Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 639320Details of grave number 639320 at Civil (area 6) Petersfield for Edwin Frank Heighes

Edwin Frank Heighes grave monument in Civil (area 6) cemetery, Petersfield, Hampshire, England

Edwin Frank Heighes grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Edwin Frank Heighes
Edwin Frank (Eddie) Heighes
21/04/1905 son of Edwin Frank Heighes
Daisy May Heighes
wife of Edwin Frank Heighes

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image: P1060674
grave: 639310
George Vidler
image number P1060674
image: P1060678
grave: 639311
Elizabeth Matilda Earl
image number P1060678
image: P1060682
grave: 639312
Llewellyn Eley Bradley
image number P1060682
image: P1060681
grave: 639313
Grace Mary Rickard
image number P1060681
image: P1060680
grave: 639314
Alan Paul Newson
image number P1060680
image: P1060679
grave: 639315
Eleanor Louisa Hill
image number P1060679
image: P1060683
grave: 639316
Helena Roach
image number P1060683
image: P1060688
grave: 639317
William Marsh
image number P1060688
image: P1060687
grave: 639318
Sidney Gordon Card
image number P1060687
image: P1060685
grave: 639319
Affaf Clarke
image number P1060685
image: P1060692
grave: 639320
Edwin Frank Heighes
image number P1060692
image: P1060692
grave: 639321
Charles A L Jones
image number P1060692
image: P1060689
grave: 639322
Emily Duncan
image number P1060689
image: P1060697
grave: 639323
Frank Wright
image number P1060697
image: P1060696
grave: 639324
George Money
image number P1060696
image: P1060694
grave: 639325
Ivy May Stilwell
image number P1060694
image: P1060698
grave: 639326
Robert Williams
image number P1060698
image: P1060702
grave: 639327
Louisa Fiander
image number P1060702
image: P1060699
grave: 639328
Florence Williams
image number P1060699
image: P1060703
grave: 639329
I R W Sawbridge
image number P1060703
image: P1060707
grave: 639330
William James Whittington
image number P1060707

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