Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 564570Details of grave number 564570 at St Michael and All Angels West Overton for Hannah Me Huntley

Hannah Me Huntley grave monument in St Michael and All Angels burial ground, West Overton, Wiltshire, England

Hannah Me Huntley grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Hannah Me Huntley
Francis J Huntley
1937891848husband of Hannah Me Huntley
Thomas G Huntley
1904251879son of Hannah Me Huntley

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image: 48
grave: 564560
Daisy Honor Rebbeck
image number 48
image: 49
grave: 564561
P H Rebbeck
image number 49
image: 50
grave: 564562
Cornelius Rebbeck
image number 50
image: 51
grave: 564563
Sarah Martha Penny
image number 51
image: 52
grave: 564564
Hannah Bailey
image number 52
image: 53
grave: 564565
Alfred Edwards Smith
image number 53
image: 54
grave: 564566
Elizabeth Middleton
image number 54
image: 55
grave: 564567
Elizabeth Godwin
image number 55
image: 57
grave: 564568
Elizabeth Sophia Fidler
image number 57
image: 59
grave: 564569
Albert Alexander Fidler
image number 59
image: 60
grave: 564570
Hannah Me Huntley
image number 60
image: 61
grave: 564571
Peter Lewis Clements
image number 61
image: 62
grave: 564572
Harry Reginald Rogers
image number 62
image: 63
grave: 564573
Thomas E Light
image number 63
image: 64
grave: 564574
Henry Andrew Larimer Frost
image number 64
image: 65
grave: 564575
Alistair Peter Guthrie
image number 65
image: 66
grave: 564576
Grace Ruby Spriles
image number 66
image: 67
grave: 564577
Esther Emily Hale
image number 67
image: 68
grave: 564578
Laurence Norman Ball
image number 68
image: 69
grave: 564579
Ara El;izabeth Beattie
image number 69
image: 70
grave: 564580
Jacob Henry Waite
image number 70

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