Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 746098Details of grave number 746098 at Public Deepwater for Ivy Maud Davidson

Ivy Maud Davidson grave monument in Public cemetery, Deepwater, New South Wales, Australia

Ivy Maud Davidson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ivy Maud Davidson
William H Davidson
1969801889husband of Ivy Maud Davidson

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image: 111
grave: 746088
Joseph Cox
image number 111
image: 112
grave: 746089
Ada Lydia Romer
image number 112
image: 113
grave: 746090
Louisa Elizabeth Romer
image number 113
image: 114
grave: 746091
Clifford J Cooper
image number 114
image: 115
grave: 746092
Lucy Maud Heath
image number 115
image: 116
grave: 746093
Dulcie May Roberts
image number 116
image: 117
grave: 746094
Lewis Stanley Rosolen
image number 117
image: 118
grave: 746095
Chlorine Colman
image number 118
image: 119
grave: 746096
Neil Kreusler
image number 119
image: 120
grave: 746097
Carl Wilhelm Baer
image number 120
image: 121
grave: 746098
Ivy Maud Davidson
image number 121
image: 122
grave: 746099
Alexander J Shaw
image number 122
image: 123
grave: 746100
William John Shaw
image number 123
image: 124
grave: 746101
Grace Alice Ann Mc Cowen
image number 124
image: 125
grave: 746102
George Mc Cowen
image number 125
image: 126
grave: 746103
Jean Kiehne
image number 126
image: 127
grave: 746104
Walter Kiehne
image number 127
image: 128
grave: 746105
John Robert Watson
image number 128
image: 129
grave: 746106
Eva Louisa Watson
image number 129
image: 130
grave: 746107
Joseph Watson
image number 130
image: 131
grave: 746108
Christina Jane Sills
image number 131

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