Joseph Henry Haywood grave monument in St Bartholomew burial ground, Wilmslow, Cheshire, England

Joseph Henry Haywood grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Joseph Henry Haywood
Ellen Haywood
12/07/1901801821mother of Joseph Henry Haywood
William Samuel Haywood
16/12/1926651861relationship not known of Joseph Henry Haywood
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image: DSC01419
grave: 758476
Peter Rodgers
image number DSC01419
image: DSC01420
grave: 758477
Peter Whittaker
image number DSC01420
image: DSC01421
grave: 758478
Mary Frances Booth
image number DSC01421
image: DSC01422
grave: 758479
Sarah Ann Henshaw
image number DSC01422
image: DSC01423
grave: 758480
Maria Thompson
image number DSC01423
image: DSC01424
grave: 758481
Thomas Latham
image number DSC01424
image: DSC01425
grave: 758482
John Bowker
image number DSC01425
image: DSC01426
grave: 758483
Oliver Thorpe
image number DSC01426
image: DSC01427
grave: 758484
James Torkington
image number DSC01427
image: DSC01428
grave: 758485
Stanley Leigh
image number DSC01428
image: DSC01429
grave: 758486
Joseph Henry Haywood
image number DSC01429
image: DSC01430
grave: 758487
Elizabeth Potter
image number DSC01430
image: DSC01431
grave: 758488
Grace Killey
image number DSC01431
image: DSC01432
grave: 758489
Thomas Johnson
image number DSC01432
image: DSC01433
grave: 758490
John Brierley
image number DSC01433
image: DSC01434
grave: 758491
John Horton
image number DSC01434
image: DSC01435
grave: 758492
Kate Johnson
image number DSC01435
image: DSC01436
grave: 758493
William Mottram
image number DSC01436
image: DSC01437
grave: 758494
William Robinson
image number DSC01437
image: DSC01438
grave: 758495
E G Sheffield
image number DSC01438
image: DSC01439
grave: 758496
Grace Richards
image number DSC01439

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