Edwin Renton grave monument in St Oswald burial ground, Leathley, Yorkshire, England

Edwin Renton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Edwin Renton
Albaney Renton
1868 father of Edwin Renton
Isabella Renton
1873751798mother of Edwin Renton
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Edwin Renton grave location

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image: 0084
grave: 48794
H Smithson
image number 0084
image: 0085
grave: 48795
Ernest Pullan
image number 0085
image: 0086
grave: 48796
Joseph Marston
image number 0086
image: 0087
grave: 48797
Joan Ryott
image number 0087
image: 0088
grave: 48798
Harold Abbot Ryott
image number 0088
image: 0089
grave: 48799
David Bradford Ryott
image number 0089
image: 0090
grave: 48800
John Silvester Forrest
image number 0090
image: 0091
grave: 48801
Dorothy Mary Ellen Stephenson
image number 0091
image: 0092
grave: 48802
Margaret Lamb
image number 0092
image: 0093
grave: 48803
Mary Lamb
image number 0093
image: 0094
grave: 48804
Edwin Renton
image number 0094
image: 0095
grave: 48805
Thomas Oliver
image number 0095
image: 0096
grave: 48806
William Hannam
image number 0096
image: 0097
grave: 48807
Hannah Umpleby
image number 0097
image: 0098
grave: 48808
Thomas Atkinson
image number 0098
image: 0099
grave: 48809
Tom Longstaff
image number 0099
image: 0100
grave: 48810
Eliza Brown
image number 0100
image: 0101
grave: 48811
Rebecca Miller
image number 0101
image: 0102
grave: 48812
George Forrest
image number 0102
image: 0103
grave: 48813
John Forrest
image number 0103
image: 0104
grave: 48814
Mary Lawson
image number 0104

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