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Frederick Cole grave monument in Fryerstown cemetery, Fryerstown, Victoria, Australia

Frederick Cole grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Frederick Cole
Caroline Cole
21/06/1971761895wife of Frederick Cole

Breadcrumb trail images to help find Frederick Cole grave location

(30 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 895865)

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image: IMG_2686434
grave: 895845
Alice Letitia Allen
image number IMG_2686434
image: IMG_2686635
grave: 895846
Joseph Allen
image number IMG_2686635
image: IMG_2686636
grave: 895847
Annie Trelfelt Amos
image number IMG_2686636
image: IMG_2686637
grave: 895848
Frederick Anderson
image number IMG_2686637
image: IMG_2686638
grave: 895849
Joseph Atherton
image number IMG_2686638
image: IMG_2686639
grave: 895850
Henry Barnaby
image number IMG_2686639
image: IMG_2686640
grave: 895851
Donald Barrett
image number IMG_2686640
image: IMG_2686641
grave: 895852
William Barrett
image number IMG_2686641
image: IMG_2686642
grave: 895853
Esther Ann Bartlett
image number IMG_2686642
image: IMG_2686643
grave: 895854
Janette Brankston
image number IMG_2686643
image: IMG_2686645
grave: 895855
Edward William Brown
image number IMG_2686645
image: IMG_2686646
grave: 895856
George James Brown
image number IMG_2686646
image: IMG_2686647
grave: 895857
Phyllis May Brown
image number IMG_2686647
image: IMG_2686648
grave: 895858
William Browning
image number IMG_2686648
image: IMG_2686649
grave: 895859
George Levi Carter
image number IMG_2686649
image: IMG_2686650
grave: 895860
Evan David Carter
image number IMG_2686650
image: IMG_2686651
grave: 895861
William Chapman
image number IMG_2686651
image: IMG_2686652
grave: 895862
George Chapman
image number IMG_2686652
image: IMG_2686653
grave: 895863
Annie Clifton
image number IMG_2686653
image: IMG_2686654
grave: 895864
George Wilfred Cole
image number IMG_2686654
image: IMG_2686655
grave: 895865
Frederick Cole
image number IMG_2686655
image: IMG_2686656
grave: 895866
Kenneth Cardwell Cooper
image number IMG_2686656
image: IMG_2686657
grave: 895867
William Cribbes
image number IMG_2686657
image: IMG_2686658
grave: 895868
Arthur Croft
image number IMG_2686658
image: IMG_2686659
grave: 895869
John Dalgleish
image number IMG_2686659
image: IMG_2686660
grave: 895870
Thomas Davis
image number IMG_2686660
image: IMG_2686661
grave: 895871
William Donald
image number IMG_2686661
image: IMG_2686662
grave: 895872
Ann Dyer
image number IMG_2686662
image: IMG_2686663
grave: 895873
John Errington
image number IMG_2686663
image: IMG_2686664
grave: 895874
John Fenton
image number IMG_2686664
image: IMG_2686665
grave: 895875
Margaret Ferguson
image number IMG_2686665
image: IMG_2686666
grave: 895876
William Glen
image number IMG_2686666
image: IMG_2686667
grave: 895877
Robert Glen
image number IMG_2686667
image: IMG_2686668
grave: 895878
Harriet Ann Gray
image number IMG_2686668
image: IMG_2686669
grave: 895879
Francis Hardwick
image number IMG_2686669
image: IMG_2686670
grave: 895880
Frederick Charles Hatt
image number IMG_2686670
image: IMG_2686670
grave: 895881
George William Hatt
image number IMG_2686670
image: IMG_2686672
grave: 895882
Samuel Hill Hazlett
image number IMG_2686672
image: IMG_2686673
grave: 895883
Verne Francis John Hooper
image number IMG_2686673
image: IMG_2686674
grave: 895884
Roy Jacka
image number IMG_2686674
image: IMG_2686675
grave: 895885
Asmus Jacobsen
image number IMG_2686675
image: IMG_2686676
grave: 895886
Charles Wye Jones
image number IMG_2686676
image: IMG_2686677
grave: 895887
Arthur Kaye
image number IMG_2686677
image: IMG_2686678
grave: 895888
Mary Ann Kennedy
image number IMG_2686678
image: IMG_2686679
grave: 895889
Francis H L Kitto
image number IMG_2686679
image: IMG_2686680
grave: 895890
Henry Edward Knapman
image number IMG_2686680
image: IMG_2686681
grave: 895891
Thomas Henry Knowles
image number IMG_2686681
image: IMG_2686682
grave: 895892
Elizabeth Mary Lannin
image number IMG_2686682
image: IMG_2686683
grave: 895893
Edna May Sporle
image number IMG_2686683
image: IMG_2686684
grave: 895894
Albert Charles Leonard
image number IMG_2686684
image: IMG_2686685
grave: 895895
George Letter
image number IMG_2686685

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