Elizabeth Shiell grave monument in St John and St Cuthbert (joint) burial ground, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Elizabeth Shiell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Elizabeth Shiell
Margaret Adamson nee Shiell
daughter of Elizabeth Shiell
Mary Adamson nee Shiell
daughter of Elizabeth Shiell
Elizabeth Adamson nee Shiell
daughter of Elizabeth Shiell
James Adamson
1751871664husband of Elizabeth Shiell
Robert Adamson
1731271704son of Elizabeth Shiell
Joseph Adamson
son of Elizabeth Shiell
James Adamson
son of Elizabeth Shiell
Thomas Adamson
son of Elizabeth Shiell
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Elizabeth Shiell grave location

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The grave monument thumbnail image for Elizabeth Shiell below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

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image: 9102
grave: 60131
Alexander Hutton
image number 9102
image: 9105
grave: 60132
George Keith Sutherland
image number 9105
image: 9106
grave: 60133
Walter Johnston
image number 9106
image: 9111
grave: 60134
Helen Cormack
image number 9111
image: 9112
grave: 60135
James Cormack
image number 9112
image: 9113
grave: 60136
Christian Smith
image number 9113
image: 9115
grave: 60137
George Archibald
image number 9115
image: 9117
grave: 60138
James Wood
image number 9117
image: 9121
grave: 60139
Robert Lawson Burges
image number 9121
image: 9123
grave: 60140
Will Gun
image number 9123
image: 9126
grave: 60141
Elizabeth Shiell
image number 9126
image: 9133
grave: 60142
Baillie Robert Mitchel
image number 9133
image: 9136
grave: 60143
David Mitchel
image number 9136
image: 9144
grave: 60144
William Home Lizars
image number 9144
image: 9147
grave: 60145
John Lizars
image number 9147
image: 9148
grave: 60146
William McLean
image number 9148
image: 9151
grave: 60147
John Richardson
image number 9151
image: 9156
grave: 60148
Elizabeth Bellfradg
image number 9156
image: 9158
grave: 60149
John Lawrie
image number 9158
image: 9162
grave: 60150
Alexander Watt
image number 9162
image: 9163
grave: 60151
Janet Dow
image number 9163

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