Jemmy M Sinclair grave monument in New Municipal cemetery, Wick, Caithness, Scotland

Jemmy M Sinclair grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jemmy M Sinclair
Harry Thompson
1997751922husband of Jemmy M Sinclair
Ian Thompson
2006431963son of Jemmy M Sinclair
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image: 19208
grave: 93200
Doris Wares
image number 19208
image: 19209
grave: 93201
Arthur MacKay
image number 19209
image: 19210
grave: 93202
Alexander Farmer Martin
image number 19210
image: 19211
grave: 93203
Euphemia E I Munro
image number 19211
image: 19212
grave: 93204
Jemmie G More
image number 19212
image: 19213
grave: 93205
James S Falconer
image number 19213
image: 19215
grave: 93206
John Harper
image number 19215
image: 19216
grave: 93207
George Forbes Donn
image number 19216
image: 19218
grave: 93208
George C Calder
image number 19218
image: 19219
grave: 93209
Christine Waters
image number 19219
image: 19220
grave: 93210
Jemmy M Sinclair
image number 19220
image: 19222
grave: 93211
George Sutherland
image number 19222
image: 19224
grave: 93212
Isobel Stephen Begg
image number 19224
image: 19225
grave: 93213
Catherine M Sutherland
image number 19225
image: 19226
grave: 93214
John (Jack) Miller
image number 19226
image: 19227
grave: 93215
Alexa Smith
image number 19227
image: 19228
grave: 93216
Thomas McKay Bremner
image number 19228
image: 19229
grave: 93217
Peter Sutherland
image number 19229
image: 19230
grave: 93218
William Ross
image number 19230
image: 19231
grave: 93219
Thomas Deans (Tommy) More
image number 19231
image: 19232
grave: 93220
Mary C Miller
image number 19232

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