Elizabeth Miller Brash grave monument in Dean 2c cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Elizabeth Miller Brash grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Elizabeth Miller Brash
John Paterson
1948801868husband of Elizabeth Miller Brash
George Edward Brash
1898131885son of Elizabeth Miller Brash
George Somervel Carfrae Brash
1934701864son of Elizabeth Miller Brash
George Carfrae Paterson
1941 son of Elizabeth Miller Brash
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image: 1020681
grave: 72284
Eleanor Yerbury
image number 1020681
image: 1020683
grave: 72285
John MacKay
image number 1020683
image: 1020686
grave: 72286
Jessie Wilkie
image number 1020686
image: 1020691
grave: 72287
Robert Baxter Duncan
image number 1020691
image: 1020696
grave: 72288
Christian Rowe
image number 1020696
image: 1020698
grave: 72289
John Gardner
image number 1020698
image: 1020703
grave: 72290
John Mowbray Watson
image number 1020703
image: 1020705
grave: 72291
Agnes Davidson Wilson
image number 1020705
image: 1020707
grave: 72292
Margaret Helen Thornton Inglis
image number 1020707
image: 1020709
grave: 72293
Louis Hoffner
image number 1020709
image: 1020711
grave: 72294
Elizabeth Miller Brash
image number 1020711
image: 1020714
grave: 72295
Archibald White
image number 1020714
image: 1020716
grave: 72296
Henry Johnston
image number 1020716
image: 1020717
grave: 72297
Alexander Colin Johnston
image number 1020717
image: 1020718
grave: 72298
Henry Johnston
image number 1020718
image: 1020722
grave: 72299
Fearne Borthwick
image number 1020722
image: 1020723
grave: 72300
Janet Gray Moir
image number 1020723
image: 1020725
grave: 72301
Beatrice Carwardine Gilchrist
image number 1020725
image: 1020726
grave: 72302
John Maurice Clark
image number 1020726
image: 1020730
grave: 72303
John Campbell Clark
image number 1020730
image: 1020731
grave: 72304
John D Clark
image number 1020731

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