William McFarlane grave monument in St John and St Cuthbert (joint) burial ground, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

William McFarlane grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William McFarlane
Grace McFarlane
1794 daughter of William McFarlane
William Scott McFarlane
1806 son of William McFarlane
wife of William McFarlane
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find William McFarlane grave location

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image: 8829
grave: 60016
Margaret Grant
image number 8829
image: 8830
grave: 60017
Alexander Pitcairn
image number 8830
image: 8835
grave: 60018
Alexander Howstoun
image number 8835
image: 8837
grave: 60019
R N Campbell
image number 8837
image: 8840
grave: 60020
Christian Craufurd MacKnight
image number 8840
image: 8842
grave: 60021
Alexander Edward MacKnight
image number 8842
image: 8843
grave: 60022
James MacKay
image number 8843
image: 8845
grave: 60023
Janet MacKay
image number 8845
image: 8846
grave: 60024
Margaret Thomson
image number 8846
image: 8848
grave: 60025
Alexander Murray
image number 8848
image: 8851
grave: 60026
William McFarlane
image number 8851
image: 8852
grave: 60027
John Wardrop
image number 8852
image: 8855
grave: 60028
James Wyllie
image number 8855
image: 8856
grave: 60029
William McFarlane
image number 8856
image: 8858
grave: 60030
Jane Bruce
image number 8858
image: 8860
grave: 60031
Greville Ewing
image number 8860
image: 8862
grave: 60032
Jacobus Robertson
image number 8862
image: 8864
grave: 60033
Andrew Morison
image number 8864
image: 8866
grave: 60034
Janet Crawford
image number 8866
image: 8869
grave: 60035
Alexander Forbes
image number 8869
image: 8870
grave: 60036
Charles Nairne
image number 8870

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