Ellis Roscoe grave monument in Municipal (part 2) cemetery, Farnworth, Lancashire, England

Ellis Roscoe grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ellis Roscoe
Ethel Roscoe
22/11/1993941899wife of Ellis Roscoe
Thomas W Gillmore
relationship not known of Ellis Roscoe
Martha Gillmore
relationship not known of Ellis Roscoe
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image: fc451
grave: 833830
Thomas Cornelius Prosser
image number fc451
image: fc452
grave: 833831
Rhoda Emma Thomason
image number fc452
image: fc453
grave: 833832
Maria Simpson
image number fc453
image: fc454
grave: 833833
John Haydock
image number fc454
image: fc455
grave: 833834
Edward Mather
image number fc455
image: fc456
grave: 833835
Eleanor Kay
image number fc456
image: fc457
grave: 833836
Benjamin Thomson
image number fc457
image: fc458
grave: 833837
Alfred Lomas
image number fc458
image: fc459
grave: 833838
Fred Lomax
image number fc459
image: fc460
grave: 833839
Kenneth Woodcock
image number fc460
image: fc461
grave: 833840
Annie Howcroft
image number fc461
image: fc462
grave: 833841
Harry Howcroft
image number fc462
image: fc463
grave: 833842
John David Ashton
image number fc463
image: fc464
grave: 833843
William Mitchell
image number fc464
image: fc465
grave: 833844
Samuel Seddon
image number fc465
image: fc466
grave: 833845
James Tonge
image number fc466
image: fc467
grave: 833846
Charles Richard Cookson
image number fc467
image: fc468
grave: 833847
Elizabeth Garner
image number fc468
image: fc469
grave: 833848
Alfred Massey
image number fc469
image: fc470
grave: 833849
Richard Slater
image number fc470
image: fc471
grave: 833850
Granville Jackson
image number fc471
image: fc472
grave: 833851
Doris Constantine Wright
image number fc472
image: fc473
grave: 833852
Samuel Ashton
image number fc473
image: fc474
grave: 833853
Jane Ann Slater
image number fc474
image: fc475
grave: 833854
Edward Nicholas
image number fc475
image: fc476
grave: 833855
Joseph Pimbley
image number fc476
image: fc477
grave: 833856
Joseph Sherwood
image number fc477
image: fc478
grave: 833857
Edmund Royle
image number fc478
image: fc479
grave: 833858
Margaret Ann Chadwick
image number fc479
image: fc480
grave: 833859
Gwilym John Parry
image number fc480
image: fc481
grave: 833860
Ellis Roscoe
image number fc481
image: fc482
grave: 833861
Thomas Maskell
image number fc482
image: fc483
grave: 833862
William Francis Slattery
image number fc483
image: fc484
grave: 833863
John Royle
image number fc484
image: fc485
grave: 833864
John Thwaites
image number fc485
image: fc486
grave: 833865
William Woods
image number fc486
image: fc487
grave: 833866
Richard Kelly
image number fc487
image: fc488
grave: 833867
Elizabeth Cornish
image number fc488
image: fc489
grave: 833868
James Ashton
image number fc489
image: fc490
grave: 833869
Hannah Bentley
image number fc490
image: fc491
grave: 833870
James Cookson
image number fc491
image: fc492
grave: 833871
Joseph Crowther
image number fc492
image: fc493
grave: 833872
William Barnett
image number fc493
image: fc494
grave: 833873
James Wainman Roscow
image number fc494
image: fc495
grave: 833874
Ellis Bleakley
image number fc495
image: fc496
grave: 833875
Emma Tonge
image number fc496
image: fc497
grave: 833876
Samuel Pickvance
image number fc497
image: fc498
grave: 833877
William Seddon
image number fc498
image: fc499
grave: 833878
G C Hastie
image number fc499
image: fc500
grave: 833879
Leonora C Parry
image number fc500
image: fc501
grave: 833880
Edwin Hurst
image number fc501
image: fc502
grave: 833881
Isabella Jane Taylor
image number fc502
image: fc503
grave: 833882
Frederick Jones
image number fc503
image: fc504
grave: 833883
George Bannister
image number fc504
image: fc505
grave: 833884
J Rigby
image number fc505
image: fc506
grave: 833885
A V Brooks
image number fc506
image: fc507
grave: 833886
Margaret Heyes
image number fc507
image: fc508
grave: 833887
Richard Holland
image number fc508
image: fc509
grave: 833888
John Winward
image number fc509
image: fc510
grave: 833889
Minnie Battey
image number fc510
image: fc511
grave: 833890
Laura Lomas
image number fc511

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