Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 508401Details of grave number 508401 at Moat Lane (overflow) New Buckenham for Louisa Barnard

Louisa Barnard grave monument in Moat Lane (overflow) cemetery, New Buckenham, Norfolk, England

Louisa Barnard grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Louisa Barnard
Mary Ann Barnard
17/11/1934821852daughter of Louisa Barnard

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image: NBML137
grave: 508391
Charles Aldis
image number NBML137
image: NBML138
grave: 508392
John Vout
image number NBML138
image: NBML139
grave: 508393
James Smith
image number NBML139
image: NBML140
grave: 508394
Mary Elizabeth Powell
image number NBML140
image: NBML141
grave: 508395
Charles Pearson Powell
image number NBML141
image: NBML142
grave: 508396
Frank Claxton Powell
image number NBML142
image: NBML143
grave: 508397
William How
image number NBML143
image: NBML144
grave: 508398
Frank Cecil Powell
image number NBML144
image: NBML145
grave: 508399
William Vout
image number NBML145
image: NBML146
grave: 508400
Robert Wake
image number NBML146
image: NBML147
grave: 508401
Louisa Barnard
image number NBML147
image: NBML148
grave: 508402
James Wake
image number NBML148
image: NBML149
grave: 508403
Sarah Amelia Wake
image number NBML149
image: NBML150
grave: 508404
Rebecca Cullum
image number NBML150
image: NBML151
grave: 508405
John Barnard
image number NBML151
image: NBML152
grave: 508406
Mabel Westgate
image number NBML152
image: NBML153
grave: 508407
Annie Gladys Westgate
image number NBML153
image: NBML154
grave: 508408
Frances Ella Westgate
image number NBML154
image: NBML155
grave: 508409
John Laurence
image number NBML155
image: NBML156
grave: 508410
Thomas William Tite
image number NBML156
image: NBML157
grave: 508411
Joseph Fisher
image number NBML157

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