Robert Du Bois grave monument in St Andrew , Fersfield, Norfolk, England

Robert Du Bois grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Sir Robert Du Bois
1311431268first name on monument
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image: FF99
grave: 661716
Kerenhappuch Reynolds
image number FF99
image: FF100
grave: 661717
Elizabeth Coates
image number FF100
image: FF101
grave: 661718
Benjamin Burcham
image number FF101
image: FF102
grave: 661719
Henry Bryant
image number FF102
image: FF103
grave: 661720
Thomas Garrood
image number FF103
image: FF104
grave: 661721
Warren Garrood
image number FF104
image: FF105
grave: 661722
Henry Spurdens
image number FF105
image: FF106
grave: 661723
Dinah Algar
image number FF106
image: FF107
grave: 661724
Samuel Scase
image number FF107
image: FF108
grave: 661725
Francis Blomefield
image number FF108
image: FF109
grave: 661726
Robert Du Bois
image number FF109
image: FF110
grave: 661727
Ken Wix
image number FF110
image: FF111
grave: 661728
John Garrood
image number FF111
image: FF112
grave: 661729
Elizabeth Denny
image number FF112
image: FF113
grave: 661730
John Denny
image number FF113
image: FF114
grave: 661731
Ann Denny
image number FF114
image: FF115
grave: 661732
Augustus Large
image number FF115
image: FF116
grave: 661733
John Alger
image number FF116
image: FF117
grave: 661734
John Algar
image number FF117
image: FF118
grave: 661735
Richard Lock
image number FF118
image: FF119
grave: 661736
Lucy Algar
image number FF119

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