Robert Stuart grave monument in St Mary the Virgin burial ground, Boston Spa, Yorkshire, England

Robert Stuart grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert Stuart
Catherine nee Stuart
1918 daughter of Robert Stuart
George Stuart
1935 son of Robert Stuart
Elizabeth Stuart
1921 wife of Robert Stuart
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Robert Stuart grave location

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image: 0171
grave: 94165
Gladys Ganderton
image number 0171
image: 0172
grave: 94166
Arthur John Tew
image number 0172
image: 0173
grave: 94167
Janet Booth
image number 0173
image: 0174
grave: 94168
Hugh Woodall
image number 0174
image: 0175
grave: 94169
Mary Anne Johnson
image number 0175
image: 0176
grave: 94170
Bertie Walter Gumbley
image number 0176
image: 0177
grave: 94171
John Swale
image number 0177
image: 0178
grave: 94172
William C Hill
image number 0178
image: 0179
grave: 94173
George Winter
image number 0179
image: 0180
grave: 94174
Matilda Winter
image number 0180
image: 0181
grave: 94175
Robert Stuart
image number 0181
image: 0182
grave: 94176
Alfred Davis
image number 0182
image: 0183
grave: 94177
Joseph Hutton
image number 0183
image: 0184
grave: 94178
Gertrude Annie Jasper
image number 0184
image: 0185
grave: 94179
Joyce Bedford
image number 0185
image: 0186
grave: 94180
Mary Tootill
image number 0186
image: 0187
grave: 94181
George Parker Ward
image number 0187
image: 0188
grave: 94182
Margaret Connor
image number 0188
image: 0189
grave: 94183
George Brown
image number 0189
image: 0190
grave: 94184
Mary Ann Torevell
image number 0190
image: 0191
grave: 94185
Elizabeth Richardson
image number 0191

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