St Peter's Church burial ground, Tankersley, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1ArmitageAnn Armitagefirst name on this monument1840511891id: 198014081921
Harriet Armitagedaughter-in-law of Ann Armitage1861 infant
Charles Armitagehusband of Ann Armitage1838701908

2ArmitageRichard Armitagefirst name on this monument62id: 197014081121
George Armitageson of Richard Armitage25
William Armitageson of Richard Armitage1834271861
Mary Ann Armitagewife of Richard Armitage79 died 18??

3BeaumontGeorge Beaumontfirst name on this monument1698651763id: 2002
(2 images)
Michael Beaumontbrother of George Beaumont
George Beaumontfather of George Beaumont
Elizabeth Beaumontmother of George Beaumont

4BelkThomas Belkfirst name on this monument1810591869id: 2013
(2 images)
Rhoda Ann Allottdaughter of Thomas Belk1849251874
Joe Allottgrand son of Thomas Belk 10m
Tom Belkson of Thomas Belk1851 infant
Samuel Allottson-in-law of Thomas Belk
Ann Belkwife of Thomas Belk1810651875

5BellElizabeth Bellfirst name on this monument70id: 20261408491died 187?
Thomas Bellhusband of Elizabeth Bell81 died 189?

6BerryGeorge Berryfirst name on this monument176031763id: 20651408761

7BleaklaJoseph Bleaklafirst name on this monument173211733id: 20461408631
Joseph Bleaklafather of Joseph Bleakla

8BurkeSarah Burkefirst name on this monument88id: 19781408171
John Burkehusband of Sarah Burke
John Burkeson of Sarah Burke17

9BurkinshawBetty Burkinshawfirst name on this monument1828691897id: 20181408421
George Burkinshawhusband of Betty Burkinshaw1821801901

10BurkinshawFrances Elizabeth Burkinshawfirst name on this monument188731890id: 20251408481
Job Burkinshawfather of Frances Elizabeth Burkinshaw
Frances Burkinshawmother of Frances Elizabeth Burkinshaw

11ClarkeThomas Walter Clarkefirst name on this monument1854531907id: 1991
(2 images)
1408261School master

12CopleyAnn Copleyfirst name on this monument1857id: 2050
(2 images)
Ann Copleydaughter of Ann Copley1835231858
James Copleyhusband of Ann Copley
Edward Copleyson of Ann Copley infancy

13CowardCharles Cowardfirst name on this monument1810501860id: 200714083621
Joseph Hague1786531839
Rebecca Hague1786511837

14DarwinElizabeth Darwinfirst name on this monument1822711893id: 20641408752

15DarwinFanny Darwinfirst name on this monument1808681876id: 2008
(2 images)
Samuel Darwinbrother of Fanny Darwin
Phebe Darwinson of Fanny Darwin1809701879

16ElliottJohn Elliottfirst name on this monument1825601885id: 197514081532
Adah Elliott189401894

17FirthMary Firthfirst name on this monument83id: 203914085892died 18??
Mary Darwindaughter of Mary Firth75 died 18?8
Samuel Haguefirst husband of Mary Firth
Thomas Firthsecond husband of Mary Firth
John Darwinson-in-law of Mary Firth

18FirthWilliam Firthfirst name on this monument1791281819id: 1981
(3 images)
Thomas Allottbrother-in-law of William Firth
William Firthfather of William Firth1764751839
Sarah Firthmother of William Firth died 18??
Nancy B Allottson of William Firth1828341862
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19FisherJohn Fisherfirst name on this monument1795631858id: 203114085211
James Fisherson of John Fisher1836271863
Mary Fisherwife of John Fisher1870 aged 7?

20FreemanNancy B Freemanfirst name on this monument1803291832id: 20521408682
John Fisherfather of Nancy B Freeman
Mary Fishermother of Nancy B Freeman

21GillSarah Gillfirst name on this monument1795581853id: 2062
(2 images)
Francis Gillbrother of Sarah Gill1791811872
Eliza Sheppardfriend of Sarah Gill77 Eliza sheppard Born 1795 (With Gill family in Census 1851 and 1861) Census 1851 vistor umarried aged 56 annuitant born Chelsea, Middlesex, England Census 1861 Boarder unmarried aged 66 Fundholder born Chebsea, Middlesex, England Died Q1 1871 - Wortley, Yorkshire
Francis W Gill1869 infancy
Ann Gillson of Sarah Gill1780741854
Harriet Gillson of Sarah Gill1801901891

22GreenJohn Greenfirst name on this monument1798641862id: 201014083831Sexton
Maria Greendaughter of John Green1821191840
Sarah Greendaughter of John Green1829151844
George Greenson of John Green1826401866
Sarah Greenwife of John Green1800541854

23GrimesHarold Grimesfirst name on this monument1909id: 19951408282

24HadfieldJane Hadfieldfirst name on this monument1836631899id: 19711408123
John Hadfieldhusband of Jane Hadfield1837821919

25HagueEmma Haguefirst name on this monument64id: 19861408222died 18??
George Haguehusband of Emma Hague1829781907
Charles Thomas Hagueson of Emma Hague1856481904

26HagueJames Haguefirst name on this monument62id: 19891408242died 186?
Mary Haguewife of James Hague1799901889

27HagueJoseph Haguefirst name on this monument1740301770id: 19901408252

28HagueMargaret Mary Haguefirst name on this monumentid: 19691408103died 18??
George Playford Haguebrother of Margaret Mary Hague185911860
George Haguefather of Margaret Mary Hague
Emma Haguemother of Margaret Mary Hague
Angelina Emma Hagueson of Margaret Mary Hague1865
Lilian Maud Hagueson of Margaret Mary Hague

29HagueMary Haguefirst name on this monument185441858id: 1965
(2 images)
Anthony Haguebrother of Mary Hague infancy
William Haguefather of Mary Hague
Dorothy Haguemother of Mary Hague

30HallAnn Hallfirst name on this monument1817441861id: 1997
(3 images)
Eliza Halldaughter of Ann Hall9
Elizabeth Halldaughter of Ann Hall183571842
Emma Halldaughter of Ann Hall infancy
Jacob Hallhusband of Ann Hall

31HellewellElizabeth Hellewellfirst name on this monument1849291878id: 2034
(2 images)
Charles Hellewellhusband of Elizabeth Hellewell

32HemingwayHamor Hemingwayfirst name on this monument1839571896id: 1984
(2 images)
Eva Hemingwaydaughter of Hamor Hemingway6
Tom Hemingwayson of Hamor Hemingway infancy
Mary Hemingwaywife of Hamor Hemingway1837721909

33HodgsonM Francis Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1712671779id: 19681408091

34HuntMark Huntfirst name on this monument1797571854id: 2059
(2 images)
Sarah Huntwife of Mark Hunt died 186?

35HutchinsonCharles Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1806621868id: 2028
(2 images)
Elizabeth Hutchinsondaughter of Charles Hutchinson1853141867
Sarah Hutchinsondaughter of Charles Hutchinson1850151865
Dennis Hutchinsonson of Charles Hutchinson23
Elizabeth Hutchinsonwife of Charles Hutchinson60 died 186?
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36JohnsonSamuel Johnsonfirst name on this monument1826541880id: 19791408183
Emily Johnsondaughter-in-law of Samuel Johnson
Amos Johnsonson of Samuel Johnson193072
Ann Johnsonwife of Samuel Johnson1820691889

37KenyonMary Kenyonfirst name on this monument43id: 20611408733died 18??
William Kenyonhusband of Mary Kenyon91

38MacnaghetenHenry Alexander Macnaghetenfirst name on this monument1918id: 1987
(2 images)
Louisa Macnaghetenwife of Henry Alexander Macnagheten

39MooreJohn Moorefirst name on this monument1843721915id: 20661408771
Betsy Ellen Moorewife of John Moore1927

40ParkinsonElisabeth Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1780721852id: 20231408465
John Dobsonbrother-in-law of Elisabeth Parkinson
Martha Dobsonson of Elisabeth Parkinson1784761860

41ParrattJoseph Parrattfirst name on this monument1817621879id: 2055
(2 images)
Elizabeth Parrattdaughter of Joseph Parratt184741851
Hannah Parrattwife of Joseph Parratt1822621884

42ParrattPeter Parrattfirst name on this monument1807501857id: 204514086244
Susannah Parrattwife of Peter Parratt1807561863

43RobinsonMartin Robinsonfirst name on this monument1814801894id: 2015
(3 images)
Margaret Robinsondaughter of Martin Robinson184871855
Ella Robinson1852881940
George Robinson1849751924
James Robinsonson of Martin Robinson184931852
Mary Robinsonwife of Martin Robinson1817331850

44RollinsonJames Rollinsonfirst name on this monument1781671848id: 199614082921

45SandersonStephen Sandersonfirst name on this monument67id: 1976
(2 images)
14081612died 18??
Thomas Sandersonson of Stephen Sanderson28 died 18??
Mary Sandersonwife of Stephen Sanderson79 died 18??

46ShirtJohn Shirtfirst name on this monument1739821821id: 19671408083
Ann Smith1787581845
Joshua Smith1772681840
William Smith1848
Ann Shirtwife of John Shirt1747761823

47SmithAnn Smithfirst name on this monument1828661894id: 2020
(2 images)
George Smithhusband of Ann Smith1831671898

48SmithFrank Smithfirst name on this monument1876211897id: 20041408341
Francis Smithfather of Frank Smith1843591902
Anne Smithmother of Frank Smith1842591901
Mary Smithson of Frank Smith187011871

49SmithGeorge Smithfirst name on this monumentid: 2011
(2 images)

50SmithJane Smithfirst name on this monument1838521890id: 20571408701
Lawrence Smithhusband of Jane Smith81 died 18??
Mary Smithstep daughter of Jane Smith189241896 4y3m
Sarah Hannah Smithsecond wife of husband of Jane Smith

51SmithJohn Smithfirst name on this monument1721591780id: 2032
(2 images)

52SmithMary Smithfirst name on this monument1806681874id: 20491408661
Mary Smithdaughter of Mary Smith1845321877
Thomas Smithhusband of Mary Smith1809821891
Herbert Smithson of Mary Smith1875431918

53SmithMary Jane Smithfirst name on this monument186161867id: 201914084316y 4m
Thomas Smithbrother of Mary Jane Smith186291871 9y 4m
George Smithfather of Mary Jane Smith
Ann Smithmother of Mary Jane Smith
Minnie Sophia Smithson of Mary Jane Smith1867 3 days
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54SorsbySarah Sorsbyfirst name on this monument50id: 197414081431died 18??
Joseph Sorsbyhusband of Sarah Sorsby

55SprayMary A Sprayfirst name on this monument1855851940id: 20241408471
W Thornenephew of Mary A Spray

56StancellMissing Stancellfirst name on this monument1815461861id: 1972
(2 images)
George Stancellhusband of Missing Stancell1803671870

57StansetJoseph Stansetfirst name on this monument69id: 20671408781died 18??
Martha Stansetwife of Joseph Stanset85

58SwiftWilliam Swiftfirst name on this monument1779641843id: 1993
(2 images)

59TaylorGeorge Taylorfirst name on this monument1741id: 20581408711

60TaylorGertrude Taylorfirst name on this monument1772601832id: 202214084521
William Taylorhusband of Gertrude Taylor1772711843
John Taylorson of Gertrude Taylor1802381840

61WainwrightEleanor Wainwrightfirst name on this monument51id: 20481408652
William Wainwrighthusband of Eleanor Wainwright1805431848

62WainwrightThomas Wainwrightfirst name on this monument183611837id: 2047140864215m
Thomas Wainwrightfather of Thomas Wainwright
Johnson Wainwrighthalf brother of Thomas Wainwright184621848
Anne Wainwrightmother of Thomas Wainwright1806371843
Matilda Wainwright
Elizabeth Wainwrightson of Thomas Wainwright1842 10m

63WainwrightThomas Wainwrightfirst name on this monument1729691798id: 204014085921
George Wainwright1788591847
James Wainwrightson of Thomas Wainwright1756691825
Ann Wainwrightwife of Thomas Wainwright1729781807

64WardWilliam Wardfirst name on this monument1857281885id: 20441408611
William Wardfather of William Ward
Mary Wardmother of William Ward

65WharamWilliam Wharamfirst name on this monument1791641855id: 2000
(2 images)
William Wharamwife of William Wharam1791781869

66WinterbothamJohn Winterbothamfirst name on this monument1669601729id: 20361408552

67WinterbothamMargaret Winterbothamfirst name on this monument1680491729id: 20371408562

68WoffindenErnest Woffindenfirst name on this monument1871721943id: 19991408313

69WoffindenHannah Woffindenfirst name on this monument1834541888id: 203814085722
John Greenfather of Hannah Woffinden
John Woffindenhusband of Hannah Woffinden1830671897 Sexton
Sarah Greenmother of Hannah Woffinden

70WoffindenHorace Woffindenfirst name on this monument186221864id: 2042
(2 images)
John Woffindenfather of Horace Woffinden
Hannah Woffindenmother of Horace Woffinden
Elizabeth Woffindenson of Horace Woffinden186721869 2y 9m
Lucy Augusta Woffindenson of Horace Woffinden187821880 2y 9m
Mary Ellen Woffindenson of Horace Woffinden1865 3 weeks

71WoodcockA C Woodcockfirst name on this monument1id: 20681408793114w
Thomas Butcherfather of A C Woodcock
Caroline Butchermother of A C Woodcock

72WoodheadThomas Woodheadfirst name on this monument1770531823id: 203014085112Thomas Woodhead (my 5th great uncle) married Martha Hague in Tankersley, Yorkshire on 25 November 1799. They had 8 known children, all born/christened in Tankersley: Sarah (ch) 28 Sep 1800 Richard (ch) 14 Nov 1802 Thomas (ch) 2 Jun 1805 Elizabeth 6 Feb 1809 (ch) 6 Feb 1809 Mathew 21 Sep 1811 (ch) 27 Oct 1811 Christiana 14 Mar 1813 (ch) 25 Dec 1813 John (ch) 6 Aug 1815 Hannah (ch) 17 Jun 1821
Martha Woodheadwife of Thomas Woodhead1775731848 Martha Hague

73YeardleyJohn Yeardleyfirst name on this monument1810271837id: 2005
(2 images)
Joseph Yeardleyfather of John Yeardley
Hannah Yeardleymother of John Yeardley1768731841

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