Municipal Cemetery, Otley, Yorkshire, England

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1101KilmartinMary Ann Kilmartinfirst name on this monument1903771980id: 164915959615
Terence Kilmartinhusband of Mary Ann Kilmartin1905831988

1102KindenHilda Hannah Kindenfirst name on this monument1887621949id: 176515971251
Charles Allen Kindenhusband of Hilda Hannah Kinden1886681954

1103KingCatherine Margaret Kingfirst name on this monument1981id: 196015990721

1104KingCharles John Whittenham Kingfirst name on this monument1910621972id: 18831598303Priest
Ethel Vera Kingwife of Charles John Whittenham King1916872003

1105KingGrace Kingfirst name on this monument1912801992id: 18601598076Dau of Catherine Waterworth
Catherine Waterworthmother of Grace King

1106KingHarry Kingfirst name on this monument1912531965id: 181515976231

1107KingMary Elizabeth Kingfirst name on this monument1861481909no image1581021

1108KingMildred Kingfirst name on this monument1908741982id: 12551592001

1109KitsonEric Kitsonfirst name on this monument1913821995id: 21151600621
Phyllis Kitsonwife of Eric Kitson1913952008

1110KnightsAlex Knightsfirst name on this monument1975221997id: 1046158989111

1111KnightsJohn Knightsfirst name on this monument1941592000id: 21551601021

1112KnowlesWilliam G Knowlesfirst name on this monument1909771986id: 20091599561
Agnes Knowles1913771990

1113LabramStephen Labramfirst name on this monument1885471932id: 00531579963
Fanny Jarvismother-in-law of Stephen Labram1867791946
Mary A Labram1920721992
Stephen G Labram1916932009
Annie Labramwife of Stephen Labram1975

1114LambJames Lambfirst name on this monument1965id: 169715964411
Catherine Eileen Lambwife of James Lamb1986 age 82 birth year 1904

1115LambJanet Ann Lambfirst name on this monument1959301989id: 20611600081Wife of Michael Lamb
Michael Lambhusband of Janet Ann Lamb

1116LambRita Lambfirst name on this monument1934601994id: 18861598335

1117Lambert Lambertfirst name on this monument1823531876id: 05881585368
James Lamberthusband of Lambert1825631888
James Lambertson of Lambert1923
Elizabeth Holgatesister of Lambert1842341876

1118LambertArthur Lambertfirst name on this monument1966id: 18211597682
Edith Lambertwife of Arthur Lambert1967

1119LambertErnest Barker Lambertfirst name on this monument1871611932id: 11851591281
Clara Eliza Lambert1879791958

1120LambertEsther Lambertfirst name on this monument1860401900id: 03871583351
William Lamberthusband of Esther Lambert1869351904

1121LambertGeorge Lambertfirst name on this monument1841501891id: 0940
(2 images)
Eliza Lambertwife of George Lambert

1122LambertMichael George Lambertfirst name on this monument1940471987id: 20331599801

1123LambourneGeorge Lambournefirst name on this monument1900491949id: 138415932911
Alice Lambourne1899941993

1124LandAlbert Landfirst name on this monument1929792008id: 21721601194

1125LandRowland Landfirst name on this monument1935682003id: 20241599711

1126LaneFrederick Thomas Lanefirst name on this monument1923832006id: 16611596081
Eileen Mary Lanewife of Frederick Thomas Lane1926822008

1127LaneRaymond Lanefirst name on this monument1944401984id: 19711599185

1128LanganJames Langanfirst name on this monument1908561964id: 17141596616
Ida Langanwife of James Langan1910831993
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1129LangleyPercy D Langleyfirst name on this monument1906id: 0974
(2 images)

1130LansomJ T Lansomfirst name on this monument1881731954id: 13871593321
Nellie Lansomwife of J T Lansom1887731960

1131LaugheyWilliam Laugheyfirst name on this monument1871631934id: 154315948981
Joseph Laugheyson of William Laughey1908711979
Catherine Laugheywife of William Laughey1872771949

1132LaugheyWinifred Laugheyfirst name on this monument1909721981id: 16501595973
Sabina Laugheysister of Winifred Laughey1900831983

1133LavinFrances Lavinfirst name on this monumentid: 17261596739Friend and maid to Lady Mowbray and daughter
Mowbrayemployer of Frances Lavin

1134LawsonArthur Lawsonfirst name on this monument1876311907id: 11221590657Tanner of Otley
Arthur Lawsonson of Arthur Lawson190541909

1135LawsonBarrrie Lawsonfirst name on this monument1952id: 03091582574111 mnths
Colin Mortimer Lawsonfather of Barrrie Lawson1927802007 barrie is spelt with two rs not three and its just colin lawson

1136LawsonElizabeth Lawsonfirst name on this monument1829631892id: 1023
(2 images)
1589664Of Bradford
Edwin Lawsonhusband of Elizabeth Lawson1823711894

1137LawsonFred Lawsonfirst name on this monument1867591926id: 1203
(4 images)
Clarice May daughter of Fred Lawson1904591963
Alice Lawsonwife of Fred Lawson1880481928

1138LawsonG V Lawsonfirst name on this monument1915id: 12801592256Gunner 6900 Royal Field Artillery

1139LawsonGeorge Lawsonfirst name on this monument1856601916id: 1271159216111
Arthur Lawsonson of George Lawson1904111915
Ann Lawsonwife of George Lawson1862751937

1140LawsonHenrietta Lawsonfirst name on this monument1863111874id: 0653158601111Third dau of George and Mary Ann Lawson
George Lawsonfather of Henrietta Lawson1829751904
Mary Ann Lawsonmother of Henrietta Lawson1826671893
Ada Lawsonsister of Henrietta Lawson1885571942
Alice Ann Lawsonsister of Henrietta Lawson1855551910

1141LawsonJohn Lawsonfirst name on this monument1824731897id: 1120
(3 images)
15906333Tanner and leather dresser of Otley
James Lawsonson of John Lawson187381881
John Lawsonson of John Lawson1872471919
Phoebe Lawsonwife of John Lawson1834511885

1142LawsonJohn Lawsonfirst name on this monument1904801984id: 14761594221
Mary Louisa Lawsonwife of John Lawson1902841986

1143LawsonMary Lawsonfirst name on this monument1869651934id: 1286
(4 images)
Annie Lawsondaughter of Mary Lawson1898571955
Elsie Lawsondaughter of Mary Lawson1897721969
William Lawsonhusband of Mary Lawson1941

1144LawsonMary Lawsonfirst name on this monument1835541889id: 0433
(2 images)
15838172Wife of Thomas Lawson
Thomas Lawsonhusband of Mary Lawson1834641898
Emily Lawson1851731924

1145LawsonMary Lawsonfirst name on this monument1822671889id: 0333
(2 images)
15828191Wife of William Lawson of Woodlands Otley
William Lawsonhusband of Mary Lawson

1146LawsonPeter Stanley Lawsonfirst name on this monument1940652005id: 22061601536

1147LawsonRamsden Lawsonfirst name on this monument1888491937id: 064915859714
Hazel Anne Fox1955 6 mnths
Edith Lawsonwife of Ramsden Lawson1890791969

1148LawsonSamuel Lawsonfirst name on this monument1833421875id: 064715859542
Annie Lawsondaughter of Samuel Lawson Infancy
Lucilla Lawsondaughter of Samuel Lawson Infancy
Sarah Lawsonwife of Samuel Lawson1841501891
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1149LawsonSarah Lawsonfirst name on this monument1846351881id: 0434
(2 images)
15838211daughter of William and Mary WEAR; sisters Susannah (m John MELLOR) and Jane (m William TAYLOR)
Marmaduke Lawsonhusband of Sarah Lawson1843441887 Son of James Lawson and Martha Atkinson

1150LawsonThomas William Lawsonfirst name on this monument1972id: 18661598137
Philomena Lawsonwife of Thomas William Lawson1993

1151LawtyNellie Lawtyfirst name on this monument1905741979id: 19291598761

1152LaycockEmma Elizabeth Laycockfirst name on this monument1887691956id: 1430159375141
Isobel Dobson1915912006
Alfred Laycock1917842001
John W Laycock1912761988
John William Laycock1888801968
Dorothy Wilder1925822007

1153LaycockHarry Laycockfirst name on this monument189621898id: 1111
(2 images)
15905442Son of Samuel (mispelt should be Samwell) Smith and Fanny Laycock
Alfred Laycockbrother of Harry Laycock188731890
Frank Laycockbrother of Harry Laycock188911890
Samwell Smith Laycockfather of Harry Laycock1853731926
Fanny Laycockmother of Harry Laycock1853731926

1154LaycockMartha Laycockfirst name on this monument1843561899id: 1019
(2 images)
1589625Wife of John Laycock
John Laycockhusband of Martha Laycock

1155LaycockMaud Charlotte Laycockfirst name on this monument1920761996id: 21271600742

1156LayockHarry Layockfirst name on this monument1888731961id: 14271593725

1157LeachLeslie Irvine Leachfirst name on this monument1946562002id: 21611601081

1158LeathleyDorothy Irene Leathleyfirst name on this monument1921591980id: 193915988611
Harry Leathleyhusband of Dorothy Irene Leathley1914731987

1159LedgerGeorge Ledgerfirst name on this monument1877681945id: 07751587213

1160LeeCharles Leefirst name on this monument1927601987no image15997971

1161LeeDennis Leefirst name on this monument1911661977id: 19151598621
Amy Elizabeth Leewife of Dennis Lee1900871987

1162LeeJ A Leefirst name on this monument1947251972id: 18671598141Private 24015423 Duke of Wellingtons Regt

1163LeeJohn Leefirst name on this monument1848521900no image1590401
Emily Leewife of John Lee1908

1164LeePeter Leefirst name on this monument1936481984id: 199715994451

1165LeeRonnie D Leefirst name on this monument1934682002id: 21701601172

1166LeeWalter Henry Leefirst name on this monument1869741943id: 05191584681
Sarah Ada Leewife of Walter Henry Lee1873751948

1167LeechAlfred Jack Leechfirst name on this monument1909711980id: 19421598893
Frances Mary Ruth Leechwife of Alfred Jack Leech1904911995

1168LeemingEthel Leemingfirst name on this monument1898611959id: 14371593821
Harry Leeminghusband of Ethel Leeming1893791972

1169LeemingLouis Alfred Leemingfirst name on this monument1810731883id: 19741599212
Emily Leeming1904911995

1170LengElizabeth Mary Daphne Lengfirst name on this monument1953id: 02871582343
Willie Lenghusband of Elizabeth Mary Daphne Leng1958

1171LenikRaymond Lenikfirst name on this monument1955171972id: 16581596052

1172LeonardHarold Leonardfirst name on this monument1899401939id: 155915950511
Elsie Leonardwife of Harold Leonard1899891988

1173LeydenGeorge Arthur Leydenfirst name on this monument1924181942id: 07591587052
George M Leydenfather of George Arthur Leyden1901671968
Katherine Leydenmother of George Arthur Leyden1900791979

1174LeydenGeorge Arthur Leydenfirst name on this monument1924181942id: 060815855651Son of Catherine and George M Leyden
George M Leydenfather of George Arthur Leyden1901671968
Catherine Leydenmother of George Arthur Leyden
Katherine Leydenson of George Arthur Leyden1900791979
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1175LeydenJohn Leydenfirst name on this monument1894751969id: 183015977711
Cyril Leydenson of John Leyden1924751999
Mabel Eveline Gertrude Leydenwife of John Leyden1898821980

1176LightJane Lightfirst name on this monument1871661937id: 0749158695191
Mary daughter of Jane Light1902731975
Fred Lighthusband of Jane Light1948

1177LightJane Lightfirst name on this monument1937id: 05351584842
Fred Light

1178LindsayAlfred Lindsayfirst name on this monument1911962007id: 21021600495
Doris Lindsaywife of Alfred Lindsay1911972008

1179LinhartHedwig Pick Linhartfirst name on this monument1859921951id: 1567
(2 images)

1180ListerEdward Listerfirst name on this monument1847641911id: 0791
(5 images)
Elsie Lena Listerdaughter of Edward Lister1877751952
Florence Amelia Listerdaughter of Edward Lister1882671949

1181ListerHarold I Listerfirst name on this monument1892471939id: 0146158092132
Betty daughter of Harold I Lister1921771998
Elsie May Listerwife of Harold I Lister1890731963

1182ListerJack Dacre Listerfirst name on this monument1910651975id: 18771598244
Katherine Jessie Listerwife of Jack Dacre Lister1910661976

1183ListerJane Listerfirst name on this monument1904671971id: 18351597825
Harold Listerhusband of Jane Lister1907811988

1184ListerJoseph Listerfirst name on this monument1848651913no image1581199
Harriet Ann Listerwife of Joseph Lister

1185ListerJoseph Kendall Listerfirst name on this monument1893611954id: 02921582393

1186ListerJoseph Morton Listerfirst name on this monument1992id: 185815980521
Elsie Listerwife of Joseph Morton Lister1971

1187ListerPeter Dacre Listerfirst name on this monument1948301978id: 19081598551

1188ListerRuth Listerfirst name on this monument1845771922id: 0787
(3 images)
15873321Wife of Edward Lister
Edward Listerhusband of Ruth Lister

1189LittFlorrie Ann Littfirst name on this monument188111882id: 11041590471Aged 1yr 5mnths Dau of Isaac and Mary Ann Litt
Isaac Littfather of Florrie Ann Litt
Mary Ann Littmother of Florrie Ann Litt
Emmanuel Luty1843551898
Hannah Luty1835891924 Wife of Emmanuel Luty

1190LockwoodAnnie Lockwoodfirst name on this monument1991id: 1493159439151
Eliza Bottomley1872821954
John Whittaker Bottomley1903481951
William Henry Botttomley1875741949

1191LockyerJohn Henry Lockyerfirst name on this monument1914962010id: 22111601586
Margaret Lockyerwife of John Henry Lockyer1922771999

1192LodgeEdith Ellen Lodgefirst name on this monument1887761963id: 12341591791

1193LodgeFrancis Peter Lodgefirst name on this monument1945632008id: 22291601761

1194LodgeJoyce Lodgefirst name on this monument1931782009id: 22521601991

1195LofthouseArthur Lofthousefirst name on this monument1853861939id: 06681586163
Sarah Ellen Lofthousewife of Arthur Lofthouse1857871944

1196LofthouseBertie Lofthousefirst name on this monumentid: 0915
(3 images)
158861153Died in infancy Son of James Arthur and Mary Hannah Lofthouse
James Arthur Lofthousefather of Bertie Lofthouse1871921963
Margery Sheltongrand daughter of Bertie Lofthouse
Janet Maureen Sheltongreat grand daughter of Bertie Lofthouse194411945 Died 18mnths Dau of Ralph and Margery Shelton
Ralph Sheltongrand son-in-law of Bertie Lofthouse
Mary Hannah Lofthousemother of Bertie Lofthouse1871851956
Mary Barrett Dean1898901988
T Arthur Dean1899641963
Hilda Lofthousesister of Bertie Lofthouse Died in infancy
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1197LofthouseEdith Lofthousefirst name on this monument1906761982id: 19941599412
Bernard Lofthousehusband of Edith Lofthouse1909831992

1198LofthouseElizabeth Lofthousefirst name on this monument1878731951id: 13291592744
Fred Lofthousehusband of Elizabeth Lofthouse1876831959

1199LofthouseElizabeth Lofthousefirst name on this monument1849561905id: 0439
(2 images)
158387131Dau of John and Elizabeth Lofthouse of Goldsboro
Joseph Elvinbrother-in-law of Elizabeth Lofthouse1835871922
John Lofthousefather of Elizabeth Lofthouse
Elizabeth Lofthousemother of Elizabeth Lofthouse
Sarah Elvinsister of Elizabeth Lofthouse1839701909 Wife of Joseph Elvin

1200LofthouseFrank Lofthousefirst name on this monument1926792005id: 21991601462Veterinary surgeon of Cambridge House

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