Alfred Atkinson grave monument in Wickham Road (part 1) , Fareham, Hampshire, England

Alfred Atkinson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alfred Atkinson
1918771841first name on monument
Cecil Frank Atkinson
1917241893son of Alfred Atkinson
Annie Atkinson
1924661858wife of Alfred Atkinson
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image: 136
grave: 518552
James Worley
image number 136
image: 137
grave: 518553
Catherine Andrews
image number 137
image: 138
grave: 518554
Gladys Lucy Moore Sandy
image number 138
image: 139
grave: 518555
Mary Ann Sansom
image number 139
image: 140
grave: 518556
Herbert Henry Hutchence
image number 140
image: 141
grave: 518557
Harry Price
image number 141
image: 142
grave: 518558
Edwin Emery
image number 142
image: 143
grave: 518559
Ella Gladys Saunders
image number 143
image: 144
grave: 518560
Emma Margaret Barlow
image number 144
image: 145
grave: 518561
F L Pinchard
image number 145
image: 146
grave: 518562
Alfred Atkinson
image number 146
image: 147
grave: 518563
Mary Louisa Smith
image number 147
image: 148
grave: 518564
Emma Lilly
image number 148
image: 149
grave: 518565
Mary Partridge
image number 149
image: 150
grave: 518566
A W L Hill
image number 150
image: 151
grave: 518567
Arthur Ernest Phillips
image number 151
image: 152
grave: 518568
F Steed
image number 152
image: 153
grave: 518569
George Crofts
image number 153
image: 154
grave: 518570
E Stacey
image number 154
image: 155
grave: 518571
A Short
image number 155
image: 156
grave: 518572
Samuel Adolphus Samuelson
image number 156

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