Robert Pickering grave monument in John Wesley House cemetery, Finsbury, London, England

Robert Pickering grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Reverend Robert Pickering
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Robert Pickering grave location

(30 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 769844)

The following thumbnail images are the 30 taken before and 30 after the one for Robert Pickering was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Robert Pickering below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Robert Pickering grave.

image: IMG_002
grave: 769839
Joseph Brown
image number IMG_002
image: IMG_003
grave: 769840
Francis Wrigley
image number IMG_003
image: IMG_004
grave: 769841
John Dodd
image number IMG_004
image: IMG_005
grave: 769842
Thomas Stanley
image number IMG_005
image: IMG_005
grave: 769843
John James
image number IMG_005
image: IMG_005
grave: 769844
Robert Pickering
image number IMG_005
image: IMG_005
grave: 769845
Alfred Bourne
image number IMG_005
image: IMG_005
grave: 769846
Joshua Marsden
image number IMG_005
image: IMG_007
grave: 769847
Edmund Grindrod
image number IMG_007
image: IMG_007
grave: 769848
Richard Treffrey
image number IMG_007
image: IMG_007
grave: 769849
John Smith
image number IMG_007
image: IMG_007
grave: 769850
William Fowler
image number IMG_007
image: IMG_007
grave: 769851
Abraham Eccles Farrar
image number IMG_007
image: IMG_007
grave: 769852
Joseph Brookhouse
image number IMG_007
image: IMG_009
grave: 769853
Thomas Mason
image number IMG_009
image: IMG_010
grave: 769854
Joseph Fowler
image number IMG_010
image: IMG_012
grave: 769855
William Fowler
image number IMG_012
image: IMG_013
grave: 769856
Susannah Wesley
image number IMG_013
image: IMG_014
grave: 769857
Jabez Bunting
image number IMG_014
image: IMG_015
grave: 769858
Thomas Mortimer
image number IMG_015
image: IMG_015
grave: 769859
George Mortimer
image number IMG_015
image: IMG_016
grave: 769860
Thomas Rutherford
image number IMG_016
image: IMG_017
grave: 769861
John Vanner
image number IMG_017
image: IMG_018
grave: 769862
Joseph Burnard
image number IMG_018
image: IMG_019
grave: 769863
Christian Sundius
image number IMG_019
image: IMG_020
grave: 769864
John Linsey
image number IMG_020
image: IMG_021
grave: 769865
J W S E Newman
image number IMG_021
image: IMG_022
grave: 769866
John Gaulter
image number IMG_022
image: IMG_023
grave: 769867
John Wesley
image number IMG_023
image: IMG_028
grave: 769868
John Bickers
image number IMG_028
image: IMG_029
grave: 769869
Charles Atmore
image number IMG_029
image: IMG_031
grave: 769870
Hannah Cussons
image number IMG_031
image: IMG_032
grave: 769871
Joseph Benson
image number IMG_032
image: IMG_036
grave: 769872
William Clifton
image number IMG_036
image: IMG_037
grave: 769873
Peter Jaco
image number IMG_037
image: IMG_038
grave: 769874
Mary Milbourne
image number IMG_038

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