Jeannie Abercromby Rothnie grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

Jeannie Abercromby Rothnie grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jeannie Abercromby Rothnie
1929251904first name on monument
George Alexander Rothnie
brother of Jeannie Abercromby Rothnie
William Rothnie
1942741868father of Jeannie Abercromby Rothnie
Margaret Abercromby
1956861870mother of Jeannie Abercromby Rothnie
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image: 15463
grave: 79970
Jane Gifford Bruce
image number 15463
image: 15464
grave: 79971
Elizabeth Robin Philp
image number 15464
image: 15465
grave: 79972
Mary Ann Reid
image number 15465
image: 15467
grave: 79973
Margaret Scott Gray
image number 15467
image: 15469
grave: 79974
Robert McKenzie
image number 15469
image: 15470
grave: 79975
Jessie C Wood
image number 15470
image: 15471
grave: 79976
Peter McOwan
image number 15471
image: 15472
grave: 79977
David Smith
image number 15472
image: 15473
grave: 79978
Donald MacLean
image number 15473
image: 15474
grave: 79979
Thomas H K Drimmie
image number 15474
image: 15475
grave: 79980
Jeannie Abercromby Rothnie
image number 15475
image: 15476
grave: 79981
Agnes Boyd
image number 15476
image: 15477
grave: 79982
Robert Hunter
image number 15477
image: 15478
grave: 79983
Margaret Barr
image number 15478
image: 15479
grave: 79984
James Maxtone Thom
image number 15479
image: 15481
grave: 79985
Helen McSwain
image number 15481
image: 15483
grave: 79986
Duncan McAinsh
image number 15483
image: 15485
grave: 79987
John McAinsh
image number 15485
image: 15486
grave: 79988
Henry Finlay Morier
image number 15486
image: 15487
grave: 79989
David Stenhouse
image number 15487
image: 15488
grave: 79990
Francis Watt
image number 15488

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