William Barratt grave monument in St Bartholomew burial ground, Wilmslow, Cheshire, England

William Barratt grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Barratt
James Barratt
05/09/1898561842son of William Barratt
Jane Barratt
05/02/1901821819wife of William Barratt
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find William Barratt grave location

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image: DSC01829
grave: 758885
Mary Worsey
image number DSC01829
image: DSC01830
grave: 758886
Lucy Broughton
image number DSC01830
image: DSC01831
grave: 758887
John Mabon
image number DSC01831
image: DSC01832
grave: 758888
Mary Schofield
image number DSC01832
image: DSC01833
grave: 758889
William Grant
image number DSC01833
image: DSC01834
grave: 758890
Anna Jackson
image number DSC01834
image: DSC01835
grave: 758891
James Simpson
image number DSC01835
image: DSC01836
grave: 758892
Hugh Shaw
image number DSC01836
image: DSC01837
grave: 758893
image number DSC01837
image: DSC01838
grave: 758894
Sarah Eleanor Pearson
image number DSC01838
image: DSC01839
grave: 758895
William Barratt
image number DSC01839
image: DSC01840
grave: 758896
Arthur Hodgkinson
image number DSC01840
image: DSC01841
grave: 758897
Robert Mcknight Glover
image number DSC01841
image: DSC01842
grave: 758898
Annie Perrett
image number DSC01842
image: DSC01843
grave: 758899
Mary Elizabeth Wilby
image number DSC01843
image: DSC01844
grave: 758900
Isabella Yearsley
image number DSC01844
image: DSC01845
grave: 758901
Herbert Lees
image number DSC01845
image: DSC01846
grave: 758902
George Joseph Mccauley
image number DSC01846
image: DSC01847
grave: 758903
Ann Stokes
image number DSC01847
image: DSC01848
grave: 758904
Sarah Cawley
image number DSC01848
image: DSC01849
grave: 758905
Edward Slater
image number DSC01849

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