All Saints' Church burial ground, Bramham, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

1AbbeyFrances Abbeyfirst name on this monument1745791824id: 00411453283611

2AbbeyMary Abbeyfirst name on this monument1796711867id: 0261
(2 images)

3AcombJane Acombfirst name on this monument1818241842id: 02801455673501
Fanny Acombmother of Jane Acomb

4AppleyardMary Appleyardfirst name on this monument1815231838id: 02681455556351
Thomas Appleyardfather of Mary Appleyard1853
Ann Appleyardmother of Mary Appleyard1786631849

5ArmondEllen Armondfirst name on this monument1785371822id: 0095
(4 images)
Elizabeth Armonddaughter of Ellen Armond181921821
Jane Armonddaughter of Ellen Armond182011821
George Armondhusband of Ellen Armond

6BannerWilliam John Edward Bannerfirst name on this monument1903631966id: 0173145459427
Annie Bannerwife of William John Edward Banner1901781979

7BartonJohn Bartonfirst name on this monument1770711841id: 0258
(3 images)
Mary Bartondaughter of John Barton1810161826
Sarah Bartonwife of John Barton1780661846

8BartramAlice Bartramfirst name on this monument1779551834id: 0042145329412

9BateMartha Batefirst name on this monument1757781835id: 0282145569808
Foxemployer of husband of Martha Bate
Roger Batehusband of Martha Bate

10BattyHannah Battyfirst name on this monument183321835id: 0086145373611
William Battybrother of Hannah Batty183911840
George Battyfather of Hannah Batty
Mary Battymother of Hannah Batty

11BealLucy Bealfirst name on this monument1739761815id: 0035145322443
Richard Bealhusband of Lucy Beal1751751826

12BealeJames Bealefirst name on this monument1786771863id: 0240
(2 images)

13BerryJohn Berryfirst name on this monument1732851817id: 0039145326708
Bingleyemployer of John Berry
James Foxemployer of John Berry

14BickerdikeRobert Bickerdikefirst name on this monument1801541855id: 0102145388375
Sarah Bickerdikewife of Robert Bickerdike1813561869

15BlackburnRobert Blackburnfirst name on this monument1885701955id: 0189
(2 images)

16BlenkinAlice Blenkinfirst name on this monument1905621967id: 0176145462290

17BondFrederick Walter Bondfirst name on this monument1891751966id: 0174145460453
Nellie Bondwife of Frederick Walter Bond1898801978

18BotterillWilliam Botterillfirst name on this monument1797681865id: 0248
(2 images)
Abigail Botterillwife of William Botterill1794861880

19BovillEsther Bovillfirst name on this monument1760741834id: 0050145337588
Joseph Bovillhusband of Esther Bovill1757891846

20BowlingAnn Bowlingfirst name on this monument1766411807id: 0047
(4 images)
Richard Bowlinghusband of Ann Bowling1770461816
Ann Bowlingsecond wife of Ann Bowling1762631825

21BowlingSamuel Bowlingfirst name on this monument1735481783id: 0048145335295

22BownasSamuel Bownasfirst name on this monument1797641861id: 0094
(2 images)
Robert Bownasfather of Samuel Bownas

23BradleyAnn Bradleyfirst name on this monument1815541869id: 0257
(2 images)
John Bradleyhusband of Ann Bradley1813591872

24BradleyMarianne Bradleyfirst name on this monument187431877id: 02421455289641
William Bradleyfather of Marianne Bradley
Ann Bradleymother of Marianne Bradley
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25BradleyMary Bradleyfirst name on this monument1771801851id: 0259
(2 images)
John Bradleyhusband of Mary Bradley1784761860

26BradleyTom Bradleyfirst name on this monument1842id: 0260145546609
John Henry Bradleybrother of Tom Bradley184231845
John Bradleyfather of Tom Bradley
Ann Bradleymother of Tom Bradley

27BurdettThomas Burdettfirst name on this monument1732701802id: 0005
(2 images)
Betty Burdettwife of Thomas Burdett1736841820

28BurleyElizabeth Burleyfirst name on this monument96id: 00791453665651

29BurnhamRobert Burnhamfirst name on this monument1874id: 0225
(4 images)

30CameronAlexander Cameronfirst name on this monument1877841961id: 01851454716131
Isabella Mary Cameronwife of Alexander Cameron1881801961

31CameronMary Elspeth Cameronfirst name on this monument1909811990id: 0186145472344

32CawleyRobert Cawleyfirst name on this monument1830id: 0087145374822
Robert Roebuckgrand son of Robert Cawley

33ChambersAlice Ann Chambersfirst name on this monument1872251897id: 0118
(2 images)

34ChambersJohn Chambersfirst name on this monument1813321845id: 0115145401353
John Chambersfather of John Chambers
Jane Chambersmother of John Chambers

35ChambersJohn Chambersfirst name on this monument1847721919id: 0131145417524
Ann Chamberssister of John Chambers1923
Mary Coopersister of John Chambers1923

36ChambersMargaret Ann Chambersfirst name on this monument1901271928id: 0169145455307

37ChambersWilliam Chambersfirst name on this monument1802681870id: 0116145402267

38ChilderstoneHannah Childerstonefirst name on this monument1804id: 0287
(3 images)
Henry Childerstonehusband of Hannah Childerstone

39ChilderstoneHenry Childerstonefirst name on this monument1742841826id: 02881455753601
Henry Childerstonefather of Henry Childerstone
Hannah Childerstonemother of Henry Childerstone

40ClarkGeorge Clarkfirst name on this monument181241816id: 0073145360431
Robert Clarkfather of George Clark1787411828
Sarah Clarkmother of George Clark

41ClarkeAnn Clarkefirst name on this monument1767311798id: 00151453014761
Joseph Taitefather of Ann Clarke
John Clarkehusband of Ann Clarke
Ann Taitemother of Ann Clarke

42ClarkeBetty Clarkefirst name on this monument1769341803id: 0016
(2 images)
John Clarkehusband of Betty Clarke

43ClarksonSarah Clarksonfirst name on this monument1726471773id: 0057145344719
Charles Clarksonhusband of Sarah Clarkson

44CundallEthel Cundallfirst name on this monument1894711965id: 0183145469364
William Cundallhusband of Ethel Cundall1895831978

45CundallTom Cundallfirst name on this monument1869561925id: 01651454513782
Mary Cundallwife of Tom Cundall1866701936

46DalbyGeorge Dalbyfirst name on this monument1853721925id: 0164
(3 images)
Ethel Eliza Dalbydaughter of George Dalby1877141891
Francis David Dalbyson of George Dalby1898191917

47DoddsJohn Doddsfirst name on this monument1838701908id: 0203
(2 images)

48DringFrancis Dringfirst name on this monument1746731819id: 0093145380299

49DuffieldWilliam Duffieldfirst name on this monument1843721915id: 01591454459271
George Duffieldson of William Duffield1897201917
Thomas Duffieldson of William Duffield188971896
Jane Duffieldwife of William Duffield
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50DuncalfEva Duncalffirst name on this monument1891921983id: 0190145476279

51DuncalfJoseph Duncalffirst name on this monument1932id: 0191
(2 images)

52DuncalfLeonora Ellie Duncalffirst name on this monument1884561940id: 0192
(2 images)
Joseph Duncalfhusband of Leonora Ellie Duncalf

53Dunwell Dunwellfirst name on this monument1798641862id: 0244145530460

54DykesIsabella Dykesfirst name on this monument1792561848id: 02701455574845
Thomas Dykeshusband of Isabella Dykes

55ElvidgeHenry Elvidgefirst name on this monument1842571899id: 0135145421308
Annie Elvidgewife of Henry Elvidge1842851927

56ElvidgeMartha Parker Elvidgefirst name on this monument1925id: 0134145420330

57FarrarJohn Farrarfirst name on this monument176571772id: 00081452945711
John Farrarfather of John Farrar
Sarah Farrarmother of John Farrar

58FisherG Fisherfirst name on this monument1915271942id: 0161145447248

59FlemingAnn Flemingfirst name on this monument1729631792id: 0045145332631
Brian Fleminghusband of Ann Fleming

60FowlerCharles Fowlerfirst name on this monument1846531899id: 0222
(2 images)

61FoxGeorge Lane Foxfirst name on this monument1817791896id: 0195
(2 images)

62FoxGeorge Richard Lane Foxfirst name on this monument1870771947id: 0194
(3 images)
Charles Woodfather-in-law of George Richard Lane Fox
other name of George Richard Lane Fox
Mary Agnes Emily Foxwife of George Richard Lane Fox1877851962

63FoxHenry Lane Foxfirst name on this monument1847291876id: 0197
(2 images)

64FoxJames Richard Lane Foxfirst name on this monumentid: 0198
(2 images)

65FoxKatherine Mary Anne Foxfirst name on this monument1873id: 0196
(4 images)

66FoxLucy Frances Foxfirst name on this monumentid: 0199
(2 images)
James Richard Lane Foxhusband of Lucy Frances Fox

67FoxMarcia Lane Foxfirst name on this monumentid: 0200
(2 images)

68FurnissHenry Furnissfirst name on this monument1748521800id: 0075
(2 images)

69GibsonElizabeth Gibsonfirst name on this monument1787811868id: 0274145561269
George Gibsonhusband of Elizabeth Gibson1797781875

70GibsonSarah Gibsonfirst name on this monument1771661837id: 02761455637721
Jonathan Gibsonhusband of Sarah Gibson
Mary Gibsonsecond wife of husband of Sarah Gibson1794731867

71GowerJames Gowerfirst name on this monument1822621884id: 0243
(2 images)
Charles Gowerson of James Gower185261858
Charles William Gowerson of James Gower1865

72HaighB B Haighfirst name on this monument1804651869id: 0208
(2 images)

73HallAnn Hallfirst name on this monument1788811869id: 0215145501330
Richard Hallson of Ann Hall1823551878

74HallElizabeth Hallfirst name on this monument1820id: 0097145384465
John Hallfather of Elizabeth Hall1827
Ann Hallmother of Elizabeth Hall
Richard Hallson of Elizabeth Hall1822
Thomas Hallson of Elizabeth Hall182131824

75HallMary Ann Hallfirst name on this monument1812351847id: 0096145383263
Sarah Ann Halldaughter of Mary Ann Hall

76HallMary Ann Hallfirst name on this monument184021842id: 0105145391365
John Hallfather of Mary Ann Hall
Maria Hallmother of Mary Ann Hall

77HammondJane Hammondfirst name on this monument1779781857id: 0273
(3 images)
Ann Mornument1795701865
Edward Mornument1789801869
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78HarlandMary Harlandfirst name on this monument1796451841id: 0281
(3 images)
Peter Harlandhusband of Mary Harland1791531844

79HarlandRachel Harlandfirst name on this monument1816291845id: 0279145566347
William Dale Harlandhusband of Rachel Harland

80HarlandThomas Harlandfirst name on this monument1833461879id: 0218145504382
Mary Harlandwife of Thomas Harland1840351875

81HarlandWinifred Harlandfirst name on this monument186551870id: 0253
(2 images)
Thomas Harlandfather of Winifred Harland
Mary Harlandmother of Winifred Harland

82HarperJames Harperfirst name on this monument1708781786id: 00531453403803
Christopher Powellgrand father of James Harper
Mary Harperwife of James Harper1704821786

83HarrisonMargaret Harrisonfirst name on this monumentid: 0146
(3 images)
Joseph Harrisonhusband of Margaret Harrison

84HarrisonMary Harrisonfirst name on this monument181431817id: 0074145361283
John Harrisonbrother of Mary Harrison181781825
Thomas Harrisonfather of Mary Harrison
Hannah Harrisonmother of Mary Harrison

85HendersonJames Hendersonfirst name on this monument1767571824id: 0088
(4 images)
Ellen Hendersondaughter of James Henderson30
Alexander Hendersonfather of James Henderson
Ellen Hendersonwife of James Henderson1773701843

86HickHenry Hickfirst name on this monument1781id: 0062145349453
Robert Hickbrother of Henry Hick1781
William Hickbrother of Henry Hick177921781
Christopher Hickfather of Henry Hick
Sarah Hickmother of Henry Hick

87HickSarah Hickfirst name on this monument1749731822id: 0061145348365
Hannah Atkinsondaughter of Sarah Hick1788331821
Christopher Hickhusband of Sarah Hick1748811829

88HillEdward Hillfirst name on this monument1791681859id: 0241145527402
Elizabeth Hillwife of Edward Hill1787761863

89HillElizabeth Hillfirst name on this monument1820551875id: 0230
(2 images)
William Hillhusband of Elizabeth Hill

90HillWinifred Maud Hillfirst name on this monument1901671968id: 0180145466246

91HollingsJohn Hollingsfirst name on this monument1760181778id: 0034
(4 images)
John Hollingsfather of John Hollings1719741793
Sarah Hollingsmother of John Hollings1720751795
Susannah Hollingssister of John Hollings1747771824

92HolmesJohn Holmesfirst name on this monument1748601808id: 0033145320514
John Holmesson of John Holmes1778251803
wife of John Holmes1743891832

93HolmesMary Holmesfirst name on this monument1789621851id: 01121453981941

94HolmesRichard Holmesfirst name on this monument184021842id: 0265145551312
John Holmesfather of Richard Holmes1815451860
Anne Holmesmother of Richard Holmes

95HolmesRichard Holmesfirst name on this monument1784551839id: 0089145376434
Elizabeth Holmesdaughter of Richard Holmes
Sarah Holmesdaughter of Richard Holmes
William Holmesson of Richard Holmes
Faith Holmeswife of Richard Holmes1783601843
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96HolmesWilliam Holmesfirst name on this monument1747851832id: 0110145396571
Ann Holmesdaughter of William Holmes1771691840
Elizabeth Holmesdaughter of William Holmes1780331813
Elizabeth Holmeswife of William Holmes1743431786

97HoultonJohn Houltonfirst name on this monument1816791895id: 0223145509309
Mary Ann Houltonwife of John Houlton1827831910

98HudsonAlfred Hudsonfirst name on this monument1849551904id: 0149145435685
Amy Hudsondaughter of Alfred Hudson1877181895
Emily Hudsonwife of Alfred Hudson1941

99HughesGeorge Henry Hughesfirst name on this monument1873641937id: 01671454533431
Annie Hugheswife of George Henry Hughes1877971974

100JakemanJoseph Jakemanfirst name on this monument1736871823id: 00171453035152
Elizabeth Jakemanwife of Joseph Jakeman1756701826

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for All Saints' Church burial ground, Bramham, Yorkshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is LS23 6QR - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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