Municipal Cemetery, Otley, Yorkshire, England

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201BramleyJohn Bramleyfirst name on this monument1819801899id: 1015
(4 images)
15895851of Clifton Late of Timble Great
Hannah Bramley1826821908 Of Clifton
Elizabeth Renton1818841902 of Clifton Late of Timble Great

202BrammanChristine Brammanfirst name on this monument193221934id: 07321586788
Robert Brammanfather of Christine Bramman

203BrayLez Brayfirst name on this monument1955532008id: 21811601281

204BrayMargaret June Brayfirst name on this monument1934732007id: 22231601702

205BrayshawGeoffrey C Brayshawfirst name on this monument1919701989id: 204315999014
Rhoda Brayshawwife of Geoffrey C Brayshaw1921741995

206BrearCharolotte Brearfirst name on this monument1829531882id: 096515890922
Edward Brear189411895
Elizabeth Brear1863871950
Minnie Robinson188811889

207BrennanJ Brennanfirst name on this monument1910331943id: 15281594741Private 244927 Royal Army Ordnance Corps

208BrennanJeffrey Brennanfirst name on this monument193511936id: 15551595016
Martin Brennanfather of Jeffrey Brennan1905701975
Nora A Brennanmother of Jeffrey Brennan1908721980 Father of Margaret

209BrennanLuke Brennanfirst name on this monument1809521861id: 0481
(2 images)
Sabina Healeydaughter of Luke Brennan1849301879 Wife of Luke Healey
Luke Healeyson-in-law of Luke Brennan
Winefred Brennanwife of Luke Brennan1823491872

210BrennanMonica Brennanfirst name on this monument1906811987id: 163115957811
Gerard Brennanbrother of Monica Brennan1911781989

211BrennanThomas Brennanfirst name on this monument1876721948id: 15531594992
Mary Brennan1877731950
Mary Brennan1904801984

212BrennanThomas Joseph Brennanfirst name on this monument1856741930id: 0502
(3 images)
1584502Husband of Mary Louise Brennan
Mary Louise Brennanwife of Thomas Joseph Brennan1861721933

213BridgesEric Bridgesfirst name on this monument1948211969id: 182715977422
Harold Bridgesfather of Eric Bridges1910611971

214BriggsAnn Briggsfirst name on this monument1827761903id: 10881590316Wife of John Rushworth Briggs
John Rushworth Briggshusband of Ann Briggs

215BriggsArthur Briggsfirst name on this monument1868701938id: 125815920313
Sarah Tomes1864791943
Charlotte Evans Briggswife of Arthur Briggs1868711939

216BriggsElizabeth Briggsfirst name on this monument1843271870id: 1087
(2 images)
1590305Wife of Albert Flesher Briggs
Albert Flesher Briggshusband of Elizabeth Briggs
Edwin Briggsson of Elizabeth Briggs Died in infancy
John Briggsson of Elizabeth Briggs Died in infancy

217BriggsGeorge Briggsfirst name on this monument1874751949id: 02421581898

218BriggsJohn Wilson Briggsfirst name on this monument1882561938id: 123815918371
Clara Ethel Briggswife of John Wilson Briggs1882741956

219BriggsMercy Elizabeth Briggsfirst name on this monument1904841988id: 20381599858
Arthur Ingleson Briggs1935662001

220BroadbeltLily Broadbeltfirst name on this monument1876691945id: 12281591738Wife of William Broadbelt
Lily Broadbeltdaughter of Lily Broadbelt191381921
William Broadbelthusband of Lily Broadbelt

221BroadbeltSarah Broadbeltfirst name on this monument1817541871id: 046315841185
William Broadbelthusband of Sarah Broadbelt1812681880

222BroadbentGerald Broadbentfirst name on this monument1908341942no image15794312
John Dennis Broadbentbrother of Gerald Broadbent1902451947
Norah Broadbentmother of Gerald Broadbent1883841967
Kathleen Broadbentsister of Gerald Broadbent1904881992
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223BroganAnn Broganfirst name on this monument1876911967id: 16951596416
Emily Brogansister of Ann Brogan1893821975

224BroganBridget Broganfirst name on this monument1857181875id: 0471
(2 images)
Martin Broganfather of Bridget Brogan1836411877

225BroganCatherine Broganfirst name on this monument1872141886id: 04721584201Dau of Anthony and Bridget Brogan
Anthony Broganbrother of Catherine Brogan1870701940
Anthony Broganfather of Catherine Brogan1834841918
Bridget Broganmother of Catherine Brogan1840701910
Mary Brogansister of Catherine Brogan1866461912

226BroganJohn Broganfirst name on this monument1918id: 04851584334
Joseph Broganson of John Brogan1937
Annie Broganwife of John Brogan1918

227BroganJohn E Broganfirst name on this monument1898711969id: 16881596356
Florence Audrey Broganwife of John E Brogan1901961997

228BroganJohn Robert Broganfirst name on this monument1980id: 17201596676
Alice Ann Broganwife of John Robert Brogan1985

229BroganMaureen Mary Broganfirst name on this monument192971936id: 1546
(2 images)

230BroganTeresa Broganfirst name on this monument1967id: 15451594914
Maria Brogan1963
Mary Hannah Brogan1941

231BroganThomas J Broganfirst name on this monument1859621921id: 0479
(2 images)
Margaret Broganwife of Thomas J Brogan1947

232BroganWilfred Broganfirst name on this monument1905561961id: 17441596917
David Brogansister of Wilfred Brogan1942341976

233BroganWilliam Broganfirst name on this monument1903381941id: 15601595063
Eva Broganwife of William Brogan1910791989

234BrookH Brookfirst name on this monument1918241942id: 07011586492Private 332024 Royal Army Ordnance Corps

235BrookJennie Brookfirst name on this monument1877641941id: 0430
(5 images)
Albert Brook1876781954
Charles Brown1877811958
Esther Brown

236BrookeSydney R Brookefirst name on this monument1901581959id: 117315911614
Chris Brookeson of Sydney R Brooke1944481992
Marjorie V Brookewife of Sydney R Brooke1925521977 Mother of Chris and Graham

237BrooksHarold Brooksfirst name on this monument1911801991id: 14501593952
Edith Alice Brookswife of Harold Brooks1913791992

238BrooksHarriet Annie Brooksfirst name on this monument1876671943id: 14641594104
Clarice Brooksdaughter of Harriet Annie Brooks Died in infancy
Mary Brooksdaughter of Harriet Annie Brooks Died in infancy
Wright Brookshusband of Harriet Annie Brooks1873801953

239BrooksJames Edwin Brooksfirst name on this monument1864591923id: 01211580651
Fred Brooksson of James Edwin Brooks1892241916 Died at Sidney Australia
Millicent Brookswife of James Edwin Brooks1866681934

240BrooksbankGerry Brooksbankfirst name on this monument1945632008id: 17721597192

241BrooksbankJohn Paul Brooksbankfirst name on this monument1989id: 16251595721Aged 5mnths

242BrothertonMary Brothertonfirst name on this monument1920581978id: 19061598536
Cyril Brothertonhusband of Mary Brotherton1925812006

243BrownAnn Brownfirst name on this monument1843631906id: 0975
(2 images)
Francis William Brownhusband of Ann Brown1837761913

244BrownAnnie Brownfirst name on this monument1877651942id: 1432
(3 images)
Alfred Brownhusband of Annie Brown1875691944
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245BrownCharles William Brownfirst name on this monument1850341884id: 1009
(2 images)
Louise Browndaughter of Charles William Brown187881886

246BrownElizabeth Brownfirst name on this monument1795711866id: 092215886842Wife of John Brown
Mary Ann Browndaughter of Elizabeth Brown Died in infancy and interred in Otley churchyard
Sarah Elizabeth Browndaughter of Elizabeth Brown1824251849
John Brownhusband of Elizabeth Brown1795781873
John William Brownson of Elizabeth Brown1834251859

247BrownFrederick Brownfirst name on this monument1850131863id: 1103
(2 images)
15904624Son of George and Lucy Grace Brown
George Brownfather of Frederick Brown1811831894
Lucy Grace Brownmother of Frederick Brown1816731889

248BrownFrederick William Brownfirst name on this monument1926671993id: 1806
(2 images)
Gillian Wendy Rhodes1958422000

249BrownGeorge William Brownfirst name on this monument1907711978id: 19071598543
Evelyn Brownwife of George William Brown2001

250BrownHenry Brownfirst name on this monument1801691870id: 0924
(2 images)
William Robinson Brownson of Henry Brown1828471875 25 years organist at Otley Parish Church
Elizabeth Brownwife of Henry Brown1800701870

251BrownHenry Thomas Brownfirst name on this monument1837611898id: 0670
(3 images)
Annie Browndaughter of Henry Thomas Brown Infancy
John Brown Husband of Mary Brown Father of Henry Thomas Brown Died 18th March 1880
Mary Brown Wife of John Brown Mother of Henry Thomas Brown
Fred Brownson of Henry Thomas Brown Infancy
Thomas Brownson of Henry Thomas Brown Infancy

252BrownLouisa Brownfirst name on this monument1878331911id: 0669
(7 images)
15861792Wife of William Brown
Louisa Helen Spencedaughter of Louisa Brown1911721983 Wife of Harry T Spence
William Brownhusband of Louisa Brown1874471921
Frank Allison1914791993 Husband of Thelma Joyce Allison
Katherine Mary Allison1911751986 Dau of Christopher and Mary Allison
Thelma Joyce Allison1909711980 Wife of Frank Allison
Harry Brown1871391910 Eldest son of H T and M Brown
Mary Brown1848781926 Mother of Harry Brown
Harry Turner Spence1897931990 Husband of Louisa Helen Spence nee Brown
Kate Spence1878811959 Dau of H T and Mary Brown

253BrownMary Jane Brownfirst name on this monument1856151871id: 0578
(4 images)
1585265Dau of Thomas and Emma Brown
Thomas Brownfather of Mary Jane Brown1834571891
Emma Brownmother of Mary Jane Brown

254BrownSarah Brownfirst name on this monument1848631911id: 0650
(5 images)
George Henry Brownhusband of Sarah Brown1843921935 Congregational minister
Elizabeth Brown1876931969
Martha Sinclair Brown1890681958

255BrownSarah Brownfirst name on this monument1774871861id: 08891588357Wife of Sergeant Brown
Hannah Gilldaughter of Sarah Brown1810541864
James Brown1812751887
Mary Brown1812691881 Wife of James Brown

256BrownSarah Brownfirst name on this monument1892761968no image1593661
Joan Browndaughter-in-law of Sarah Brown1921842005
George Brownhusband of Sarah Brown1885881973
George Henry Brownson of Sarah Brown1916852001

257BrownTom Brownfirst name on this monument1831681899id: 1014
(2 images)
Jane Brownwife of Tom Brown1845891934

258BrownTony Brownfirst name on this monument1940441984id: 19981599451
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259BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1814691883id: 1008
(2 images)
Hannah Brownwife of William Brown1818661884

260BrownridgeWalter Brownridgefirst name on this monument1887671954id: 02901582371
Grace Brownridgewife of Walter Brownridge1889791968

261BruceJohn Eddy Brucefirst name on this monumentid: 001815796011

262BrumfittAnn Brumfittfirst name on this monument1853721925id: 1117
(2 images)
Joseph Brumfitt1852641916

263BrumfittEdith Brumfittfirst name on this monument1896311927id: 0097
(2 images)
1580417Wife of Thomas Brumfitt
Thomas Brumfitthusband of Edith Brumfitt
Mary Brumfittsecond wife of husband of Edith Brumfitt1895681963 Second wife of Thomas Brumfitt

264BrumfittJoan Mary Brumfittfirst name on this monument1936712007id: 178415973121

265BrumfittMatthew Brumfittfirst name on this monument1999id: 15951595418Aged 5mnths

266BrumfittWilliam Brumfittfirst name on this monument1788851873id: 0901158847121Stay and corset maker
Rebecca Lumleydaughter of William Brumfitt1824761900
James Brumfittson of William Brumfitt1829621891
John Brumfittson of William Brumfitt1822251847
Mary Brumfittfirst wife of William Brumfitt1792221814
Miriam Brumfittsecond wife of William Brumfitt1794501844

267BrumfittWilliam Brumfittfirst name on this monument1846801926id: 1049
(6 images)
Charity Brumfittdaughter of William Brumfitt
Florrie Brumfittdaughter of William Brumfitt188341887
Margaret Brumfittdaughter of William Brumfitt1885871972
Martha Hannah Brumfittwife of William Brumfitt1851691920

268BrumptonMavis Brumptonfirst name on this monument193411935id: 072215867012
Charles Brumptonfather of Mavis Brumpton1902851987
Hilda Brumptonmother of Mavis Brumpton1910912001

269BryanLily Bryanfirst name on this monument1880701950id: 02721582192
Frank William Bryanhusband of Lily Bryan1879811960

270BuchananMary Amelia Buchananfirst name on this monument1869id: 1134
(4 images)
1590775Aged 3mnths Dau of George and Grace Buchanan
Mary Jane Buchanandaughter of Mary Amelia Buchanan1870 Aged 8 mnths
George Buchananfather of Mary Amelia Buchanan1812681880
Grace Buchananmother-in-law of Mary Amelia Buchanan
William Leonard Dobbin Buchananson of Mary Amelia Buchanan186721869

271BuckGertrude Mary Buckfirst name on this monument1872111883id: 0571158520112Dau of Thomas and Elizabeth Buck
Thomas Buckbrother of Gertrude Mary Buck Certificate merchant mariner he died at 30 years of age on board and in command of the steamship ???? In the Kuynkuk River Yukon Oct 1898 interned with two of his ???
William E Buckbrother of Gertrude Mary Buck187111872 18 mnths
Thomas Buckfather of Gertrude Mary Buck18231031926
Elizabeth Buckmother of Gertrude Mary Buck1833801913 Maiden name was Hodgson, her parents were John Hodgson and Ellen Bray. Johns parents were Thomas Hodgson and Martha Lambert
Sarah Anne Buck1934 Died at Netherby Menston
Elizabeth Dittmar1863491912

272BullEmilie Bullfirst name on this monument1860821942id: 134415928921Wife of William Annison Bull
William Annison Bullhusband of Emilie Bull1874871961

273BulmerThomas Bulmerfirst name on this monument1791721863id: 0419
(2 images)
1583676Of Arthington

274BumbySheila Bumbyfirst name on this monument1933591992id: 206916001615
Royston Marsden Bumbyhusband of Sheila Bumby1932702002

275BuntingJames Arthur Buntingfirst name on this monument1921211942id: 1169
(4 images)
15911218Killed in action Flight Sgt
John Charles Buntingfather of James Arthur Bunting1899641963
Phyliss Mary Buntingmother of James Arthur Bunting1899711970

276BurgessAlfred T Burgessfirst name on this monument1906521958id: 1859159806113
Charles W Burgess1909621971

277BurnellArthur Burnellfirst name on this monument1879871966id: 14251593709
Gertude Burnellwife of Arthur Burnell1883851968
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278BurnettArthur Burnettfirst name on this monument1871771948id: 02611582086
Isobel Kate Burnettwife of Arthur Burnett1877811958

279BurrillHorace Burrillfirst name on this monument1900221922id: 1257
(3 images)
1592022Son of James H and Minnie Burrill
James Henry Burrillfather of Horace Burrill1865721937
Minnie Burrillmother of Horace Burrill1869861955

280BurrupAnn Burrupfirst name on this monument1833511884id: 0467
(2 images)
15841541Wife of Charles Burrup of Horsforth
Charles Burruphusband of Ann Burrup

281BusfieldMary Busfieldfirst name on this monument1860691929id: 06361585848
Florrie Busfielddaughter-in-law of Mary Busfield
Arthur Busfieldhusband of Mary Busfield1861821943
Cyril Busfieldson of Mary Busfield1892741966 Husband of Florrie Busfield

282BusfieldRose Marguerite Busfieldfirst name on this monument1953231976id: 167215961911

283ButlerAlfred Butlerfirst name on this monument1953id: 0286
(3 images)
Minnie Butlerwife of Alfred Butler1958

284ButterfieldJohn Butterfieldfirst name on this monument1945id: 137615932121

285ButterfieldJohn Butterfieldfirst name on this monument1925701995id: 21121600591

286ByrneJohn Byrnefirst name on this monument1907741981id: 0595
(3 images)
1585436Husband of Minnie Bryne
Norman H Malkin1917 Killed in France
Fred Whiteley187261878
Minnie Brynewife of John Byrne

287ByromJean Byromfirst name on this monument2002id: 21751601221Wife of Rowland
Rowland Byromhusband of Jean Byrom

288CahillThomas Cahillfirst name on this monument1834671901id: 0499
(2 images)
Mary Cahill1834681902
Ann Cahillwife of Thomas Cahill1838691907

289CairnsFrancis Cairnsfirst name on this monument1902681970id: 16781596256
Hannah Mary Cairnswife of Francis Cairns1912681980

290CalderJoan Calderfirst name on this monument1945501995id: 18021597495

291CalderPeter William Calderfirst name on this monument1957462003id: 19041598518

292CalvertHarry Calvertfirst name on this monument1893871980id: 061815856615
Gertrude Calvertwife of Harry Calvert1894961990

293CalvertJ W Calvertfirst name on this monument1895231918no image1581511Driver 795877 Royal Field Artillery

294CalvertSteve Calvertfirst name on this monument1948582006id: 225616020331

295CampbellColin McIvor Campbellfirst name on this monument1847481895id: 08281587756Of Manchester
Clara Annie Campbellwife of Colin McIvor Campbell1854811935

296CampbellJohn Orr Campbellfirst name on this monument1882531935id: 008115802421
Edna daughter of John Orr Campbell1905801985
Gertrude Campbellwife of John Orr Campbell1879711950

297CampbellPhilip Thomas Campbellfirst name on this monument1914661980id: 16291595761
Margaret Campbellwife of Philip Thomas Campbell1989

298CampionLily Ann Campionfirst name on this monument1967id: 02891582361
Henry Campion1893831976

299CapstickCatherine Capstickfirst name on this monument1948id: 17351596823
Marshal Capstickhusband of Catherine Capstick1981

300CapstickVioletta Capstickfirst name on this monument1882491931id: 0119
(2 images)
Eleanor Capstickdaughter-in-law of Violetta Capstick
Robert Capstickfather of Violetta Capstick1864731937
Martha Capstickmother of Violetta Capstick1863871950
George William Capstickson of Violetta Capstick1904611965 Husband of Eleanor Capstick cremated at Rawdon

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal Cemetery, Otley, Yorkshire, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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