Lilian Dunning grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Cockfield, Durham, England

Lilian Dunning grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Lilian Dunning nee Armstrong
Albert Dunning
2010911919husband of Lilian Dunning
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image: 7354
grave: 666944
Florence Mary Hull
image number 7354
image: 7355
grave: 666945
Arnold Makepeace
image number 7355
image: 7357
grave: 666946
Edward Tarn
image number 7357
image: 7358
grave: 666947
Joseph William Wiles
image number 7358
image: 7359
grave: 666948
John Edward Dent
image number 7359
image: 7360
grave: 666949
Lilian Enciso
image number 7360
image: 7361
grave: 666950
John Ian Gibson
image number 7361
image: 7362
grave: 666951
Patrick Walsh
image number 7362
image: 7363
grave: 666952
Derek Armstrong
image number 7363
image: 7364
grave: 666953
Gregory Armstrong
image number 7364
image: 7365
grave: 666954
Lilian Dunning
image number 7365
image: 7366
grave: 666955
Barbara Ann Matthews
image number 7366
image: 7367
grave: 666956
Gwendoline Slack
image number 7367
image: 7368
grave: 666957
Marcia Joan Simpson
image number 7368
image: 7369
grave: 666958
Bryan Francis Hauxwell
image number 7369
image: 7371
grave: 666959
Peter Alan Mairs
image number 7371
image: 7372
grave: 666960
Iris Jenkins
image number 7372
image: 7373
grave: 666961
Holmes William Wigham
image number 7373
image: 7374
grave: 666962
Cecil Rand
image number 7374
image: 7375
grave: 666963
Andrew Paul Brydon
image number 7375
image: 7376
grave: 666964
Cleve Sumpton
image number 7376

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