Thomas Frederick Edwick grave monument in London Road (section L) cemetery, Thetford, Norfolk, England

Thomas Frederick Edwick grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Frederick Edwick
Emily Charlotte Edwick
26/03/19898012/06/1909wife of Thomas Frederick Edwick
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grave: 785731
Irene Winifred Sarah Browning
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image: tlrl128
grave: 785732
Dora Gooch
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image: tlrl129
grave: 785733
Frederick Francis Lockwood
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image: tlrl130
grave: 785734
Maud Green
image number tlrl130
image: tlrl131
grave: 785735
Charles Jesse Bowhay
image number tlrl131
image: tlrl132
grave: 785736
Thomas William Bowhay
image number tlrl132
image: tlrl133
grave: 785737
Joyce Claire Bowhay
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image: tlrl134
grave: 785738
Jessie Rand
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image: tlrl135
grave: 785739
Ernest Frederick Lambert
image number tlrl135
image: tlrl136
grave: 785740
Sheila Mary Fullbrook
image number tlrl136
image: tlrl137
grave: 785741
Thomas Frederick Edwick
image number tlrl137
image: tlrl138
grave: 785742
Gladys Atkins
image number tlrl138
image: tlrl139
grave: 785743
Percy Oliver Lockwood
image number tlrl139
image: tlrl140
grave: 785744
George Rutterford
image number tlrl140
image: tlrl141
grave: 785745
Florence Goddard
image number tlrl141
image: tlrl142
grave: 785746
Lily Maud Shorter
image number tlrl142
image: tlrl143
grave: 785747
George John Williams
image number tlrl143
image: tlrl144
grave: 785748
Frank Bonner
image number tlrl144
image: tlrl145
grave: 785749
Florence Bleagh
image number tlrl145
image: tlrl146
grave: 785750
Richard James Ridgway
image number tlrl146
image: tlrl147
grave: 785751
Emma Thurston
image number tlrl147

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