Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 504765Details of grave number 504765 at Municipal (part 3) Earlham for William Whitrick

William Whitrick grave monument in Municipal (part 3) cemetery, Earlham, Norfolk, England

William Whitrick grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Whitrick
Alice Whitrick
22/02/187141867daughter of William Whitrick
Louisa Daplin Whitrick
22/11/1879201859daughter of William Whitrick

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image: 2055
grave: 504755
Matilda Nash
image number 2055
image: 2057
grave: 504756
Thomas Jeckell
image number 2057
image: 2057
grave: 504757
Ellen Rebekah Jeckell
image number 2057
image: 2058
grave: 504758
Alice Emma Jeckell
image number 2058
image: 2060
grave: 504759
Susan Boughen
image number 2060
image: 2061
grave: 504760
Ann Elizabeth West
image number 2061
image: 2061
grave: 504761
Ernest Albion West
image number 2061
image: 2067
grave: 504762
Jane Walker
image number 2067
image: 2069
grave: 504763
William Whitrick
image number 2069
image: 2073
grave: 504764
Jane Marshall
image number 2073
image: 2320
grave: 504765
William Whitrick
image number 2320
image: 2321
grave: 504766
Jane Marshall
image number 2321
image: 2322
grave: 504767
Benjamin Foster
image number 2322
image: 2323
grave: 504768
Harriett Boughton
image number 2323
image: 2342
grave: 504769
Eleanor Strong
image number 2342
image: 2342
grave: 504770
Richard Strong
image number 2342
image: 2343
grave: 504771
Arthur Stebbings
image number 2343
image: 2344
grave: 504772
William James Taylor
image number 2344
image: 2346
grave: 504773
Florence Waller
image number 2346
image: 2348
grave: 504774
Edward Lester Waller
image number 2348
image: 2350
grave: 504775
Robert Barnard Carter
image number 2350

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