Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 610233Details of grave number 610233 at St Luke Hickling for James Wright

James Wright grave monument in St Luke burial ground, Hickling, Nottinghamshire, England

James Wright grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Wright
Alice Mary Wright
1927661861wife of James Wright

Breadcrumb trail images to help find James Wright grave location

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image: HPH 169
grave: 610223
Annie Parr
image number HPH 169
image: HPH 171
grave: 610224
Joseph Parr
image number HPH 171
image: HPH 173
grave: 610225
Thomas Starbuck
image number HPH 173
image: HPH 176
grave: 610226
Harriet Woolley
image number HPH 176
image: HPH 179
grave: 610227
Catherine Annie Wiles
image number HPH 179
image: HPH 179
grave: 610228
Eva Kathleen Peet
image number HPH 179
image: HPH 180
grave: 610229
Kitty Wiles
image number HPH 180
image: HPH 183
grave: 610230
George Wiles
image number HPH 183
image: HPH 184
grave: 610231
Mary Anne Hods
image number HPH 184
image: HPH 189
grave: 610232
Thomas Clements Rose
image number HPH 189
image: HPH 190
grave: 610233
James Wright
image number HPH 190
image: HPH 192
grave: 610234
William Spencer
image number HPH 192
image: HPH 193
grave: 610235
Mary Spencer
image number HPH 193
image: HPH 194
grave: 610236
William Spencer
image number HPH 194
image: HPH 195
grave: 610237
Charlotte Spencer
image number HPH 195
image: HPH 200
grave: 610238
Joseph Starbuck
image number HPH 200
image: HPH 202
grave: 610239
Francis Shelton
image number HPH 202
image: HPH 203
grave: 610240
Mary Edgson
image number HPH 203
image: HPH 206
grave: 610241
James Grundy
image number HPH 206
grave: 610242
James Grundy
image number
image: HPH 210
grave: 610243
Thomas Arthur Warner
image number HPH 210

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