Jane Isles Coutts grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

Jane Isles Coutts grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jane Isles Coutts
1935691866first name on monument
Jane Isles Coutts Mackie nee Coutts
1962711891daughter of Jane Isles Coutts
Peter D Mackie
1938761862husband of Jane Isles Coutts
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image: 15562
grave: 80059
Joshua Buchanan
image number 15562
image: 15563
grave: 80060
Robert Wilkie Brown
image number 15563
image: 15564
grave: 80061
William B Dewar
image number 15564
image: 15565
grave: 80062
Catherine Jane Gillies
image number 15565
image: 15566
grave: 80063
Isabella Logan
image number 15566
image: 15567
grave: 80064
Ernest Edgar Balls
image number 15567
image: 15568
grave: 80065
Isabella Smeaton
image number 15568
image: 15569
grave: 80066
John Guthrie
image number 15569
image: 15570
grave: 80067
Jessie Dickson Urquhart
image number 15570
image: 15571
grave: 80068
Henry Close
image number 15571
image: 15572
grave: 80069
Jane Isles Coutts
image number 15572
image: 15573
grave: 80070
Jean Cheyne Paul Stewart
image number 15573
image: 15574
grave: 80071
W Deuchars
image number 15574
image: 15575
grave: 80072
Peter Nicholson
image number 15575
image: 15576
grave: 80073
Elizabeth Balharrie
image number 15576
image: 15578
grave: 80074
George Davidson
image number 15578
image: 15579
grave: 80075
John Souter
image number 15579
image: 15580
grave: 80076
Andrew Sharp Wylie
image number 15580
image: 15581
grave: 80077
Maria Margaret Gellatly
image number 15581
image: 15582
grave: 80078
Isobel Fairweather
image number 15582
image: 15583
grave: 80079
Thomas Jaffrey
image number 15583

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