Robert Sparrow grave monument in North Ormesby (NSQ) Municipal , Ormesby, Yorkshire, England

Robert Sparrow grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert Sparrow
1929811848first name on monument
Florence Pallister
1974 of Robert Sparrow
Elizabeth Sparrow
1930811849wife of Robert Sparrow
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image: 1170899
grave: 87612
Robert Frost
image number 1170899
image: 1170900
grave: 87613
Alexander Blair
image number 1170900
image: 1170901
grave: 87614
Bertram Bargate Day
image number 1170901
image: 1170902
grave: 87615
George Alfred Spaxman
image number 1170902
image: 1170903
grave: 87616
Harry R Readman
image number 1170903
image: 1170906
grave: 87617
Esther Jane King
image number 1170906
image: 1170908
grave: 87618
Richard C Chambers
image number 1170908
image: 1170909
grave: 87619
Margaret Bellerby
image number 1170909
image: 1170910
grave: 87620
Louisa Sarah Skinner
image number 1170910
image: 1170911
grave: 87621
Louisa Crockett
image number 1170911
image: 1170913
grave: 87622
Robert Sparrow
image number 1170913
image: 1170914
grave: 87623
Elsie Featherstone
image number 1170914
image: 1170915
grave: 87624
Elsie May Bell
image number 1170915
image: 1170916
grave: 87625
William Taylor
image number 1170916
image: 1170917
grave: 87626
Arthur Sutton
image number 1170917
image: 1170919
grave: 87627
Mary Ann Harris
image number 1170919
image: 1170920
grave: 87628
Christina Bella Raine
image number 1170920
image: 1170921
grave: 87629
William Cockerill
image number 1170921
image: 1170922
grave: 87630
James Springhall
image number 1170922
image: 1170924
grave: 87631
William Matchett
image number 1170924
image: 1170927
grave: 87632
Henry Dalkin
image number 1170927

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