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Gravestone photographic resource  page Cheshire (England ) cemetery details

The churchyard or other cemetery sites within Cheshire listed below (with links) are ones that have been indexed.The ones in red (without links) are pending and will be added once they have been photographed and indexed.

To see details of a particular church, cemetery or war memorial, click its name link. To see details of all the churches, cemeteries and war memorials in a particular location (city / town / village), click on the location name.

Cemetery, churchyard and war memorial names that are listed in RED are ones which volunteers are currently photographing and indexing and are therefore not yet available.

city / town / villagechurch graveyard /
cemetery / memorial name
namesrequestsstatuspending notesdate added
ActonSt Mary9972272209 29 December 2013
BarntonChrist Church271912162 05 September 2013
CheadleSt Mary30512332 13 January 2018
ChesterSt Peter at the Cross73990inside church only 26 June 2016
DukinfieldOld Chapelpending Started photographingFebruary 2019
EcclestonSt Mary23250inside church only 26 June 2016
Gee CrossHoly Trinity321033 11 May 2015
Hyde Chapel22691 11 May 2015
Hyde Chapel471791 11 May 2017
HatherlowUnited Reformed823395 13 February 2016
Heald GreenUnited Reformpending December 2018
HydeSt George21661 18 April 2015
St Thomas8220 09 June 2015
KnutsfordSt. Crosspending January 2019
Lower WithingtonMethodist792600 18 August 2017
MacclesfieldSt Alban5120 23 February 2016
NorburySt Thomas228617 23 August 2011
Over TableySt Paul702122 12 September 2016
PadgateParish Church140
PoyntonSt Georgepending Partially photographed. Much more to do.March 2019
RainowHoly Trinity6245 06 April 2011
RostherneSt Mary712482 28 April 2017
SaleBrookland (part 1)13750841believed to be complete
Brookland (part 10)2178379believed to be complete 22 October 2016
Brookland (part 11)32112849believed to be complete 21 January 2017
Brookland (part 12)54021777believed to be complete 04 July 2017
Brookland (part 2)359133123believed to be complete 26 December 2014
Brookland (part 3)24685914believed to be complete 09 June 2015
Brookland (part 4)344136220believed to be complete 17 September 2015
Brookland (part 5)327140517believed to be complete 04 December 2015
Brookland (part 6)371147622believed to be complete 30 January 2016
Brookland (part 7)30211247believed to be complete 30 March 2016
Brookland (part 8)338129911believed to be complete 19 July 2016
Brookland (part 9)1515456believed to be complete except latest interments 06 August 2016
Sandbach HeathSt John the Evangelist1293682 20 August 2017
StockportSt Mary3414537 23 August 2011
St Peter12567 23 August 2011
WilmslowSt Bartholomewpending Larger than I thought at first. Still indexing with a few still to be photographedDecember 2018
WistastonSt Mary1145212751 26 January 2015
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Cheshire cemeteries scheduled to be photographed and indexed

Below are the churchyard or municipal cemetery sites that are going to be added to Cheshire.
city / town / villagecemetery namevolunteerstatusexpected date to
be added to GPR


Old ChapelDavid Sinnettscheduled to be photographedFebruary 2019Started photographing

Heald Green

United ReformDavid SinnettphotographedDecember 2018


St. CrossDavid Sinnettto be indexedJanuary 2019


St GeorgeDavid SinnettphotographedMarch 2019Partially photographed. Much more to do.


St BartholomewDavid SinnettphotographedDecember 2018Larger than I thought at first. Still indexing with a few still to be photographed

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