Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 926606Details of grave number 926606 at Stonefall (area 19) Harrogate for Albert John Chard

Albert John Chard grave monument in Stonefall (area 19) cemetery, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

Albert John Chard grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Albert John Chard
Mary Chard
11/01/1946881858wife of Albert John Chard

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image: 7291
grave: 926596
Gertrude Emily Selkirk
image number 7291
image: 7292
grave: 926597
K Beevers
image number 7292
image: 7299
grave: 926598
Ann Fawbert
image number 7299
image: 7304
grave: 926599
John Guy
image number 7304
image: 7306
grave: 926600
Thomas William Westal
image number 7306
image: 7308
grave: 926601
Irene Lee
image number 7308
image: 7310
grave: 926602
Victor P B Goodburn
image number 7310
image: 7313
grave: 926603
H Lee
image number 7313
image: 7318
grave: 926604
Louisa Bateson
image number 7318
image: 7321
grave: 926605
Ernest Adlum
image number 7321
image: 7322
grave: 926606
Albert John Chard
image number 7322
image: 7326
grave: 926607
Noah Irvin Halliday
image number 7326
image: 7328
grave: 926608
Annie Worfolk
image number 7328
image: 7332
grave: 926609
Charles Clarence Elsworth
image number 7332
image: 7334
grave: 926610
Jack Severn
image number 7334
image: 7336
grave: 926611
Maud Elizabeth Williams
image number 7336
image: 7338
grave: 926612
Fred Warburton
image number 7338
image: 7340
grave: 926613
Francis Herbert Daphne
image number 7340
image: 7342
grave: 926614
Joseph Kinsella
image number 7342
image: 7344
grave: 926615
Fred Murgatroyd
image number 7344
image: 7345
grave: 926616
Annie Lizzie Radley
image number 7345

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