James Aikman grave monument in St John and St Cuthbert (joint) burial ground, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

James Aikman grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Aikman
Elizabeth Aikman
1838161822daughter of James Aikman
Georgina Spankie Aikman
1881591822daughter of James Aikman
May Campbell
1872841788relationship not given of James Aikman
David Aikman
1844141830son of James Aikman
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find James Aikman grave location

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image: 412
grave: 60342
Isobel G Bailey
image number 412
image: 414
grave: 60343
John Forrester
image number 414
image: 416
grave: 60344
Adam Hay Gordon
image number 416
image: 418
grave: 60345
Adam Hay
image number 418
image: 421
grave: 60346
William Lang
image number 421
image: 424
grave: 60347
James Wright
image number 424
image: 425
grave: 60348
James MacDonald
image number 425
image: 426
grave: 60349
Euphemia Russell
image number 426
image: 429
grave: 60350
William Jamieson
image number 429
image: 433
grave: 60351
Archibald Aikman
image number 433
image: 435
grave: 60352
James Aikman
image number 435
image: 437
grave: 60353
George Paxton
image number 437
image: 439
grave: 60354
David Cormack
image number 439
image: 440
grave: 60355
William Beattie
image number 440
image: 443
grave: 60356
Charlotte Maria Nimmo Sandilands
image number 443
image: 449
grave: 60357
Marion Wood
image number 449
image: 450
grave: 60358
John Inglis
image number 450
image: 452
grave: 60359
Alexander Farquhar Crawford
image number 452
image: 454
grave: 60360
George Watson
image number 454
image: 455
grave: 60361
John Watson
image number 455
image: 456
grave: 60362
Jane Watson
image number 456

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