Henry Gordon Caldwell grave monument in Dean 2h cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Henry Gordon Caldwell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Henry Gordon Caldwell
Gordon Caldwell
1947791868relationship not given of Henry Gordon Caldwell
Florence Caldwell
1954881866relationship not given of Henry Gordon Caldwell
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Henry Gordon Caldwell grave location

(20 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 74166)

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image: 12600
grave: 74161
Mary White
image number 12600
image: 12602
grave: 74162
Marion Miller
image number 12602
image: 12605
grave: 74163
Isabella Talbot
image number 12605
image: 12606
grave: 74164
Percy Herbert
image number 12606
image: 12608
grave: 74165
Helen Beatrice Guy
image number 12608
image: 12609
grave: 74166
Henry Gordon Caldwell
image number 12609
image: 12610
grave: 74167
Ethel Mary Galloway
image number 12610
image: 12611
grave: 74168
Penelope Kingsley Little
image number 12611
image: 12612
grave: 74169
James Junor
image number 12612
image: 12613
grave: 74170
Margaret Florence Russell
image number 12613
image: 12614
grave: 74171
David Foulis
image number 12614
image: 12616
grave: 74172
Ellen Maude Jeffrey
image number 12616
image: 12617
grave: 74173
Francis Aitken Wright
image number 12617
image: 12618
grave: 74174
Mona Hortense Wyatt MacKenzie Kelly
image number 12618
image: 12619
grave: 74175
David Hall Harrison
image number 12619
image: 12620
grave: 74176
Lucy Harrison
image number 12620
image: 12621
grave: 74177
Alexander Muir MacDonald
image number 12621
image: 12622
grave: 74178
James Alexander Haldane Peile
image number 12622
image: 12623
grave: 74179
Annie Inglis
image number 12623
image: 12625
grave: 74180
Ann Thomson
image number 12625
image: 12627
grave: 74181
Archibald Stewart
image number 12627
image: 12629
grave: 74182
Jeannie Lamont
image number 12629
image: 12630
grave: 74183
Harold Holmes Watson
image number 12630
image: 12633
grave: 74184
John Henderson
image number 12633
image: 12634
grave: 74185
David Hilda Harvey
image number 12634
image: 12636
grave: 74186
George Sinclair
image number 12636

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