Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 54472Details of grave number 54472 at St Mary Newbourne for Pat Wynne

Pat Wynne grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Newbourne, Suffolk, England

Pat Wynne grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Pat Wynne

Breadcrumb trail images to help find Pat Wynne grave location

(20 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 54472)

The following thumbnail images are the 20 taken before and 20 after the one for Pat Wynne was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Pat Wynne below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Pat Wynne grave.

image: Thompson George 7
grave: 54452
George Thompson
image number Thompson George 7
image: Thurlow Arthur 061
grave: 54453
Arthur Thurlow
image number Thurlow Arthur  061
image: Turley Joss 007
grave: 54454
Joss Turley
image number Turley Joss  007
image: Turner Blanche 69
grave: 54455
Blanche Turner
image number Turner Blanche  69
image: Turner Charles Denn 67
grave: 54456
Charles Denn Turner
image number Turner Charles Denn 67
image: Vickerstaff Richard 050
grave: 54457
Richard Vickerstaff
image number Vickerstaff Richard 050
image: Waller Nora 26
grave: 54458
Nora Waller
image number Waller Nora 26
image: Ward Michael 83
grave: 54459
Michael Ward
image number Ward Michael 83
image: Whatley Marjorie 054
grave: 54460
Marjorie Whatley
image number Whatley Marjorie  054
image: Whittaker Beryl Joyce 055
grave: 54461
Beryl Joyce Whittaker
image number Whittaker Beryl Joyce 055
image: Wickens Sidney Arthur 11
grave: 54462
Sidney Arthur Wickens
image number Wickens Sidney Arthur 11
image: Wicks Theresa M 32
grave: 54463
Theresa M Wicks
image number Wicks Theresa M 32
image: Wicks Rachael Caroline 31
grave: 54464
Rachael Caroline Wicks
image number Wicks Rachael Caroline  31
image: Wiseman Edward Alfred 25
grave: 54465
Edward Alfred Wiseman
image number Wiseman Edward Alfred 25
image: Wolton Ann 6
grave: 54466
Ann Wolton
image number Wolton Ann 6
image: Wolton Deborah 028
grave: 54467
Deborah Wolton
image number Wolton Deborah 028
image: Wolton Deborah M 032
grave: 54468
Deborah M Wolton
image number Wolton Deborah M 032
image: Wolton Deborah 034
grave: 54469
Deborah Wolton
image number Wolton Deborah 034
image: Wolton Catherine 034
grave: 54470
Catherine Wolton
image number Wolton Catherine 034
image: Wolton Horace 035
grave: 54471
Horace Wolton
image number Wolton Horace  035
image: Wynne Pat 41
grave: 54472
Pat Wynne
image number Wynne Pat 41

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