Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 746180Details of grave number 746180 at Public Deepwater for Henry Charles Coghlan

Henry Charles Coghlan grave monument in Public cemetery, Deepwater, New South Wales, Australia

Henry Charles Coghlan grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Henry Charles Coghlan
Thora Hope Coghlan
2004901914wife of Henry Charles Coghlan

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image: 183
grave: 746160
Irene Edith Bevin
image number 183
image: 184
grave: 746161
Noel Vincent Carlow
image number 184
image: 185
grave: 746162
Ethel Alice Scott
image number 185
image: 186
grave: 746163
V D Robson
image number 186
image: 187
grave: 746164
Mary Isobel Menzel
image number 187
image: 188
grave: 746165
J C Menzel
image number 188
image: 189
grave: 746166
Joan Emily Wheatley
image number 189
image: 190
grave: 746167
John Martel Wheatley
image number 190
image: 191
grave: 746168
Anna Bridget Wheatley
image number 191
image: 192
grave: 746169
Edith Aileen Brown
image number 192
image: 193
grave: 746170
Elvie Alma Mary Mc Elroy
image number 193
image: 194
grave: 746171
Lloyd Edward Mc Elroy
image number 194
image: 195
grave: 746172
Josephine Michelle Ward
image number 195
image: 196
grave: 746173
Mildred Moule
image number 196
image: 197
grave: 746174
Rita Maria Kiehne
image number 197
image: 198
grave: 746175
Kevin Walter Kiehne
image number 198
image: 199
grave: 746176
L J Dwyer
image number 199
image: 200
grave: 746177
Timothy O'keefe
image number 200
image: 201
grave: 746178
Matilda C O'keefe
image number 201
image: 202
grave: 746179
Charles Gordon Coghlan
image number 202
image: 203
grave: 746180
Henry Charles Coghlan
image number 203

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