David Patrick Dargan grave monument in Blackwood , Blackwood, Victoria, Australia

David Patrick Dargan grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
David Patrick Dargan
08/04/20147129/08/1943first name on monument
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image: P1170995
grave: 575519
David Hunter
image number P1170995
image: P1170996
grave: 575520
John David Augustine
image number P1170996
image: P1170997
grave: 575521
Ernest Henry Stockdale
image number P1170997
image: P1170998
grave: 575522
Margaret Ethel Stockdale
image number P1170998
image: P1170999
grave: 575523
Donald Ross Rankin
image number P1170999
image: P1180001
grave: 575524
John Francis Waldron
image number P1180001
image: P1180002
grave: 575525
Erica Waye
image number P1180002
image: P1180003
grave: 575526
Jean Murphy
image number P1180003
image: P1180004
grave: 575527
Christopher Murphy
image number P1180004
image: P1180005
grave: 575528
John Michael Murphy
image number P1180005
image: P1180006
grave: 575529
David Patrick Dargan
image number P1180006
image: P1180007
grave: 575530
Joseph Hill
image number P1180007
image: P1180008
grave: 575531
Thomas Doyle
image number P1180008
image: P1180009
grave: 575532
Emma Drummond
image number P1180009
image: P1180010
grave: 575533
Sarah Carter
image number P1180010
image: P1180011
grave: 575534
Henry C Lyng
image number P1180011
image: P1180012
grave: 575535
John Simpson Rae
image number P1180012
image: P1180013
grave: 575536
Marion Ann Hill
image number P1180013
image: P1180015
grave: 575537
John Drummond
image number P1180015
image: P1180017
grave: 575538
Sean Patrick O'keefe
image number P1180017
image: P1180018
grave: 575539
Andrew Irving
image number P1180018

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