Horace Eagle grave monument in Municipal (part 3) , Earlham, Norfolk, England

Horace Eagle grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Horace Eagle
27/07/1914481866first name on monument
Emily Eagle
09/01/1941721869wife of Horace Eaglepassed away suddenly
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image: 2812
grave: 504859
Edward Henry Chaplin
image number 2812
image: 2813
grave: 504860
Anne Maria Daniels
image number 2813
image: 2815
grave: 504861
Charlotte E Miller
image number 2815
image: 2816
grave: 504862
Robert Mackie Stephen
image number 2816
image: 2817
grave: 504863
William Chamberlain
image number 2817
image: 2821
grave: 504864
Emma Pitcher
image number 2821
image: 2822
grave: 504865
John Dye
image number 2822
image: 2823
grave: 504866
Martha Larwood
image number 2823
image: 2823
grave: 504867
Benjamin Larwood
image number 2823
image: 2823
grave: 504868
Elsie Larwood
image number 2823
image: 2829
grave: 504869
Horace Eagle
image number 2829
image: 2833
grave: 504870
Elizabeth Clarke
image number 2833
image: 2836
grave: 504871
Dinah Sharing
image number 2836
image: 2840
grave: 504872
Matilda Bullen
image number 2840
image: 2841
grave: 504873
Matthew Rayner
image number 2841
image: 2846
grave: 504874
Mary Goose
image number 2846
image: 2847
grave: 504875
Charlotte Hipper
image number 2847
image: 2850
grave: 504876
Emily Leigh
image number 2850
image: 2854
grave: 504877
Martin Stally
image number 2854
image: 2858
grave: 504878
Annie Moore
image number 2858
image: 2860
grave: 504879
Gertrude Seeley
image number 2860

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