Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 909222Details of grave number 909222 at St John the Baptist (Church Lane overflow) Bressingham for Edith Lucy Buck

Edith Lucy Buck grave monument in St John the Baptist (Church Lane overflow) burial ground, Bressingham, Norfolk, England

Edith Lucy Buck grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Edith Lucy Buck
Wilfred Walter Buck
17/06/1981931888relationship not known of Edith Lucy Buck

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image: broc70
grave: 909212
Spencer Witton
image number broc70
image: broc71
grave: 909213
Ernest David Ruddock
image number broc71
image: broc72
grave: 909214
Gwendoline M Faulkner
image number broc72
image: broc73
grave: 909215
Leonard Levi Bartrum
image number broc73
image: broc74
grave: 909216
John Henry Frost
image number broc74
image: broc75
grave: 909217
Benjamin Ernest Francis
image number broc75
image: broc76
grave: 909218
William Charles White
image number broc76
image: broc77
grave: 909219
Frank Lanchester
image number broc77
image: broc78
grave: 909220
Cliff Bartrum
image number broc78
image: broc79
grave: 909221
Hazel Elizabeth Bartrum
image number broc79
image: broc80
grave: 909222
Edith Lucy Buck
image number broc80
image: broc81
grave: 909223
Florence Rivett
image number broc81
image: broc82
grave: 909224
Colin Charles Willis
image number broc82
image: broc83
grave: 909225
Ethel May Alice Vernon
image number broc83
image: broc84
grave: 909226
Louisa Clara Oates
image number broc84
image: broc85
grave: 909227
Emily Haddon
image number broc85
image: broc86
grave: 909228
Lily Mabel Rolfe
image number broc86
image: broc87
grave: 909229
Fred C Bond
image number broc87
image: broc88
grave: 909230
Edith Fisk
image number broc88
image: broc89
grave: 909231
Eveline Annie Butler
image number broc89
image: broc90
grave: 909232
Emmaline Butler
image number broc90

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