Annie E Alpe grave monument in Brandon Road cemetery, Swaffham, Norfolk, England

Annie E Alpe grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Annie E Alpe
Robert Edward Alpe
1967961871husband of Annie E Alpe
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image: SwaCemCm3
grave: 583298
James Tyrrell
image number SwaCemCm3
image: SwaCemCm4
grave: 583299
Arthur George Nelson
image number SwaCemCm4
image: SwaCemCm5
grave: 583300
Arthur William Duffield
image number SwaCemCm5
image: SwaCemCm6
grave: 583301
Buckey Oscar Mellor
image number SwaCemCm6
image: SwaCemCm7
grave: 583302
Anthony Edward Childs
image number SwaCemCm7
image: SwaCemCm8
grave: 583303
Albert Edward Childs
image number SwaCemCm8
image: SwaCemCm9
grave: 583304
Horace James Taylor
image number SwaCemCm9
image: SwaCemCm10
grave: 583305
Cecil Edward Seago
image number SwaCemCm10
image: SwaCemCm11
grave: 583306
Frances Annie Williams
image number SwaCemCm11
image: SwaCemCm12
grave: 583307
Lucy Jamieson
image number SwaCemCm12
image: SwaCemCm13
grave: 583308
Annie E Alpe
image number SwaCemCm13
image: SwaCemCm14
grave: 583309
Mary Lousia Worf
image number SwaCemCm14
image: SwaCemCm15
grave: 583310
Anna Thorp
image number SwaCemCm15
image: SwaCemCm16
grave: 583311
George Albert Houghton
image number SwaCemCm16
image: SwaCemCm17
grave: 583312
Gertrude Ellen Ward
image number SwaCemCm17
image: SwaCemCm18
grave: 583313
Jessie Reeder
image number SwaCemCm18
image: SwaCemCm19
grave: 583314
Frederick Ernest Starling
image number SwaCemCm19
image: SwaCemCm20
grave: 583315
William George Cranmer
image number SwaCemCm20
image: SwaCemDa1
grave: 583316
Walter Joe Nelson
image number SwaCemDa1
image: SwaCemDa2
grave: 583317
Edith Mary Skipper
image number SwaCemDa2
image: SwaCemDa3
grave: 583318
Arthur Edward Wilson
image number SwaCemDa3

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