James Gillespie grave monument in Queensferry Municipal cemetery, South Queensferry, West Lothian, Scotland

James Gillespie grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Gillespie
Elizabeth Hamilton Gillespie
1938741864wife of James Gillespie
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find James Gillespie grave location

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image: 4983
grave: 51840
Ruth Marshall
image number 4983
image: 4985
grave: 51841
Kathleen Brown
image number 4985
image: 4986
grave: 51842
David Ryan McAnulty Thomson
image number 4986
image: 4987
grave: 51843
Thomas McLean
image number 4987
image: 4989
grave: 51844
Teresa Kinsella McKenzie
image number 4989
image: 4990
grave: 51845
John Stewart
image number 4990
image: 4993
grave: 51846
Jeanie Mitchell
image number 4993
image: 4994
grave: 51847
Frank Gillon
image number 4994
image: 4995
grave: 51848
Joseph O'Donnell
image number 4995
image: 4996
grave: 51849
Raina Hart McBride
image number 4996
image: 4997
grave: 51850
James Gillespie
image number 4997
image: 4998
grave: 51851
Charles Stevenson
image number 4998
image: 5002
grave: 51852
Stanley Robertson Christie
image number 5002
image: 5003
grave: 51853
Elizabeth Lillicrap Cooper
image number 5003
image: 5004
grave: 51854
Gerald Richardson
image number 5004
image: 5005
grave: 51855
Brian Harrison
image number 5005
image: 5007
grave: 51856
Edward John Scott
image number 5007
image: 5008
grave: 51857
Janette Elizabeth Herriot
image number 5008
image: 5009
grave: 51858
William Lamond
image number 5009
image: 5010
grave: 51859
John Codona
image number 5010
image: 5012
grave: 51860
Jane C Robertson Brown
image number 5012

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