Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 568534Details of grave number 568534 at St Mary Cranworth for Susanna Saunders

Susanna Saunders grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Cranworth, Norfolk, England

Susanna Saunders grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Susanna Saunders nee Gath
Thomas Gath
father of Susanna Saunders
John Saunders
husband of Susanna Saunders
Sarah Gath
mother of Susanna Saunders
Elizabeth Gath
sister of Susanna Saunders

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image: 416
grave: 568524
Jane Proctor
image number 416
image: 419
grave: 568525
Bridget Hawys
image number 419
image: 40
grave: 568526
William Purdy
image number 40
image: 87
grave: 568527
Charles Rallison
image number 87
image: 260
grave: 568528
Daniel Rawlings
image number 260
image: 392
grave: 568529
Benedict Reed
image number 392
image: 158
grave: 568530
Margaret I J Riddick
image number 158
image: 247
grave: 568531
Edmund Rolfe
image number 247
image: 388
grave: 568532
Samuel Rose
image number 388
image: 246
grave: 568533
Rebekah Rowe
image number 246
image: 259
grave: 568534
Susanna Saunders
image number 259
image: 160
grave: 568535
Muriel Edith Searle
image number 160
image: 217
grave: 568536
Martha Sidell
image number 217
image: 218
grave: 568537
Samuel Sidell
image number 218
image: 220
grave: 568538
Adeline Louise Sidell
image number 220
image: 304
grave: 568539
Samuel Sidell
image number 304
image: 237
grave: 568540
William Sidell
image number 237
image: 73
grave: 568541
Annie Elizabeth Smith
image number 73
image: 92
grave: 568542
Herbert Ralph Smith
image number 92
image: 154
grave: 568543
Mary Elizabeth Smith
image number 154
image: 166
grave: 568544
Melinda Smith
image number 166

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