Cecil John Westcott grave monument in St John the Baptist (2) burial ground, Bishops Tawton, Devon, England

Cecil John Westcott grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Cecil John Westcott
Elsie Doris Westcott
1982671915wife of Cecil John Westcott
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image: 267a
grave: 83652
Samuel Edwards
image number 267a
image: 269
grave: 83653
Ann Smith
image number 269
image: 270
grave: 83654
Thomas Taylor Smith
image number 270
image: 271
grave: 83655
Catherine Bennett
image number 271
image: 272
grave: 83656
David Thorne
image number 272
image: 273
grave: 83657
Charlotte Caulet Patch
image number 273
image: 274
grave: 83658
Henry Hole
image number 274
image: 275
grave: 83659
Joseph Stapleton
image number 275
image: 276
grave: 83660
William Baker
image number 276
image: 277
grave: 83661
John Murch
image number 277
image: 277
grave: 83662
Cecil John Westcott
image number 277
image: 278
grave: 83663
Elizabeth Pontofix
image number 278
image: 280
grave: 83664
Mary Gent
image number 280
image: 281
grave: 83665
George Wakefield
image number 281
image: 282
grave: 83666
Mary Louisa Gore
image number 282
image: 283
grave: 83667
John Nutt Tyte
image number 283
image: 284
grave: 83668
Christopher Huxtable
image number 284
image: 285
grave: 83669
Sarah Huxtable
image number 285
image: 286
grave: 83670
John Arscott
image number 286
image: 287
grave: 83671
Alfred Perrin
image number 287
image: 288
grave: 83672
Richard Holland
image number 288

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