Adelo Bartlett grave monument in Municipal (part 3) , Earlham, Norfolk, England

Adelo Bartlett grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Adelo Bartlett
03/02/1906291877first name on monument
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image: 2344
grave: 504772
William James Taylor
image number 2344
image: 2346
grave: 504773
Florence Waller
image number 2346
image: 2348
grave: 504774
Edward Lester Waller
image number 2348
image: 2350
grave: 504775
Robert Barnard Carter
image number 2350
image: 2352
grave: 504776
Edward William Reynolds
image number 2352
image: 2354
grave: 504777
William Frederick Rudd
image number 2354
image: 2355
grave: 504778
Christmas Watson Barnes
image number 2355
image: 2359
grave: 504779
Martha Watson
image number 2359
image: 2360
grave: 504780
Elizabeth Esther Harmer
image number 2360
image: 2361
grave: 504781
James Sendall
image number 2361
image: 2362
grave: 504782
Adelo Bartlett
image number 2362
image: 2366
grave: 504783
Emma Martin
image number 2366
image: 2367
grave: 504784
Hannah Campling
image number 2367
image: 2371
grave: 504785
Elizabeth Moss
image number 2371
image: 2372
grave: 504786
Bertie Hall
image number 2372
image: 2373
grave: 504787
Henry Bayes Page
image number 2373
image: 2380
grave: 504788
Ellen Louisa Moore
image number 2380
image: 2382
grave: 504789
Jemima Callow
image number 2382
image: 2382
grave: 504790
Jemima Raymes
image number 2382
image: 2384
grave: 504791
Albert Percy Jones
image number 2384
image: 2386
grave: 504792
Mary Parker
image number 2386

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