Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 932608Details of grave number 932608 at St Nicholas (interior) East Dereham for Mary Nelson

Mary Nelson grave monument in St Nicholas (interior) burial ground, East Dereham, Norfolk, England

Mary Nelson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Nelson nee Jarvis
Thomas Nelson
05/07/1805531752husband of Mary Nelson
Mary Jarvis
01/02/1806841722mother of Mary Nelson

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image: edsn39
grave: 932598
Anne Bagge
image number edsn39
image: edsn40
grave: 932599
James Trundle
image number edsn40
image: edsn41
grave: 932600
Colin Mclean
image number edsn41
image: edsn42
grave: 932601
George Pattison Dingle
image number edsn42
image: edsn43
grave: 932602
Susannah Wells
image number edsn43
image: edsn44
grave: 932603
Jonathan Wormald
image number edsn44
image: edsn45
grave: 932604
James Aylmer
image number edsn45
image: edsn46
grave: 932605
John Watts
image number edsn46
image: edsn47
grave: 932606
James Nelson
image number edsn47
image: edsn48
grave: 932607
Edmund Nelson
image number edsn48
image: edsn49
grave: 932608
Mary Nelson
image number edsn49
image: edsn50
grave: 932609
William Earle Gascoyne Lytton Bulwer
image number edsn50
image: edsn51
grave: 932610
Elizabeth Rash
image number edsn51
image: edsn52
grave: 932611
Walter May Barton
image number edsn52
image: edsn53
grave: 932612
Walter John Barton
image number edsn53
image: edsn54
grave: 932613
Elizabeth Lacey
image number edsn54
image: edsn55
grave: 932614
Henry Gridley
image number edsn55
image: edsn56
grave: 932615
Thomas Guybon
image number edsn56
image: edsn57
grave: 932616
Mary Hebblethwaite
image number edsn57
image: edsn58
grave: 932617
Anne Frost
image number edsn58
image: edsn59
grave: 932618
Francis Dickens
image number edsn59

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