Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 508301Details of grave number 508301 at Moat Lane (overflow) New Buckenham for Violet Bailey

Violet Bailey grave monument in Moat Lane (overflow) cemetery, New Buckenham, Norfolk, England

Violet Bailey grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Violet Bailey
Arthur Bailey
2002921910relationship not known of Violet Bailey

Breadcrumb trail images to help find Violet Bailey grave location

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image: NBML37
grave: 508291
Edward Lewis John Dade
image number NBML37
image: NBML38
grave: 508292
Sidney Albert Hales
image number NBML38
image: NBML39
grave: 508293
Peter J Howard
image number NBML39
image: NBML40
grave: 508294
James Barber
image number NBML40
image: NBML41
grave: 508295
Eleanor Elizabeth Burley
image number NBML41
image: NBML42
grave: 508296
Emily Agnes Gilbert
image number NBML42
image: NBML43
grave: 508297
Robert Hainton Bailey
image number NBML43
image: NBML44
grave: 508298
John N Bird
image number NBML44
image: NBML45
grave: 508299
Evelyn M Bird
image number NBML45
image: NBML46
grave: 508300
Ada Elizabeth Bird
image number NBML46
image: NBML47
grave: 508301
Violet Bailey
image number NBML47
image: NBML48
grave: 508302
W E Smith
image number NBML48
image: NBML49
grave: 508303
Elizabeth Clarke
image number NBML49
image: NBML50
grave: 508304
Paul Cattermole
image number NBML50
image: NBML51
grave: 508305
Arthur William Gaymer
image number NBML51
image: NBML52
grave: 508306
Ellen Rayson
image number NBML52
image: NBML53
grave: 508307
Susannah Potter
image number NBML53
image: NBML54
grave: 508308
Mary Elizabeth Gaymer
image number NBML54
image: NBML55
grave: 508309
Ida Thurtle Batchelor
image number NBML55
image: NBML56
grave: 508310
Mary Osborn
image number NBML56
image: NBML57
grave: 508311
Adah Kenworthy
image number NBML57

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