Lawnswood A-D Cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

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701MillsWilliam Henry Millsfirst name on this monument1862271889id: 301160915689051
Mary Alice Millsdaughter of William Henry Mills1857781935
Samuel Millsfather of William Henry Mills1828741902
Sarah Anne Millsmother of William Henry Mills1833881921

702MilroyRobert Milroyfirst name on this monument1855581913id: 301168515694112
Annie Mabel Milroydaughter of Robert Milroy1885341919
Jessie Muriel Milroydaughter of Robert Milroy1887211908
Annie Milroywife of Robert Milroy1859801939

703MitchellFred Mitchellfirst name on this monument1870351905id: 301038615615211
George Mitchellbrother of Fred Mitchell1867621929
John Thomas Mitchellbrother of Fred Mitchell1879611940
William Mitchellfather of Fred Mitchell1839661905
Alice Mitchellsister-in-law of Fred Mitchell1886641950

704MoldLucy Moldfirst name on this monument1824541878id: 30116141568941

705MolineauxDavid Thornton Molineauxfirst name on this monument1853521905id: 301180215703024
Ann Molineauxmother of David Thornton Molineaux1828841912

706MolyneuxMary Anne Molyneuxfirst name on this monument1796931889id: 30115601568595

707MooreJohn Moorefirst name on this monument1842551897id: 30108211563851
James Mooreson of John Moore1874301904
Selina Moorewife of John Moore1841591900

708MooreJoseph Moorefirst name on this monument1829761905id: 301012115596111
Lewis Mooreson of Joseph Moore1865681933
Sophia Moorewife of Joseph Moore1833721905

709MoorhouseAnthony G Moorhousefirst name on this monument1935211956id: 3010056155910131KAS Port Said
Frances Gerrard Moorhousefather of Anthony G Moorhouse1984
Dorothy Catherine Moorhousemother of Anthony G Moorhouse1983

710MoorhouseCharles Firth Moorhousefirst name on this monument1901id: 3011262
(2 images)
Amy Florence Moorhousedaughter of Charles Firth Moorhouse1941
William Henry Moorhouseson of Charles Firth Moorhouse1909
Ellen Moorhousewife of Charles Firth Moorhouse1918

711MoorhouseJames Moorhousefirst name on this monument1839861925id: 30115691568655
Isabel Moorhousedaughter of James Moorhouse188171888
Emma Smartdaughter of James Moorhouse1863271890
Frank Moorhouseson of James Moorhouse1872191891
Sarah Moorhousewife of James Moorhouse1835691904

712MorelandMary Dickie Morelandfirst name on this monument1879351914id: 30108791564168
James Morelandhusband of Mary Dickie Moreland1878581936

713MortimerTheresa Mortimerfirst name on this monument1861591920id: 30101091559542
George H Mortimerhusband of Theresa Mortimer1863701933

714MortonRobert Mortonfirst name on this monument1874371911id: 30100951559401
Elizabeth Mortonwife of Robert Morton

715MossGeorge Mossfirst name on this monument1848601908id: 3011216156611111
Ethel Maggie Mossdaughter of George Moss1876581934
Charles Dudley Mossson of George Moss1889321921
Sarah Alice Mosswife of George Moss1854771931

716MossleyJoseph James Mossleyfirst name on this monument1850671917id: 3011097
(3 images)
Sarah Elizabeth Mossleydaughter of Joseph James Mossley1887301917
Mary Conyers Pickersgilldaughter of Joseph James Mossley1886371923
J P Pickersgillson-in-law of Joseph James Mossley
Sarah Ann Mossleywife of Joseph James Mossley1849781927
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717MoxonAda Moxonfirst name on this monument1858701928id: 30118211570463
James Alexander Moxonhusband of Ada Moxon

718MoxonAlice Moxonfirst name on this monument1862401902id: 3010577
(2 images)
John Pollard Moxonhusband of Alice Moxon1860451905
William Lewis Moxonson of Alice Moxon1894101904
Francis Holbrook Moxonstep son of Alice Moxon1903
Emily Moxonsecond wife of husband of Alice Moxon

719MoxonJames Alexander Moxonfirst name on this monument1886131899id: 30118271570528
Tom Cyril Moxonbrother of James Alexander Moxon1890281918
William Heald Moxonbrother of James Alexander Moxon1886211907
James Alexander Moxonfather of James Alexander Moxon1862611923
Ada Moxonmother of James Alexander Moxon1858701928

720MullinsEllen Mullinsfirst name on this monument1832531885id: 30115721568681

721MurphyJohn Clifford Murphyfirst name on this monument1888681956no image1563685
Adeline Mary Murphywife of John Clifford Murphy1804861890

722MurraySarah Murrayfirst name on this monument1836621898id: 3010829
(2 images)
15638841buried May 11th 1898
Vera Donaldsongrand daughter-in-law of Sarah Murray1898801978 ashes November 19th 1978
Leslie Donaldsongrand son of Sarah Murray1899701969 ashes December 26th 1969
John Murrayhusband of Sarah Murray1842691911 buried January 5th 1911
William Murrayson of Sarah Murray buried February 27th 1929

723MusgraveAnnie Musgravefirst name on this monument1860561916id: 30110631565381
Henry Musgravehusband of Annie Musgrave1860731933

724MusgroveAlexander Musgrovefirst name on this monument1851521903id: 3010264
(4 images)
Lucy Brewisdaughter of Alexander Musgrove1881231904
Edith Kayedaughter of Alexander Musgrove1882781960
George Brewisson-in-law of Alexander Musgrove
Herbert Kayeson-in-law of Alexander Musgrove
Annie Musgrovewife of Alexander Musgrove1853601913

725MusgroveMargaret Musgrovefirst name on this monument1894id: 30100811559303
Thomas Musgrovehusband of Margaret Musgrove
Edwin Rogers Musgroveson of Margaret Musgrove1866331899

726MyersLouisa Myersfirst name on this monument1844611905id: 30108511564005
Joseph Myershusband of Louisa Myers1843711914

727NaylorHannah Naylorfirst name on this monument1842471889id: 30109671564677
James Edmund Naylorhusband of Hannah Naylor1852491901

728NaylorJames Naylorfirst name on this monument1847491896id: 3011708
(3 images)
1569543Died Blackpool
William Silversides Naylorson of James Naylor1878261904
Elizabeth Naylorwife of James Naylor1852831935 Cremated Liverpool

729NaylorPeter Naylorfirst name on this monument1831581889id: 3011600
(3 images)
Mary Jane Fearnsdaughter of Peter Naylor1861641925
Margaret Lavinia Naylordaughter of Peter Naylor1853421895 Died Belfast
Francis Thomas Naylorson of Peter Naylor1858451903 Died Belfast
Bridget Naylorwife of Peter Naylor1826741900

730NeillJane Neillfirst name on this monument1844391883id: 30109851564762
John Neillhusband of Jane Neill1819711890

731NelsonWilliam Magson Nelsonfirst name on this monument1894id: 30112561566454
Ernest Magson Nelsonson of William Magson Nelson1894
John Nelsonson of William Magson Nelson1927
Mary Nelsonwife of William Magson Nelson1911

732NettletonFred Nettletonfirst name on this monument1858521910id: 301092315643722

733NettletonGeorge Nettletonfirst name on this monument1874731947id: 3011239
(3 images)
Ella Nettletondaughter-in-law of George Nettleton
Frederick Nettletonson of George Nettleton1907641971
Florence Nettletonwife of George Nettleton1878841962
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734NewillWilliam Henry Newillfirst name on this monument1844641908id: 301138615672319
Elizabeth Glover1870871957
Elizabeth A Adkinsister-in-law of William Henry Newill1839531892
George Albert Gloverson-in-law of William Henry Newill1873381911
Ellen E Newillwife of William Henry Newill1844731917

735NicholsGeorge Harold Nicholsfirst name on this monument1886661952id: 30105481562542
Lilian Nicholswife of George Harold Nichols1885811966

736NicholsLewis Nicholsfirst name on this monument1855711926id: 30107931563703
Harold Nicholsson of Lewis Nichols1894241918 KIA France
Mary Ann Nicholswife of Lewis Nichols1850771927

737NicholsonJames Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1899361935id: 30101111559555
Martha Sarah Nicholsondaughter-in-law of James Nicholson1875741949
James William Nicholsonson of James Nicholson1868471915
Jane Frances Nicholsonwife of James Nicholson1844661910

738NicholsonRobert Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1852691921id: 3011037
(2 images)
Alice Elgie Nicholson1894641958
William Edward Nicholson1890931983

739NicholsonSophia Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1807711878id: 3010159
(3 images)
15599271Maiden name Marshall. Daughter of John Marshall and Rachel Senior of Cawthorne near Barnsley.
Ann Nicholsondaughter of Sophia Nicholson1837671904
Emily Nicholsondaughter of Sophia Nicholson1847321879
Sophia Nicholsondaughter of Sophia Nicholson1834751909
William Nicholsonhusband of Sophia Nicholson1808711879 Started a company of builders Wm. Nicholson & Son. Extremely successful.

740NicholsonWilliam Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1876721948id: 30112291566227
Florence Nicholsonwife of William Nicholson1877861963

741NicolJames Main Nicolfirst name on this monument1871271898id: 301125715664651
James Main Nicolcousin of James Main Nicol1855501905
Margaret Alexander Nicoldaughter of James Main Nicol1939
William Henderson Nicolfather of James Main Nicol1840741914
Marion Alexander Nicolmother of James Main Nicol1842881930

742NieldWilliam John Nieldfirst name on this monument1821701891id: 301126115664992
Eunice Mary Nieldgrand daughter-in-law of William John Nield
Edward William Nieldgrand son of William John Nield1908341942
James Edward Nieldson of William John Nield1875351910
Hannah Nieldwife of William John Nield1843831926

743NormingtonB C Normingtonfirst name on this monument1846911937id: 30105661562663
Ellen Normingtonwife of B C Normington1840811921

744NorthJohn Northfirst name on this monument1816651881id: 3010940156452113
Betsy Proctordaughter of John North1845791924
Frances Lavinia Northdaughter-in-law of John North1850781928
Lucy Helen Northgrand daughter of John North1928
George Proctorgrand son of John North188761893
Wesley Northson of John North1847641911
Samuel Proctorson-in-law of John North1846451891
Nancy Northwife of John North1817731890

745NorthWalter William Northfirst name on this monument1848561904id: 3011677
(2 images)
Eleanor North
Kathleen Barbara North192051925

746NusseyJoshua Nusseyfirst name on this monument1818671885id: 3011848
(3 images)
Ada Watson Drescher1863931956
Mary H Watson Hampshire18481071955
Ann Ellen Scholesniece of Joshua Nussey1937
Ellen Nusseywife of Joshua Nussey1819861905
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747NusseyPeter Nusseyfirst name on this monument1823731896id: 3011837157057151
Mary Nusseydaughter of Peter Nussey
Sophia Anne Nusseywife of Peter Nussey1826761902

748OakThomas Christopher Oakfirst name on this monument1824801904id: 301026915607342
Ann Oakwife of Thomas Christopher Oak1827821909

749OddyLucy Eveline Oddyfirst name on this monument1883231906id: 3011652
(3 images)
Sydney John Oddybrother of Lucy Eveline Oddy1886611947
Sydney Oddyfather of Lucy Eveline Oddy1857711928
Lucy Annie Oddymother of Lucy Eveline Oddy1858671925
Arthur Bilton Oddy1881711952
Nellie Gertrude Oddysister of Lucy Eveline Oddy1880691949

750OdgersWilliam James Odgersfirst name on this monument1854501904id: 301040015616571
Hugh Bearne Odgersson of William James Odgers1893231916
Elizabeth Jane Odgerswife of William James Odgers1852781930

751OgdenHarry Ogdenfirst name on this monument1869201889id: 3010943
(2 images)
Jonas Ogdenfather of Harry Ogden1836701906
Margaret Ogdenmother of Harry Ogden1840851925

752OgdenMary Ogdenfirst name on this monument1854941948id: 30100581559122
John Ogdenhusband of Mary Ogden1849921941
William H Ogdenson of Mary Ogden1885701955

753OgdenSusan Ogdenfirst name on this monument1823731896id: 3011813157039271
Isabella Ogdendaughter of Susan Ogden1854841938
Mary Ogdendaughter of Susan Ogden1851841935
John B Ogdenhusband of Susan Ogden1826751901

754OldroydEllen Oldroydfirst name on this monument1873231896id: 301143615676121
Joshua Oldroydfather of Ellen Oldroyd1839801919
Mary Ann Oldroydmother of Ellen Oldroyd1848781926

755OldroydJohn Oldroydfirst name on this monument1837801917id: 30114351567604
Mary Ann Oldroydsister of John Oldroyd1842911933
Sarah Ellen Oldroydsister of John Oldroyd1845841929

756OldroydWilliam George Oldroydfirst name on this monument1854641918id: 301007115592181
Mary Ellen Oldroydwife of William George Oldroyd1865591924

757OverendJoseph Marsden Overendfirst name on this monument1873271900id: 30115051568143
Joshua Overendfather of Joseph Marsden Overend1842781920
Hannah Overendmother of Joseph Marsden Overend1839771916

758OwenJohn Owenfirst name on this monument1841711912id: 301047315621114
Amy Gertrude Owendaughter of John Owen1871641935
Freda Goughniece of John Owen1906211927
Winnifred Owenwife of John Owen1845821927

759OwenKate Owenfirst name on this monument1847431890id: 30113421567101
Maud Mary Owendaughter of Kate Owen1872621934
William Owenhusband of Kate Owen1849701919
Charles William Owenson of Kate Owen1876611937

760PackerEthel Packerfirst name on this monument1899id: 30103691561378
Mary Jane Packer1849711920
Thomas William Packer1881211902
William Packer1850591909

761PackerMary Packerfirst name on this monument191011911id: 301034215611931
John Widdowson Packerfather of Mary Packer1880611941
Jane Meir Packermother of Mary Packer

762PaleyBenjamin Paleyfirst name on this monument1827661893id: 301019315602063
Kate Paleydaughter-in-law of Benjamin Paley1869631932
Thomas Paleyson of Benjamin Paley1860681928
Sarah Paleywife of Benjamin Paley1827851912
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763PaleyWilliam Paleyfirst name on this monument1848521900id: 301178115701421
Frederick Paley1910 Lost at Sea
Eliza Paleywife of William Paley1850681918

764PallisterGeorge William Pallisterfirst name on this monument1860471907id: 3011793
(2 images)
Charles Wilfred Pallister1893621955
Muriel Pallister1900561956
Sarah Ann Pallisterwife of George William Pallister1866841950

765ParkerAnn Eliza Parkerfirst name on this monument1911id: 30112951566792

766ParkerAnn Elizabeth Parkerfirst name on this monument1832661898id: 3010800
(2 images)
Alice Hainsworthdaughter of Ann Elizabeth Parker1868301898
Annie Parkerdaughter of Ann Elizabeth Parker1861321893
Ellen Parkerdaughter of Ann Elizabeth Parker1866331899
Thomas Parkerhusband of Ann Elizabeth Parker1828781906

767ParkerJames Arthur Parkerfirst name on this monumentid: 3010421
(3 images)
Arthur Parkerfather of James Arthur Parker
Arthur Parker1865711936
Emily Caley Parker1933
Florence Parker1904371941

768ParkerPatrica Mary Parkerfirst name on this monumentid: 30108031563741

769ParkerThomas Parkerfirst name on this monument1807781885id: 30104551561962
Sophia Parkerwife of Thomas Parker1809921901

770PartridgePolly Partridgefirst name on this monument1870371907id: 3011304
(3 images)
David Eccles Nicholsbrother of Polly Partridge1873891962
Mary Scottdaughter of Polly Partridge1896751971
Joseph Armitage Partridgehusband of Polly Partridge1865441909
Frederick Partridgeson of Polly Partridge1903 3 months
Janet Boyle Nicholssister-in-law of Polly Partridge1871711942
Thomas Dickson Mossman Scottson-in-law of Polly Partridge1895611956

771PatmoreBenjamin Edwin Patmorefirst name on this monument1869771946id: 30107471563512
Martha Lillie Patmorewife of Benjamin Edwin Patmore1866801946

772PatonEdward Patonfirst name on this monument1894521946id: 30101531559877
George Patonson of Edward Paton1923651988
Lena Patonwife of Edward Paton1901921993

773PawsonMary Alice Pawsonfirst name on this monument1912351947id: 30112521566435
George William Pawson1878701948
Kathleen Pawson1890581948

774PeacockEliza Peacockfirst name on this monument1829721901id: 3011310156687111
Annie Elizabeth Peacockdaughter of Eliza Peacock1854761930
Eliza Amelia Peacockdaughter of Eliza Peacock1863751938
Florence Emily Peacockdaughter of Eliza Peacock1867771944
Mary Louisa Peacockdaughter of Eliza Peacock1860911951
Gladys May Prestongrand daughter-in-law of Eliza Peacock1980
Herbert Prestongrand son of Eliza Peacock1967
Matthew Peacockhusband of Eliza Peacock1825781903

775PeacockJohn Peacockfirst name on this monument1826701896id: 301059315628631
Sarah Peacockwife of John Peacock1826841910

776PeacockThomas Preston Peacockfirst name on this monument1858711929id: 3011578
(2 images)
Henry Agnew Peacockson of Thomas Preston Peacock
E Sophie Peacockwife of Thomas Preston Peacock1938

777PearceThomas Pearcefirst name on this monument1888id: 30115211568281
John Pearceson of Thomas Pearce1878441922
Helen Catherine Pearcewife of Thomas Pearce1910
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778PearsonWilliam Pearsonfirst name on this monument187651881id: 30109891564795
William Pearsonfather of William Pearson1826751901
Jane Pearsongrand mother of William Pearson1821721893
Harriet Pearsonmother of William Pearson1846441890

779PebodyCharles Pebodyfirst name on this monument1839511890id: 30118661570793

780PeelWilliam Coldwell Peelfirst name on this monument1869631932id: 3010396156161101
Frank Peelson of William Coldwell Peel1904
Grace Peelwife of William Coldwell Peel1871851956

781PembertonEdmund Arthur Pembertonfirst name on this monument1854451899id: 3011670
(2 images)
Frederick Pemberton1851511902
Henry Pemberton1849731922

782PembertonJemima Pembertonfirst name on this monument1851271878id: 301101815649842
John George Pembertonhusband of Jemima Pemberton1850591909
Harry Pembertonstep son of Jemima Pemberton188551890
John Walker Pembertonstep son of Jemima Pemberton188821890
Robert Pembertonstep son of Jemima Pemberton189011891
Sarah Pembertonsecond wife of husband of Jemima Pemberton1849681917

783PembertonSarah Elizabeth Pembertonfirst name on this monument1844501894id: 30100801559293
Henry William Pembertonhusband of Sarah Elizabeth Pemberton

784PenistonAnn Penistonfirst name on this monument1802791881id: 3011394
(2 images)
Beatrice Peniston1825961921
Mary Maud Peniston1831631894
Thomas Samuel Peniston1838781916

785PenningtonMaude Penningtonfirst name on this monument1881761957id: 30111441565863
John Penningtonhusband of Maude Pennington1871901961

786PennistonGeorge Pennistonfirst name on this monument1834681902id: 30107041563473
Dorothy Dale Pennistonwife of George Penniston1835731908

787PepperWilliam Pepperfirst name on this monument1822731895id: 30102051560312
Elizabeth Annn Bell Pepperwife of William Pepper1833711904

788PerkinAlfred Joshua Perkinfirst name on this monument1845681913id: 301179615702572
Charlotte Elizabeth Perkindaughter of Alfred Joshua Perkin1871861957
Eliza Perkindaughter of Alfred Joshua Perkin1880541934
Mary Anne Perkindaughter of Alfred Joshua Perkin1872511923
Alice Maud Perkindaughter-in-law of Alfred Joshua Perkin1877851962
Edgar Perkinson of Alfred Joshua Perkin1876821958
Mary Perkinwife of Alfred Joshua Perkin1850791929

789PerkinsHarry Perkinsfirst name on this monument1859711930id: 301043915619011
Harriet Perkinswife of Harry Perkins1860751935

790PetersenGertrude Helene Petersenfirst name on this monument1899141913id: 30100031558685
Hermann Petersenfather of Gertrude Helene Petersen1868661934
Gertrude Petersenmother of Gertrude Helene Petersen1871521923

791PettyCaroline Pettyfirst name on this monument1820651885id: 3010333
(3 images)
Eliza Foulds1811851896
Elizabeth Furniss1786641850
Thomas Furniss1827771904
Samuel Johnson1838521890

792PflaumLouisa Pflaumfirst name on this monument1836701906id: 30117981570272
Louisa Pflaumdaughter of Louisa Pflaum1868681936
John F A Pflaumhusband of Louisa Pflaum1833851918

793PickardMabel Pickardfirst name on this monument1899481947id: 30112301566231
Willie Pickardhusband of Mabel Pickard
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794PickersgillFrancis James Pickersgillfirst name on this monument1843691912id: 30100721559227
Sarah Ann Pickersgillwife of Francis James Pickersgill1843761919

795PickersgillJohn Palmer Pickersgillfirst name on this monument1885571942id: 30111051565634
Annie Colbert Pickersgillwife of John Palmer Pickersgill1888921980

796PickersgillRobert Pickersgillfirst name on this monument1844701914id: 301038715615331
Amy Manndaughter of Robert Pickersgill1845861931
Laura Pickersgilldaughter of Robert Pickersgill1877141891
Maud Pickersgilldaughter of Robert Pickersgill1880151895
John Mannson-in-law of Robert Pickersgill

797PickersgillThomas Pickersgillfirst name on this monument1853761929id: 3010176
(2 images)
Selema Best Pickersgill1876311907
Elizabeth Pickersgillwife of Thomas Pickersgill1853591912

798PicklesLilian Beatrice Picklesfirst name on this monument1884211905no image1563983
Herbert Gladstone Picklesbrother of Lilian Beatrice Pickles1886311917 Killed France
Charles Henry Picklesfather of Lilian Beatrice Pickles1855691924
Annie Picklesmother of Lilian Beatrice Pickles1863641927
Gertrude Emily Picklessister of Lilian Beatrice Pickles1888211909

799PilkingtonArthur E Pilkingtonfirst name on this monument1855501905id: 30110271565064
Elizabeth Pilkingtonwife of Arthur E Pilkington1849821931

800PinderElizabeth Baynes Pinderfirst name on this monument1846621908id: 30105451562516

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