prenticefirst name on this monument1860681928id: 10807652416th April 1928
Kate Gibbdaughter of Jean Prentice
Rachel Gibbdaughter of Jean Prentice1897591956 8th October 1956
Richard Gibbhusband of Jean Prentice1856721928 10th September 1928
David C Duncanson-in-law of Jean Prentice1888401928 28th July 1928

461PrestonSarah M Prestonfirst name on this monument1891701961id: 10939
(2 images)
518th February 1961
John Lyonhusband of Sarah M Preston1890761966 28th April 1966
Thomas Lyonson of Sarah M Preston1914651979 26th September 1979

462PritchardGeorge Pritchardfirst name on this monument1963id: 1124145th December 1963
Isabella Howdenwife of George Pritchard1974 8th March 1974

463PritchardMary Ann Pritchardfirst name on this monument1880761956id: 11149
(2 images)
35th December 1956

464PritchardRichard Pritchardfirst name on this monument1909501959id: 11239427th January 1959
Euphemia Hoodwife of Richard Pritchard1961 13th March 1961

465PruntyHugh Pruntyfirst name on this monument1923601983id: 111555119th June 1983
Dora Pruntysister of Hugh Prunty1914882002 26th February 2002

466PruntyMichael Owen Pruntyfirst name on this monument1917231940id: 111562122nd February 1940
Hugh Pruntyfather of Michael Owen Prunty1874791953 21st April 1953
Mary Ann McKeonmother of Michael Owen Prunty1881801961 1st November 1961
Helen Pruntysister of Michael Owen Prunty1906671973 24th November 1973
Mary Pruntysister of Michael Owen Prunty1909361945 18th April 1945

467PruntyOwen Pruntyfirst name on this monument1916301946id: 11152611th December 1946
Marjory Pruntydaughter of Owen Prunty1946371983 19th April 1983
Mary Jane Donnellywife of Owen Prunty1912892001 8th March 2001

468QuateJames Quatefirst name on this monument1862691931id: 1080646
(2 images)
9123rd February 1931
Christina Kerr Inneswife of James Quate1860711931 17th July 1931

469QuateJoyce Quatefirst name on this monument1954341988id: 10950630th May 1988
Jim Eastonhusband of Joyce Quate
Mark Eastonson of Joyce Quate
Paul Eastonson of Joyce Quate

470QuateStevie Quatefirst name on this monument1918731991id: 11061
(3 images)
3612th December 1991
Lena Donaldwife of Stevie Quate1921781999 27th January 1999

471QuigleyEdward Quigleyfirst name on this monument1916731989id: 1118921118th December 1989

472RamsayJohn Ramsayfirst name on this monument1927701997id: 11187715th October 1997

473RandallCatherine Randallfirst name on this monument1875821957id: 112462010th September 1957
Mary Begbiedaughter of Catherine Randall1987 September 1987
James Begbiehusband of Catherine Randall1879811960 9th January 1960
James Begbieson of Catherine Randall1987 September 1987

474ReddingtonAnthony Reddingtonfirst name on this monument1974id: 10808451510th May 1974
William Reddingtonbrother of Anthony Reddington2000 20th May 2000
Jimmy Robb1925772002
Margaret Robb
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475ReddingtonJoseph Reddingtonfirst name on this monument1960472007id: 112131717th October 2007
Anthony Reddingtonbrother of Joseph Reddington1955552010 5th January 2010
Anthony Reddingtonfather of Joseph Reddington
Rose Reddingtonmother of Joseph Reddington

476ReidJames Reidfirst name on this monument1855761931id: 1122857th June 1931
Robert Reidson of James Reid1894221916 18th May 1916
Martha Ann Vosewife of James Reid1856731929 7th August 1929

477ReidJames S Reidfirst name on this monument1939id: 1080644322nd February 1939
Margaret D Parkerwife of James S Reid1979 27th October 1979

478ReidJohn Reidfirst name on this monument1907751982id: 112013

479ReidMaria Reidfirst name on this monument1895591954id: 1085060221st February 1954
David Quatehusband of Maria Reid1892671959 16th January 1959

480ReidStephenson Francis Reidfirst name on this monument1888431931id: 1080641
(2 images)
42122nd November 1931
Stevenson Reidson of Stephenson Francis Reid1914231937 14th May 1937
Margaret Reidwife of Stephenson Francis Reid1891811972 6th November 1972

481ReidThomas Reidfirst name on this monument1878601938id: 1080648929th June 1938
Catherine Randalldaughter-in-law of Thomas Reid1920852005 24th July 2005
Catherine Reid1949512000 23rd December 2000
Jackie Reidson of Thomas Reid2
Thomas Reidson of Thomas Reid1910881998 14th December 1998
Rebecca Bishopwife of Thomas Reid1884631947 5th November 1947

482RennieBeatrice Renniefirst name on this monument1917651982id: 10898
(2 images)
Peter Renniehusband of Beatrice Rennie1915821997

483RennieBeatrice Renniefirst name on this monument1917651982id: 10898
(2 images)
Peter Renniehusband of Beatrice Rennie1915821997

484RennieJimmy Renniefirst name on this monument1964no image427th November 1964

485RentonAlex B Rentonfirst name on this monument1944471991id: 10892
(2 images)
Louise Rentondaughter of Alex B Renton
Sandra Rentondaughter of Alex B Renton
May Cannonwife of Alex B Renton

486RentonAlex B Rentonfirst name on this monument1944471991id: 10892
(2 images)
1025th April 1991
Louise Rentondaughter of Alex B Renton
Sandra Rentondaughter of Alex B Renton
May Cannonwife of Alex B Renton

487RentonJohnston Rentonfirst name on this monument1939461985id: 10994
(2 images)
1918th March 1985
Sarah Rentondaughter of Johnston Renton
Johnston Rentonson of Johnston Renton
Margaret Rose Cannonwife of Johnston Renton

488ReynoldsCatherine Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1876611937id: 1080632724th January 1937
Mary McKenziedaughter of Catherine Reynolds1909651974 31st August 1974
George McKenziehusband of Catherine Reynolds1871721943 17th February 1943
James McKenzieson of Catherine Reynolds1897201917 11th January 1917

489RhatiganThomas Rhatiganfirst name on this monument1923852008id: 11184327th May 2008

490RichardsLlewelyn Richardsfirst name on this monumentid: 110516
Mary O'Harawife of Llewelyn Richards

491RichardsonAnne Richardsonfirst name on this monument1944582002id: 11242511th November 2002

492RitchieJohn Ritchiefirst name on this monument1931id: 10853631st January 1931
Elizabeth Moffatwife of John Ritchie1938 30th August 1938

493RobbJohn Robbfirst name on this monument1871831954id: 10806313527th December 1954
Margaret Huskiewife of John Robb1876841960 30th July 1960

494RobertsonThomas T Robertsonfirst name on this monument1914701984id: 10970317th March 1984
Annie Robertsonwife of Thomas T Robertson1921842005 5th December 2005
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495RoyMary Rose Royfirst name on this monument2006id: 10809111317th April 2006
Bobby Royhusband of Mary Rose Roy

496RussellJessie Russellfirst name on this monument1930581988id: 10979
(2 images)
721st September 1988
William Cannonhusband of Jessie Russell

497RussellRachel Russellfirst name on this monument1872871959id: 1080816623rd June 1959
Joseph Russellfather of Rachel Russell1844641908 9th June 1908
Jean Andrewmother of Rachel Russell1849701919 9th September 1919

498RutherfordMary B W Rutherfordfirst name on this monument1916321948id: 11146423rd March 1948
James Shieldshusband of Mary B W Rutherford

499RutherfordWalter Rutherfordfirst name on this monument1904631967id: 11151829th January 1967
Sheila Rutherforddaughter of Walter Rutherford194171948 23rd June 1948
Martha Brennanwife of Walter Rutherford19091012010

500SamuelJames Samuelfirst name on this monument1906611967id: 108881215th February 1967
Margaret Samueldaughter of James Samuel1936742010 13th August 2010
John Samuelson of James Samuel1944642008 17th June 2008
Allan Russellson-in-law of James Samuel1932491981 8th January 1981
Margaret McDougallwife of James Samuel1909721981 13th November 1981

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal Cemetery, Winchburgh, Lothian, Scotland.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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