Alexander M (Sandy) Barnie grave monument in New Municipal cemetery, Wick, Caithness, Scotland

Alexander M (Sandy) Barnie grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alexander M (Sandy) Barnie
Lorna Barnie
daughter of Alexander M (Sandy) Barnie
Rosey Barnie
daughter of Alexander M (Sandy) Barnie
Alexander Barnie
son of Alexander M (Sandy) Barnie
Gordon Barnie
son of Alexander M (Sandy) Barnie
Betty Bremner
2001721929wife of Alexander M (Sandy) Barnie
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image: 19426
grave: 93400
William Wiseman
image number 19426
image: 19427
grave: 93401
Norman Laing
image number 19427
image: 19428
grave: 93402
Henry (Ray) Durrand
image number 19428
image: 19430
grave: 93403
Barbara Sinclair Gunn
image number 19430
image: 19431
grave: 93404
James Kennedy Manson
image number 19431
image: 19432
grave: 93405
Annabel Gair
image number 19432
image: 19433
grave: 93406
Robert Aitken
image number 19433
image: 19434
grave: 93407
Donald Sutherland
image number 19434
image: 19435
grave: 93408
Henry David Fairweather
image number 19435
image: 19436
grave: 93409
John (Jack) Forbes
image number 19436
image: 19437
grave: 93410
Alexander M (Sandy) Barnie
image number 19437
image: 19438
grave: 93411
Fred Gallagher
image number 19438
image: 19439
grave: 93412
William Miller Geddes
image number 19439
image: 19440
grave: 93413
Elizabeth Manson Budge
image number 19440
image: 19441
grave: 93414
Donald Owen Farquhar
image number 19441
image: 19442
grave: 93415
Joseph (Paddy) O'Sullivan
image number 19442
image: 19443
grave: 93416
Mary Cleary
image number 19443
image: 19444
grave: 93417
Eleanor (Ora) Bremner
image number 19444
image: 19445
grave: 93418
John A (Jock) Sutherland
image number 19445
image: 19446
grave: 93419
John Anderson (Jock) Plowman
image number 19446
image: 19447
grave: 93420
Jessie Isobel (Nessie) Dunbar
image number 19447

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