Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 746041Details of grave number 746041 at Public Deepwater for James Collins

James Collins grave monument in Public cemetery, Deepwater, New South Wales, Australia

James Collins grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Collins
Catherine R Collins
1942901852relationship not known of James Collins

Breadcrumb trail images to help find James Collins grave location

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image: 54
grave: 746031
Dorothy Margaret Maloney
image number 54
image: 55
grave: 746032
Joyce Patricia Finn
image number 55
image: 56
grave: 746033
Sarah Elsie Moule
image number 56
image: 57
grave: 746034
Andrew Ernest Moule
image number 57
image: 58
grave: 746035
Charles Moule
image number 58
image: 59
grave: 746036
Conrad Gerke
image number 59
image: 60
grave: 746037
Mary Ann Green
image number 60
image: 61
grave: 746038
Elizabeth Romer
image number 61
image: 62
grave: 746039
Harriet Barratt
image number 62
image: 63
grave: 746040
Miriam M Collins
image number 63
image: 64
grave: 746041
James Collins
image number 64
image: 65
grave: 746042
Charles Duddy
image number 65
image: 66
grave: 746043
Harriet Rayner
image number 66
image: 67
grave: 746044
Edward James Rayner
image number 67
image: 68
grave: 746045
Matilda Cecelia Baker
image number 68
image: 69
grave: 746046
Joseph Sills
image number 69
image: 70
grave: 746047
Elizabeth Sutton
image number 70
image: 71
grave: 746048
Charles Henry Sutton
image number 71
image: 72
grave: 746049
Kitty Wren
image number 72
image: 73
grave: 746050
Raymond John Moule
image number 73
image: 74
grave: 746051
George Albert Moule
image number 74

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