Patrick Cunningham grave monument in Prospect , Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland

Patrick Cunningham grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Patrick Cunningham
12/12/1836721764first name on monument
Bridget Cunningham
14/05/1842731769wife of Patrick Cunningham
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Patrick Cunningham grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 545782)

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image: Glas97
grave: 545772
Alicia Dollard
image number Glas97
image: Glas98
grave: 545773
Catherine Hearn
image number Glas98
image: Glas99
grave: 545774
Sarah Kearns
image number Glas99
image: Glas100
grave: 545775
Patrick Graves
image number Glas100
image: Glas101
grave: 545776
Maryanne Cunningham
image number Glas101
image: Glas102
grave: 545777
Joseph Kelly
image number Glas102
image: Glas103
grave: 545778
Bridget McNally
image number Glas103
image: Glas104
grave: 545779
Thomas Blake
image number Glas104
image: Glas105
grave: 545780
Matthew Donnelly
image number Glas105
image: Glas106
grave: 545781
John Coleman
image number Glas106
image: Glas107
grave: 545782
Patrick Cunningham
image number Glas107
image: Glas108
grave: 545783
Mary Connor
image number Glas108
image: Glas109
grave: 545784
Anne Kirwan
image number Glas109
image: Glas110
grave: 545785
Richard Joseph Stowell
image number Glas110
image: Glas111
grave: 545786
John Kirwan
image number Glas111
image: Glas112
grave: 545787
James Bolger
image number Glas112
image: Glas113
grave: 545788
Charles Keating
image number Glas113
image: Glas114
grave: 545789
B Dillon
image number Glas114
image: Glas115
grave: 545790
Mary E Beatty
image number Glas115
image: Glas116
grave: 545791
Mary Cullen
image number Glas116
image: Glas117
grave: 545792
Mary Keany
image number Glas117

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